Wednesday, 2010-11-17

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thawhi all !03:15
thawin the CC-By-NC-ND licence for example, the "NC" for non-commercial means that my software could not be used for commercial purpose, or not be used by companies ?03:17
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juk__hi is gpl covered here too?15:18
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JED3paroneayea: ping17:12
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nkinkadeparoneayea: So to make sure this format error in the DE PO files get propagated again, I need to fix the cc-style PO file, but it's not in version control anymore is it?18:50
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akozaknyergler, is it proper to use rel="license" with cc0 as the object?19:35
nyerglernkinkade: paroneayea has jury duty today19:37
nkinkadeOkay, I sent an email as well.19:37
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nyerglernkinkade: just curious if the F1/F5 weirdness with the new i-dot made sense to you; is that ready to cut over ot?20:53
nkinkadenyergler: No, I have no idea what that was that he saw.  It's not ready to cut over to yet, but I'm working on it.20:53
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akozaknyergler, it was a bios thing. i should have taken a note of what it was.21:00
akozaknkinkade,  ^^21:00
nyerglernkinkade: are you dialing in?21:35
nyergler(line 2, right? i don't know why i can never remember that)21:36
nkinkadenyergler: I can.  Line 2 is the usual.21:36
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paroneayeankinkade: yo22:28
paroneayeaback from jury duty22:28
nkinkadeparoneayea: There's an email thread at this point.22:30
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paroneayeankinkade: btw, sorry that I handled that in a sloppy way last night22:43
nkinkadeNo problems.  Emails slip past sometimes.  It happens.22:43
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