Friday, 2010-12-03 v1.0 -
mralexwell, i guess is really v1.000:25
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wild_oscarhey. I was trying out the cc app for facebook...but after I "select a license" I see "Here's a preview of your selected license:"; what does one do with it? I thought you could add it to your profile page...14:23
greg-ghmmm, does that app still work? ....14:23
greg-gI see what you mean, wild_oscar14:25
wild_oscargreg-g: I don't know if it works...14:25
greg-gwild_oscar: yeah, I'm reporting an issue right now, I'll link to it14:29
wild_oscargreg-g: dumb question: how do I add myself to the ticket?15:01
greg-gyou need to register with the issue tracker system and add yourself to "nosy"15:02
greg-gwild_oscar: ^^15:02
greg-gparoneayea: who should I assign/also put on nosy for that facebook application ticket?15:02
paroneayeagreg-g: I don't know, so I would say nyergler for now15:03
paroneayeaI'm not sure who's in charge of that facebook application, but he would know15:04
wild_oscarthat's a weird cc feature15:06
wild_oscarcan't save myself as added because the project is missing15:07
wild_oscarchanged project to cc network15:08
paroneayeawild_oscar: yeah I've observed that bug before as well15:10
greg-gparoneayea: thanks, added him.15:19
paroneayeasorry for not being able to be more helpful15:28
greg-gparoneayea: np, I don't expect you to know *everything* just where to point me when you don't know ;)15:43
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JED3agh wtf17:32
JED3how is cc.broken set to the current theme, and what is cc.broken anyways?17:32
JED3nkinkade: i fixed the errors in the that template, but dont know why this template folder is being used atm17:33
JED3did you move/cp the themes/cc folder?17:34
nkinkadeJED3: No, I haven't touched anything.  I was just notified by Melissa a few minutes ago of the problem.17:34
nkinkadeThat cc.broken did seem pretty weird to me.17:34
JED3nkinkade: strange, mralex may have tried to make some changes yesterday afternoon17:35
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, maybe touch base with Alex when he comes in.17:36
nkinkadeBut it's fixed for now, thanks.17:37
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akozaki wonder if the phrase "WebM encoding for the web" is redundant19:50
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paroneayeaakozak: not really, "webm" != "web" by a long shot20:09
paroneayeaeven if it includes "web"20:09
akozakyea true20:09
akozaki changed the title anyways
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JED3nyergler: ping20:46
JED3do you know if DSpace is using the Java api_client?20:46
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JED3nyergler: ping21:13
paroneayeahey JED321:18
JED3paroneayea: hey21:18
paroneayeaI'm going to take care of that jurisdiction thingy21:20
paroneayeaupdating the jurisdictions I mean21:20
paroneayeawith correct URLs21:20
paroneayeaassuming you're not doing it already21:20
JED3paroneayea, great thank you, no i haven't gotten to it yet, trying to figure out an api issue that was reported on cc-devel21:21
paroneayeawurkin on i5t21:21
nyerglerJED3: pong21:34
nyerglerJED3: yes, they probably are using Java21:34
nyerglerour api_client? er, maybe21:34
nyerglerwhy do you ask?21:34
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JED3nyergler, because 1.5 looks completely normal21:35
nyergler(ie, why do you mention the java api_client?)21:35
JED3nyergler, because the api_client contains a method that throws the MalformedURLException that she detailed in her email21:36
nyerglerhave we made any changes to 1.5 recently?21:36
nyergler(also, what's that method do?)21:37
JED3no, not since 04/200921:37
JED3the method POST's to issue21:37
nyerglerwait, wha? we've surely made changes since 4/2009 to deployed code on 1.521:37
nyerglerso does that method work right now?21:37
JED3yea the method works fine for me21:38
JED3err the API's method21:39
JED3nyergler, i replied to her email a few moments ago21:40
nyerglerjust saw that21:40
nyerglerso /rest/1.5/license/xmlui.Submission.submit.CCLicenseStep.select_change/issue is being requested from the API?21:40
nyerglerthat sounds like a dspace bug to me21:40
nyerglerthanks for looking into that and replying to wendy21:41
JED3np, I just checked out the dspace source code to find a more definitive explanation :)21:44
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paroneayeathat is a late lunch JED3-lunch, even for SF!22:16
JED3-lunchparoneayea: had to put out a fire before i could eat ;)22:19
paroneayeayou could have used that fire22:20
paroneayeafor roasting22:20
paroneayeaand then you could have had a really tasty lunch22:20
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paroneayeawhy am I blanking over this simle rdf query so much22:23
paroneayeawake up chris webber22:24
paroneayeaJED3-lunch: can I ask you a stupid questiln22:30
paroneayeaquestion, even22:30
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JED3hey paroneayea, sorry, i'm back now, whats up?23:14
paroneayeaJED3: I got it, no worries23:34
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