Wednesday, 2010-10-27

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coz_hey guys... I do the icons for  compiz/ccsm  and recently did a set based on tango.. most of which have been heavily edite  but definitly "tangoish"08:36
coz_how would this need to be licensed...08:37
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coz_some icons I believe are tango icons so  but since tango does not create  ccsm specifig icons ...of course I had to edit them...but a question as to licensing has been brought up in the project08:38
coz_specific rather08:38
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JED3nkinkade: ping16:23
nkinkadeJED3: Hey.  I was just editing the ticket.16:23
JED3nkinkade: ohh okay, i'll wait to read that first then16:24
nkinkadeJED3: Just sent it.  Basically there is a new VPS at scraper.creativecommons.org16:25
nkinkadeJED3: Your password on that machine should be the same as on a5.16:26
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paroneayeaa5 unreachable from here16:32
paroneayeaoh wait16:33
paroneayeathere it goes.16:33
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paroneayeankinkade: JED3: so do we need to add Estonia to jurisdictions.rdf, I assume?16:37
nkinkadeparoneayea: Estonia: not yet, I think ... unless it's just for staging.16:48
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paroneayeaI got an email a few days ago about them being happy with the estonia translations16:49
paroneayeaso I wasn't sure if I should update the live site or not16:49
paroneayeawell I just did an update for the non-deeds part16:50
paroneayeaie, didn't clear the cache16:50
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nkinkadeparoneayea: We won't update the live site until Diane gives the green light, and that will not likely be for another few weeks, at least.17:04
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JED3paroneayea: ping17:07
JED3i'm on a fresh machine trying to install lxml but not having any luck17:08
JED3libxml2 and libxslt are the only prereq.s needed for setuptools to install lxml right?17:09
JED3err, i mean the dev versions of those packages17:10
JED3sudo apt-get install python-dev build-essential libxml2-dev libxslt-dev17:11
JED3what am i forgetting here?17:11
JED3gcc keeps failing when setuptools tries to install lxml17:11
JED3nkinkade: ^^ maybe you know?17:12
nkinkadeJED3: Let me take a look.17:14
nkinkadeJED3: Are those packages not installed?  It seems to me that they are.  Are you referring to some packages being installed by buildout i.e. not from Debian?17:16
JED3packages managed by buildout17:17
JED3the python "lxml" requires a few system packages to be installed17:17
JED3trying to figure out what its missing17:17
nkinkadeJED3: I do know that NRY hates system python packages for this very reason.17:19
nkinkadeI think if he had his way everything would be installed with easy_install or setuptools.17:19
JED3nkinkade: i'm not installing a system python package17:19
JED3thats what i am trying to avoid17:19
nkinkadeJED3: But it's quite possible that one of your python packages requires a newer version of libxml than you installed with apt-get.17:19
JED3nkinkade: not likely17:20
JED3nkinkade: that may be a premature to assume, but i don't think that could be it17:21
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JED3sudo aptitude show libxslt1-dev libxml2-dev libc6 python-dev build-essential17:34
JED3what am i missing?17:34
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JED3ahh, i was missing zlib17:59
paroneayeaback, was @ lunch18:04
paroneayealooks like you got it18:05 timing out here again18:17
paroneayea(it's back up)18:19
JED3paroneayea: ping18:20
paroneayeaJED3: pong18:20
JED3I need to make some modifications to the deed templates later today, can we sync up for that?18:20
paroneayeashore thing18:20
paroneayeaknow what time you might do it?18:21
paroneayeafor timezone reasons18:21
JED3yeah, well i hope to get to it real soon...18:21
JED3maybe in 20-30 minutes?18:21
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paulproteusakozak + others: I'll be at CC at, like, 2:30 today18:45
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akozakcool paulproteus18:53
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nkinkadeJED3: How goes it with the move?  Just curious.19:35
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iboBhey do you know where i could ask a question about gpl?19:44
donaldrr3#gnu is usually a good place19:46
JED3nkinkade: just finished up before taking off for lunch19:51
JED3paroneayea: pinggg19:51
paroneayeaJED3: pong19:52
JED3paroneayea: have a moment to make that template change with me?19:53
paroneayeaJED3: yup19:54
JED3paroneayea: cool, coming right up19:56
