Tuesday, 2010-10-26

paulproteusmralex + akozak: I'm in town!00:16
paulproteusI'm in SF until Friday night, in case you guys would let me stop by and say hi. (-:00:17
paulproteusI understand nyergler is out of town; I wonder about ml.00:17
mralex"let me" heh00:17
akozakI think you should jsut barge in00:17
akozakact like you still work here00:17
akozakjust take a seat at your desk00:17
akozakmake some coffee, etc.00:18
paulproteusI would right *now* (I'm sitting at a taqueria right by Caltrain) but my cousin is going to come by and say hi to me in a bit.00:18
paulproteusI mean, I admit, I'm more interested in hanging out than I am in using y'all's coffee machine.00:18
paulproteusAs tempting as pod espresso is.00:18
paulproteuss/hanging out/chatting with you all/00:18
akozak:) what, you don't want to work on the cc engine?00:19
akozakpaulproteus, it would be awesome if you stopped by!00:19
akozak(not today but soon since im leaving in a couple min)00:19
akozakalso make sure you tell us what say you're coming in so I don't work from home00:20
mralexyou still have work from home days? :P00:20
paulproteusRight, that's why I figured I'd check in with you all (-:00:20
akozakmralex, I do assuming we got 2 for october :P00:20
paulproteusI was thinking tomorrow around 11am.00:21
paulproteusYou know, first thing in the morning.00:21
mralexwouldn't want to get you up early00:21
akozakpaulproteus, I'll be here then, although someone scheduled a presentation for the office tomorrow00:21
akozakat noon00:21
paulproteusA secret one?00:21
mralexan educational one00:21
akozakprobably not, I have no idea00:21
akozakI don't need to go, we could scheme in a different room00:22
akozakscheme and eat lunch00:22
paulproteusOkay, well I'll plan to come by around 11 (maaaaaybe sooner) and we'll take things from there.00:23
akozakalso mike has no objection to you coming paulproteus :P00:23
akozakin fact he seemed absolutely elated00:23
paulproteusLike, what, he raised an eyebrow?00:23
akozaksomething like that00:23
paulproteusOkay, well I'll get back to my own work for now, but see you all then (-:00:24
akozakcool seeyou tomorrow00:24
akozakI'm off too00:24
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paulproteusMorning, dudes and/or dudettes.15:57
paulproteusMarkDude: BTW I'm in SF until Fri15:57
paulproteusparoneayea: Good seeing you last weekend; now the challenge is for me to get some work done today (-:15:57
MarkDudepaulproteus, Really? If you dont feel like visiting the shop in Berkeley, I can make it to SF for at least coffee15:58
paulproteusOh, well if you're based in Berkeley, let's plan to meet up Thu daytime sometime. How does that sound?15:59
paulproteusI was already going to visit a friend in Berkeley then anyway.15:59
MarkDudeBTW at the OLPC Summit, I suggested that some folks check out OpenHatch15:59
MarkDudeThursday works15:59
MarkDudeI'll bring some Ubuntu case badges also, maybe a few Zareason screwdrivers and other stickers16:00
paroneayeapaulproteus: yeah, it was *awesome* seeing you there16:00
paroneayeaalso, in general the quality of conversation at the summit was just stunningly high16:00
MarkDudepaulproteus, I have been meaning to ask you, is t possible to go to a tech event without at least 5 people knowing you?16:01
MarkDudeIf so it has not been my experience (-:16:01
paulproteusYeah, I think so, but a free software-related one? That'd be harder.16:02
* MarkDude is guessing that I could round up a few admirers of yours at a MS or Apple event also, it might be harder to find them tho16:03
paulproteusJust 'cause they know me doesn't mean they're admirers.16:03
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paulproteusAnyway, I think the same is true for you!!16:03
paulproteusEr, didn't mean two exclamation points there.16:03
MarkDudeDid you see the pics of the Penguin suit in its 1st official duties t the East Bay Makers Faire?16:03
* MarkDude is not quite there, yet, but ty for the compliment16:04
paroneayeaman, that NC thread on cc-community just keeps on going16:08
paroneayeaI have to make gnus fullscreen to keep up with all that thread nesting16:09
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akozakIf anyone knows of a CC search plugin for any browser, please let me know or add it into http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CC_Search_Browser_Plugins16:57
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paulproteusDo any of y'all happen to have a spare GSM phone? My friend on T-Mobile had her phone get stolen a few days ago )-:17:29
paulproteusAlso it seems I'm awake.17:29
akozakpaulproteus, I'll check when I get home (but not on me)17:30
paulproteusCool, thanks (-:17:30
paulproteusSee you near 11:30, realistically17:38
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nkinkadeJED3: Are you in the office today by chance?17:58
JED3nkinkade: yes i am17:59
nkinkadeWhat's the possibility that you could boot up that new rack server and plug a network cable into it?18:02
nkinkadeJED3: ^^18:02
JED3nkinkade: sure thing18:03
JED3doing so now18:03
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JED3nkinkade: firing up18:15
JED3nkinkade: fyi jen is having a meeting in the mail room, so i wasnt able to plug in there18:16
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.  This past Saturday I gave myself a crash course in IPMI, when I woke and suddenly realized we had no way to reboot the backup machine should the OS crash or become unresponsive.  This machine is going to be hosted at the ISC as well, and I'd like to test a bit.18:16
nkinkadeI think things are setup fine on the backup machine, but I'd like to test immediately on this new server to assure myself, without having to actually power cycle the i.CC.org as a test.18:17
JED3nkinkade: good idea18:18
JED3you need an ip?18:18
JED3nm, guess you can ssh into the router and find out yourself18:20
nkinkadeJED3: I think I'll be able to find it using nmap.18:21
