Tuesday, 2010-11-16

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trombonechampgrimau: Don't worry about it, it is fine00:29
trombonechampShare-alike just means that if there is a recording, it will have to be licensed under the same CC license00:29
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grimautrombonechamp: Thanks for the answer :)04:12
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JED3paroneayea: re: your last commit...17:54
JED3does that mean we can finally rendered the deeds in klingon?17:55
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paroneayeaJED3: no, we don't translate to klingon :)17:56
paroneayeaalso, klingon isn't part of unicode, sorry!17:56
paroneayeawe could translate to braille though.17:56
JED3paroneayea: drat17:56
paroneayeawe could technically translate to lolspeek17:57
paroneayea"i has a license"17:57
paroneayeashare plz17:57
JED3"teh licenz you choosed iz:"17:57
CC_HudsonYippie, build fixed!17:57
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (208): FIXED in 6 min 59 sec: http://code.creativecommons.org/hudson/job/cc.engine/208/17:57
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Allow for any language to be requested that we translate for, even if17:57
paroneayeawe'd have to get transifex to agree to add lolcode to their license list17:57
paroneayeaer, language list17:58
paroneayeaer, not lolcode17:58
JED3paroneayea: we can manually add the po ourselves?17:58
paroneayealolcode is something different ;)17:58
JED3cant we?17:58
paroneayeaJED3: we could...17:58
paroneayeawe could make a directory with it17:58
paroneayeadon't tempt me JED3 !17:58
JED3paroneayea: DO IT17:58
paroneayeaman that would be great17:59
JED3legal would have a fit hahaha18:00
JED3... i guess we can't have fun with the deeds :(18:01
paroneayeait wouldn't have to be limited to the deeds either ;)18:02
paroneayeabut yeah18:02
paroneayeaprobably wouldn't fly.18:02
paroneayeaCC's got to look like an organization with integrity, or something18:02
akozaki think thats a great idea18:09
akozaki mean its just translation not porting18:09
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JED3akozak: copyright isnt allowed to be fun18:32
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mralexakozak: ping19:52
mralexakozak: mike told me you started a wiki page on browser or search tools, all i can find is http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CC_Search_Browser_Plugins — is that it?19:53
akozakmralex, yea19:54
akozakmralex, what additional info are you looking for?19:55
akozakthere isn't much out there19:55
mralexakozak: just goign to link to it from New Search19:55
akozakah ok19:55
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nyerglernkinkade: you're fixing the contact form, right? :)21:06
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah.  Sorry about that.21:07
nkinkadeI'm responding to Maarten, then was going to get to the bottom of the contact form.21:07
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paroneayeanyergler: I'm going to push it live now21:58
paroneayeabut, I won't have time to write out an email to CCi21:59
paroneayeaI might get a stub of one written out but that's it21:59
paroneayeaoh wait, I have a whole hour here22:03
* paroneayea thought it was an hour later22:03
* paroneayea stfu's22:03
paroneayeabesides I'll be on till 5:30 today, so extra stfu to myself22:06
* paroneayea doesn't know how to stfu apparently22:07
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paroneayeanyergler: there are over twenty languages that are soooo cloooose to being able to appear on that list22:39
paroneayeajust 1 or 2 more %....22:40
paroneayeaI guess this is supposed to be incentive22:40
paroneayeahopefully it is!22:40
paroneayeanyergler: sent you and mlinksva a draft email... could you look at it soonish maybe?22:44
nyerglerparoneayea: done22:49
nyerglernkinkade: fyi, kozak is en route to ISC with the new server, so that should be online shortly22:54
nkinkadenyergler: Nice.  Thanks.  I should be able to knock out a few pending tickets once that's up.22:55
paroneayeaemail sent.  Horrj!23:03
paroneayeaokay, maybe not sent!23:05
paroneayeaI got a bounceback saying cci@lists.ibiblio.org isn't a mailing list23:05
paroneayeankinkade: forwarded to you.... know what's up? :\23:07
nkinkadeparoneayea: Because it's not.23:07
nkinkadeYou should have got an email to cci@ a while back about it.23:08
paroneayeaoh right23:09
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paroneayeaI even made a filter rule for the new ml23:09
paroneayeasorry x_x23:09
JED3paroneayea: hey have you sent that out yet?23:09
paroneayeaJED3: not yet23:09
paroneayeabut not due to lack of trying, apparently ;)23:09
JED3hmm i have a draft that i am about to send, maybe we can lump the two together23:09
paroneayeaJED3: I don't think that's a good idea, unless it's the same thing23:10
JED3paroneayea: what is the subject of your email?23:10
paroneayeaNew system in place for listing available translations on deeds, chooser23:11
nkinkadeparoneayea: The ! < X% is now implemented on the live site too?23:11
JED3paroneayea: :-\ okay, yeah my message is a different topic23:11
paroneayeankinkade: yes23:12
nkinkadeVery cool.23:12
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nyerglernkinkade: i think the new server is up; see forwarded email from francisco23:53
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nkinkadenyergler: Let me take a peek.23:54
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nkinkadenyergler: It does appear to be up.  I'm not sure what the F1 or F5 option was on boot, though.23:55
nyerglerno clue23:56
nyerglercan we use the out of band interface to check it out?23:56
nyerglercan you reply to Francisco?23:57
nkinkadenyergler: I haven't tried it yet, but it should be possible to view the boot screens through the IPMI interface.23:59
nkinkadeI'll reply to Francisco.23:59

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