JED3paroneayea: ackkkk, sorry i forgot to change something in the scraper first19:58
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JED3and for the pdm + cc0 templates, will you change the deed.js and apps/deed paths to pddeed.js and apps/pddeed respectively20:27
paroneayeaJED3: ah okay20:27
JED3something about this script that doesn't sit well with me20:28
JED3document.write'ing a script tag20:28
paroneayeais that a <script> in your <script>20:29
mralexyou got script tag in my script tag20:29
paroneayeayo dawg20:29
akozakohhh no20:29
paroneayeahey is nyergler out this week, I forget20:30
akozakand next week20:30
paroneayeathen I don't need to tell everyone it's cc tech team checkin time20:30
paroneayeaso I won't say that thing20:30
paroneayeathat I just said20:30
akozakgood, because that would be unnecessary20:30
mralexJED3: does that document write do more than what an XmlHttpRequest would do?20:31
paroneayeaJED3: maybe we can do that on the ZPT end?20:31
JED3although nkinkade voiced his disapproval in paroneayea poor performance last week20:31
JED3paroneayea: naa, we're caching remember?20:31
paroneayeaoh on updating everyone20:31
paroneayeaJED3: oh right :(20:31
JED3hehe yeah20:31
nkinkadeJED3: poor performance?20:32
paroneayeamaybe we should do it with SSI's then! ;)20:32
JED3mralex: XmlHttpRequests are out of the question now that the scraper lives on a different host20:32
paroneayeankinkade: I didn't notify everyone of the call on time20:32
paroneayeabecause I was away when emacs notified me20:32
paroneayeaI failed the team!20:32
JED3nkinkade: in not alerting us of the cc tech call, like he normally does :)20:32
nkinkadeparoneayea: You're slipping. :-)20:32
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JED3mralex: this is the only imaginable way to get this call to work correctly, we could have either made a server side proxy for the scraper (which doesn't help much re: the load issue on a5) or use a JSONP approach20:34
JED3so we're just going to have to live with some gross js in the deed, until we can figure out a more elegant solution20:35
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nkinkadeJED3: We could eventually move the scraper back to a5.  But just for now it seems that some aspect of scraping is causing a problem on a5, so isolating it will give us some breathing room until we can figure out what is going on.20:40
nkinkadeI've wonder if setting the MaxProcessCount to 25 could be a problem.20:41
JED3nkinkade: i honestly don't mind it being on another machine, give it more room to breath20:41
nkinkadeYeah, it may prevent a glut of processes that bog the machine down, but I'm not sure how Apache handles it when it has already reached the MaxProcessCount?  Does it queue the request until a slot is open?  If so, it may be causing pileups.20:42
nkinkadeJED3: ^^20:42
JED3the reasons why we weren't having these problems 6 months ago, is becase the scraper is doing 4 or 5 times more work now that we moved all of the js logic serverside20:42
nkinkadeAh.  That's good to know.  Because I was really wondering why it wasn't a problem previously.20:42
nkinkadeBut I look at it more like giving more room to breath than giving the scraper more. :-)20:43
JED3it'll queue a worker thread until whatever thread for that process is currently holding the lock waiting on a response from whatever page is scraping20:43
JED3it'll also lock while it extracts the rdfa from the content of the response20:43
JED3nkinkade: haha yes, its best for everyone for these two to divorce20:44
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paroneayeaJED3: that thing you dpasted21:08
paroneayeais that for all deeds?21:08
JED3any deed that's linking to /includes/referrer/deed.js21:09
JED3which i think is all of them?21:09
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JED3paroneayea: ^^21:14
paroneayeaso also21:15
paroneayeaokay, let's recap21:16
paroneayeapddeed.js, in the old one, was also for the scraper21:16
paroneayeaso we're getting rid of that, and21:16
paroneayea<JED3> and for the pdm + cc0 templates, will you change the deed.js and21:17
paroneayea       apps/deed paths to pddeed.js and apps/pddeed respectively   [15:27]21:17
paroneayeaI have no idea what you meant by apps/deed paths21:17
JED3use this for the standard deeds
JED3and for the PDM and CC0 deeds21:19
paroneayeagot it!21:20
JED3paroneayea: sorry for being vague21:20
akozakwe should've used HML for the new server21:29
paroneayeait's value is all on the graphical desktop though!21:30
paroneayeatime to replace all CC desktops w/ HML though21:30
paroneayeamandatory switch21:30
akozakno I'm gonna fork it and start HML server edition21:30
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akozakit will have the cutest. terminal. ever.21:31