mralexpaulproteus: ping18:22
paulproteusmralex: pong18:23
paulproteusSeems like 11:30 is a bit aggressive as it is18:23
mralexpaulproteus: our "Lunch and Learn" topic fell through this week, wanna give an on-the-spot talk about what you've been up to since leaving us? ;)18:23
paulproteusSure, but in that case I have to basically race to where you are18:23
paulproteusCan we say we do it at 12:15?18:24
akozakdont feel like you need to hurry18:24
JED3nkinkade: o weird, i must have tripped on the power cable, its on now18:24
akozakpaulproteus, lisa asked me to tell you thank you18:28
JED3nkinkade: fyi i may have to move the server in a couple hours18:29
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nkinkadeJED3: No problem.  Just let me know right before you do and I can shut it down.18:29
JED3nkinkade: alrighty18:29
akozakheh something about that seems funny to me18:29
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akozakdoes this server have a system speaker?18:31
akozaknkinkade, its in the main office so you could potentially have some fun18:32
paulproteusakozak: I'll get to the office by noon at this rate, and then we can maybe grab lunch from elsewhere and/or have me set up for presenting?18:32
akozakpaulproteus, I brought in my lunch today :/18:32
paulproteusakozak: no worries18:32
paulproteusI'll get to the office at noon regardless18:33
mralex1paulproteus: i noted 12:30 in the status update, so you're good.18:33
paulproteusmralex1: sweet18:33
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mralex1cc.org is broken18:41
mralex1massive load18:41
JED3nkinkade: ugh18:45
JED3the scraper is blowing up18:45
mralex1still is18:46
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah.  a5 has been getting hit.18:47
nkinkadeThe first clue of problems on a5 is usually a message from nagios that /apps/triples is down.18:47
nkinkade... and /apps/deed.18:47
nkinkadeThen shortly after the messages that CC.org is down. :-)18:47
JED3nkinkade: makes sense, requests get piled up at the scraper which has the slowest response turnaround18:48
nkinkadeJED3: Any ideas on an ETA for scraper -> a9?18:50
JED3nkinkade: uhh, no idea18:50
JED3still fighting some openid issues on cc.net, then i need to release/finish tests for PDM in the rest api, and then i can get to the scraper18:51
JED3maybe end of week?18:51
JED3i'm actually considering rewriting the scraper to be more asynchronous18:52
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nkinkadeJED3:  It's not certain that the recent issues with a5 are just the scraper, but in any case they have been getting rather frequent.  There is a part of me that feels that we need to make it a high priority to unload a5.18:56
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nkinkadeJED3: I temporarily killed the scraper on a5, and the load average is moving down as we speak.19:28
nkinkadeI re-enabled the scraper now.19:51
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JED3nkinkade: ping21:01
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.21:01
JED3nkinkade: I need to move the machine out of ani's way, are you able to shut down now?21:01
nkinkadeJED3: Halting now.  It may already be down.21:02
JED3just heard the fans stop21:02
nkinkadeThanks for setting that up for me.  I was successfully able to test everything I needed.21:02
JED3nkinkade: great, np21:02
nkinkadeakozak: Does http://discovered.creativecommons.org look right to you?21:03
nkinkadeIn addition to the fact that it's not working.21:03
nkinkadeAh, restarting Tomcat fixed it, but the search page still doesn't look quite right to me.21:05
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akozaknkinkade, I think nathan changed the header21:25
akozakseems to be working fine to me21:25
akozakmaybe paulproteus has some input (he's in the office atm, or at least was a second ago)21:25
nkinkadeakozak: Cool.  If you think that the version you are seeing now is as good as expected, then I suppose you can reassign the ticket to nyergler.21:26
nkinkadeakozak: Be sure that you're looking at the version on the new machine.  DNS may not have converged for you.21:26
nkinkadeI removed paulproteus from that ticket since he's not working on it anymore.21:26
akozaknkinkade, I see the different-looking header, and I seem to remember nyergler talking about that21:27
akozaktalking about changing it21:27
akozakwe de-branded it a bit from the version on a621:27
akozakqueries appear to work just fine21:27
nkinkadeakozak: Thanks.  Maybe just reassign to nyergler for a final check, and then he can close the ticket if he's fully satisfied that it's done and working.21:30
akozakok will do, thanks nkinkade21:30
paulproteusnkinkade: I am here21:32
* paulproteus waves21:32
paulproteusI'm in the glassy room.21:33
nkinkadepaulproteus: So I heard on IRC yesterday, and today.21:33
nkinkadeHow goes it.21:33
paulproteusPretty well. I gave a confused but excited talk about human diversity within free software recently, and I found that exhausting, so I'm hiding out here in the conference room.21:33
paulproteusakozak + nkinkade: I like the new discovered front page, fwiw21:34
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mralex1JED3: ping22:26
JED3mralex1: yo22:28
mralex1JED3: i added some donation html to the chooser results template on staging; but when i restart ccengine the change doesn't appear. am i doing it wrong?22:28
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JED3mralex1: hmm, which template?22:29
JED3and its more significant than a string change right?22:29
JED3just a string change*22:29
mralex1JED3: cc/engine/chooser_pages/results.pt22:29
JED3mralex1: hehe22:29
JED3wrong repository :P22:30
JED3clone cc.engine, that's where you need to be working22:30
mralex1i can't work on top of staging.cc.org?22:32
JED3mralex1: in the deployment?22:38
JED3yeah sure22:38
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