Thursday, 2010-12-02

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akozakJED3, out of curiosity, how does the scraper parse whitespace in literals?18:54
JED3akozak: it ignores leading and trailing whitespace18:55
akozakis that to spec?18:55
JED3idk, i imagine it would be18:55
akozakmaybe a better way to put it is, that makes sense to me and im hoping its in the spec :P18:56
akozak"A conforming RDFa Processor must preserve white space in both plain literals and XML literals. However, it may be the case that the architecture in which a processor operates does not make all white space available. It is therefore advisable for authors who would like to make their documents consumable across different processors, to remove any unnecessary white space in their markup."18:57
akozakthis is from a draft though18:57
JED3wow, interesting18:57
akozakis the most recent18:58
akozakstill there it seems18:58
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JED3akozak: an example of whitespace sneaking past our parsers: click the by-nc badge19:13
akozakJED3, so it *doesnt* strip it?19:14
JED3guess not... the parsing is handled in rdfadict which i think uses rdflib's parser,19:16
JED3the deedscraper should be stripping it though before the deed renders the string, i might need to open an issue for this19:16
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JED3mralex: <- whoa19:23
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mralexJED3: yeah, saw that earlier. super cool19:34
akozakso simple but so awesome19:35
JED3paroneayea: ping19:48
paroneayeaJED3: pong19:48
JED3re:, want me to take care of that?19:49
paroneayeaJED3: sure, thx19:49
JED3get your free music downloads and royalty free photos
paroneayeaf r e e  p h o t o s
paroneayeaspammer style19:55
akozaknkinkade, I tried to upload these webm files to mirrors but I don't have permissions20:09
akozakis it worth giving me sudo or should you just create the dir for me?20:10
nkinkadeakozak: You should already have sudo privs.20:10
akozakoh dang, maybe i shouldve tried sudo first20:10
akozakthanks nkinkade20:10
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akozaki guess it doesn't make sense to disrupt internet for the entire office to upload these videos :P20:19
paroneayeaakozak: true true.  Go disrupt the internet for an entire coffee shop instead ;)20:20
akozakI don't think they sell coffees large enough to last the time itd take to upload 1gb20:20
paroneayea 1) buy
paroneayea 2) find a pour-your-own-coffee-shop20:21
paroneayea(like Panera)20:21
paroneayea(??? profit!!!)20:22
paroneayeanyergler: you wanted to put testing and etc on a monitor or something; hackable, rebranded chumby ones, $50
* paroneayea marks this as critical in roundup!20:25
akozakJED3, the deed whitespace thing seems like a bug to me, even though the spec says to preserve whitespace20:35
akozakit at least aknowledges that the environment around the processor could strip it20:35
akozakso strictly speaking, i don't think there's a violation of the spec for the scraper to strip it after it's been parsed20:36
akozakand its obviously suboptimal for it not to20:36
nyerglerparoneayea: interesting20:37
nyergleri have a chumby at home, but never hack on it due to it's inherent flash-based-ness20:37
nyergleralso, i want like a 40" monitor on the wall showing the test status20:37
paroneayeathough, I thought you could reconfigure it20:37
paroneayeato use x11 and more generic things20:37
paroneayeabut yes, not quite 40" :)20:39
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nyerglergrumble, grumble, transifex 1.0, grumble20:46
nkinkadeparoneayea: So what would be the most convenient way for Tx to interact with the build process for the i18n package?20:48
paroneayeankinkade: I don't know, I haven't looked at the scripts yet20:48
nkinkadeThat is, I imagine that we'll want the build process to do a fetch from Tx prior to each build.20:48
paroneayeayeah probably20:48
nkinkadeparoneayea: It should be trivial.20:48
paroneayeaI'm thinking that20:48
paroneayeaI just need to look at those scripts20:49
paroneayeaif you say it is trivial I will believe you ;)20:49
nkinkadeIt should just a matter of installing the tx tool with easy_install, and then configuring it.20:49
paroneayeawe're still stuck with the possible merge conflicts proble20:49
paroneayeam though20:49
nkinkadeThen telling your build script to call tx to pull down data.20:49