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mralex"Hannah Montana Linux is fast, stable and powerful."21:33
akozak"It is not vulnerable to Windows viruses."21:33
mralex…much like Hannah Montana herself.21:33
akozakdon't be so sure. I hear she runs windows ME21:33
mralexthat would explain a lot21:34
JED3akozak: hehe the sticky guy is still on the ceiling21:35
akozakJED3, haha21:35
akozakwould be funny to put one over mike's desk21:36
JED3so that it fell randomly one day?21:36
akozaksplat, right in the curry21:36
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paroneayeaJED3: updated on staging21:44
paroneayeaI think :D21:44
paroneayealook right to you?21:44
paroneayeafixing ;p21:45
akozakI've been wondering: What's with the u before values in a dictionary object?21:46
paroneayeaakozak: unicode string21:46
akozakah, should've guessed21:46
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (176): UNSTABLE in 3 min 23 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: John doig has new metadata scraper JS\!21:49
JED3akozak: "r" | "u" | "ur" | "R" | "U" | "UR" | "Ur" | "uR" | "b" | "B" | "br" | "Br" | "bR" | "BR" can all be used as string prefixes21:57
akozakoh neat21:59
paroneayeaJED3: shouldn't it b3e script src22:00
paroneayeainstead of href22:00
JED3paroneayea: gasp! yes22:00
JED3whoops sorry i do that all the time22:00
paroneayeaI don't think zpt wants to let us do this22:02
paroneayeait's getting angry at the script in the script22:02
paroneayeaif you escape stuff inside of document.write("<script")22:03
JED3grr, well tell it to shut up22:03
paroneayeawhat happens22:03
JED3paroneayea: it'll be written as safe characters and a browser won't be able to interpret the tag22:03
paroneayeayarg :(22:03
paroneayeaI don't know how to fix it then22:03
JED3you could do document.write("<scr" + "ipt zpt sucks ass")22:04
paroneayeawe could do that22:04
paroneayeaI'll try that one.22:04
JED3haha this js is getting more repulsive by the second22:04
JED3try "<" + "script" first will ya?22:04
paroneayea"<scr" + "EEEEEEEECH src='CRASH'"22:04
JED3less of a hack22:05
paroneayeausers look at the deed22:05
JED3at the source?22:05
paroneayea"these cc guys sure know a lot about web standards!"|22:05
mralexwell, at least document.write isn't deprecated22:06
mralex….is it?22:06
JED3you know since we're using a file middleware cache, we should compressed the html files in the cache22:06
JED3mralex: no way22:06
paroneayeahm, we shouldl do that prolly22:06
paroneayeadocument.write("<" + "script type='text/javascript' src='" + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + "&amp;license_uri=" + document.URL + "'" + "><" + "/script>");22:07
JED3paroneayea: it could be seperate from cc.engine, maybe a script that polls on the directory and compresses each file22:07
JED31337 coderz22:07
paroneayeawell it renders now.22:07
mralexor you could just do dom modification, at the expense of extra bytes. :P22:07
paroneayeawe could do that thing.22:07
paroneayeacouldn't we?22:07
JED3paroneayea: mralex yeah i wrote a cleaner way in the email thread, but NRY nixed the idea22:08
JED3he said both were gross, go with the one with a smaller footprint22:08
paroneayeaa smaller, smellier footprint22:08
JED3lets just do this for right now, we can clean it up later22:09
JED3paroneayea: unless you object?22:10
paroneayeanope!  It's your smelly footprint22:10
paroneayeaI'm letting you claim ownership22:10
paroneayeaI wonder how much it might save cc.engine in resources if we didn't reload the template from disk on every render22:13
paroneayeaJED3: updated22:14
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CC_HudsonYippie, build fixed!22:19
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (177): FIXED in 3 min 44 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Cleaned up this gross script in a script so that it renders at least22:19
paroneayeayippee hippiee!22:20
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nkinkadeJED3: Have you noticed that loads really slowly sometimes?22:40
nkinkadeIt just took the page nearly 3 minutes to load, and I experienced this the other day too.22:44
nkinkadeIs there any sort of debugging or something enabled that might be bringing it to a crawl?22:45
nkinkadeJED3: ^^22:48
JED3nkinkade: not to my knowledge, i haven't noticed anything22:57
nkinkadeJED3: It's almost unusable for me now.  I think it could be Varnish somehow.22:58
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JED3paroneayea: thanks for helping out!23:00
paroneayeaJED3: of course23:01
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paroneayeankinkade: could be that we're not auto-rendering the deeds on staging?23:01
nkinkadeparoneayea: This is, not .org23:01
paroneayeaherp derp, got it23:01
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