Saturday, 2010-12-04

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CC_HudsonProject cc.i18n build (327): FAILURE in 1 min 55 sec:
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CC_HudsonYippie, build fixed!00:29
CC_HudsonProject cc.i18n build (328): FIXED in 1 min 35 sec:
CC_HudsonNathan R. Yergler: Enabled coverage reporting on the buildout.00:29
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ndlovuwhat is the practice when you make a derivative from a derivative - do you need to attribute all previous creators?14:35
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akila87hi nyergler, paroneayea14:59
greg-gakila87: I think nyergler is on a plane right now, so he might not really be on IRC :)15:08
akila87 greg-g: oops :)15:08
akila87 greg-g: just tried CCOOO in LibreOffice looks like it is working without any problem :) just wanted to inform Nathan and Chris15:11
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paroneayeaakila87: oh awesome!16:31
akila87paroneayea I tested only in 32 bit still downloading the 64 bit version16:31
akila87paroneayea: we don't neewd that terminal commands for it. it can be installed from tools> extensions16:33
akila87btw im using sun-java not sure it will work with openjdk-jre16:33
akila87as I can remember last time also we needed sun-java16:34
akila87paroneayea: works in ubuntu 32/64 bits16:55
akila87paroneayea: 64 bit one is using openjdk. i was using sun-java in 32bit16:56
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akila87paroneayea: I think we can use the tools>extension manager in LibreOffice without any problem. That menu issue we had before is there in LibreOffice.17:22
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mtccan anyone here put me in contact with larry lessig18:18
mtcwould like to get a radio station id soundbyte from him for my radio station18:19
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