paroneayeathere's no way to avoid that I guess20:49
paroneayeapossible race condition is inevitable?20:50
nkinkadeWell, at least it isn't a new problem.20:50
nkinkadeIt's just an old problem that is carrying over.20:50
paroneayeaat least this time the race condition problem is on our turf ;)20:50
nkinkadeIn fact, this used to be a problem with Pootle as well.20:50
nkinkadeI can remember going through conflict hell with Pootle when adding new strings.20:50
nkinkadeIt seems to be characteristic of this version control method of doing things.20:51
nkinkadeWell, at least characteristic of our way of adding strings.20:51
nkinkadeparoneayea: Where does your build script live?20:52
paroneayeankinkade: 1sec, pulling it up20:54
paroneayeaand updates20:55
nkinkadeparoneayea:  Does it really matter where it's located, as long as it's on a7?20:57
nkinkadeThe tx stuff, I mean.20:58
paroneayeano, it doesn't20:58
paroneayeaI mean, the scripts have to be changed20:58
paroneayeabut the location doesn't matter20:58
paroneayeathat location was chosen because discussion on irc at the time seemed to indicate it was the smartest place :)20:58
nkinkadeActually, as I think about it, this tx stuff can be anywhere.  It just needs to pull down changes from and push them to our repo, and your scripts keep working without change.20:59
paroneayeathe reason it needs to be a720:59
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paroneayeais because it copies files into
paroneayeanew packages, that is21:00
nkinkadeparoneayea: Cool.  But I think this tx stuff can be anywhere, right?21:00
nkinkadeYour code works from the git repo, and that won't change.21:00
nkinkadeWe just need this shim somewhere.21:00
paroneayeathat's true21:00
paroneayeawe also presumably need to trigger *pushing* changes to transifex21:00
paroneayeaI'm guessing they've got that figured out though21:00
paroneayeaprobably the same script even?21:01
paroneayeabrb, tea21:03
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Papyroscan anyone help me with a small problem ?21:31
akozakPapyros, go ahead and ask, someone might be able to answer.21:33
Papyrosa min , and max problem
Papyroswhy can't i find the max ?21:34
akozakPapyros, this isn't a channel for the c or c++ programming language21:34
Papyroswhat is the wrong ?21:34
Papyroswhat is it ?21:35
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mralexparoneayea: did you already add the missing border radii that i forgot to add in?22:34
paroneayeaoh uhhh22:34
paroneayeaI don't think so?22:34
* paroneayea not sure what you mean22:34
mralexdeed3.css on staging and production are both correct22:34
paroneayeagnomes did it22:34
mralexmaybe an old bug submission?22:35
paroneayeait's a few months old22:35
paroneayeaI'm basically clearing out my orgmode file of non-roundupified things22:35
paroneayeafeel free to close it22:35
mralexdone :)22:36
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akozakhrm, why does the w3c have their own document license22:44
paroneayeashould be cc0!22:45
paroneayeano-derivatives? :(22:46
paroneayeasee, that's silly paranoia22:46
paroneayeawhy use copyright as a tool for that22:46
paroneayeathe canonical version will be the version your org puts out22:46
paroneayeaif you really want to make your version super-surely-canonical, do openpgp sigs22:46
akozakThis document answers several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about W3C intellectual rights policies. The primary goals of these policies are:22:48
akozakTo encourage the widespread dissemination of W3C work.22:48
akozakTo preserve the integrity of W3C work by eliminating confusion about its source and status.22:48
akozakCC is in their faw though22:48
akozakmaybe they allow CC?22:48
paroneayea .---------.22:57
paroneayea |         |22:57
paroneayea | [ ] [ ] |22:57
paroneayea |         |22:57
paroneayea | [ ] [ ] |22:57
paroneayea |         |22:57
paroneayea | [ ] [ ] | _\__22:57
paroneayea |         |  /o22:57
paroneayea | [ ] [ ] |22:57
paroneayea |         |22:57
paroneayea | [ ] [ ] |22:58
paroneayea |         |22:58
paroneayea | [ ] [ ] |22:58
paroneayea |    _    |22:58
paroneayea |[ ]| |[ ]|22:58
paroneayea_|___| |___|_________________22:58
paroneayea  EVERYTHING'S GOING TO BE22:58
paroneayea            OKAY22:58
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akozakis that the wtc?23:44
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