Monday, 2010-10-25

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akozakparoneayea, do you happen to know if we ever use alpha-3 language codes in the deed URLs18:04
paroneayeaakozak: hullo18:06
akozakhi :)18:06
paroneayeanot afaik18:06
akozakok so we're able to represent everything with alpha-2 (iso 639-1) codes?18:07
paroneayeaiso 316618:07
paroneayeaoh hey!18:08
paroneayeaI'm wrong, that is 3-letter18:08
paroneayeawait, this must be misnamed18:08
paroneayeabecause we use 2-letter for all jurisdictions18:08
paroneayeabut the file is called iso3166.csv18:08
paroneayeaanyway!  We use the two letter one :)18:08
akozakparoneayea, so we don't make a distinction between country codes and language codes?18:09
akozaki.e. between 3166 and 639 (
paroneayeawe do make a distinction18:10
paroneayeajurisdictions are country codes18:10
akozakah ok sorry, I should be more precise in my question :P18:10
akozakwhen displaying deeds in one jurisdiction that has multiple languages, do we use alpha-2 or alpha-3 language codes to determine the language?18:11
paroneayeaalpha-2 I think.
akozakparoneayea, ok awesome, thanks.18:13
akozakbasically, I'm wondering if I need to support alpha-3 in the structured wiki version of the ported licenses, but i'm guessing i dont since we clearly don't support alpha-318:13
akozaksupport = ask for :P18:14
akozakaurelia seemed to think that we needed alpha 3 but i don't remember us ever using alpha-3 codes for the licenses18:14
akozaki know alpha-2 limits your domain though (or range?)18:15
* paroneayea new to these terms, sadly18:21
paroneayeaman I am not feeling well :(18:22
paroneayeaI think I caught a bug on the plane ride back from GSOC tonight18:22
akozakthat sucks18:27
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nkinkadeparoneayea: You around?19:56
nkinkadeIn addition to telling you that PR1.3 is now out, I'm wondering if you can tell me whether you just receive my email to the old cci@ list?19:57
nkinkadeJED3: Is that Dell rack server still in the office?20:38
JED3nkinkade: yes i believe so, but i am not in the office to double check20:39
nkinkadeOkay, cool.  Thanks.  I'm pretty sure it is.20:39
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paroneayeankinkade: sorry I didn't reply... I ended up deciding I felt poorly enough that I called in today as a sick day21:25
paroneayeahence the no-reply21:26
paroneayeayay on pr 1.321:26
paroneayeaalso, looking on the cci thing21:26
akozakmralex, re:, do we support queries in the URL that get redirected to other search providers?21:27
mralexakozak: what do you mean?21:27
paroneayeankinkade: was it the cc-affiliates one?21:27
paroneayeaI didn't get a message on the old list, but I got one on the new list21:27
mralexakozak: query string paramters?21:27
akozakmralex, yes21:27
paroneayeanew one being cc-affiliates, I think?21:28
akozaki mean obviously we don't aggregate search results so it would have to redirect, no?21:28
mralexakozak: no, you can't send any query strings to ccsearch to be directed toward an engine21:28
akozakmralex, ok thanks21:28
mralexyou cna only send a search string21:28
* paroneayea goes back to bed, cya tomorrow21:28
mralexi need to push newsearch back up toward the top of my todo list21:29
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah, it was cci@, but it's now cc-affiliates@21:29
akozakmralex, I'm wondering because I've been asked to look into cc browser search options21:29
akozaksince cc is getting removed from firefox21:29
mralexakozak: like browser extensions?21:29
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akozakmralex, yes, but if allows url query strings, chrome and maybe others might let you add it manually21:30
akozakbut it wouldnt be super useful since it would jsut redirect21:30
mralexakozak: well let me have any great ideas we can implement on new search to improve third party support :)21:30
akozakmralex, including aggregating search results across providers? :P21:30
akozakI don't think you want to take that on21:30
akozakactually, it might not be too difficult if they all followed opensearch21:31
mralexthat's a goal, not all search providers have an api we can use21:31
mralexand i'm not as crazy about screenscraping as asheesh is21:31
mralexhi asheesh!21:31
mralexis this a new recommendation or is someone relevant supporting it?21:32
akozakgood question.21:32
akozakgoogle might support opensearch21:33
akozakaccording to 2min of research21:34
akozakwell in any case, they have an api21:35
mralexgoogle has an api now?21:35
akozaki know right? i thought those were just a fad21:36
mralexlast time we checked they didn't have a proper one21:36
akozakmralex, proper as in supports advanced queries with cc license types?21:38
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mralexbut i may be thinking of google images. could have been both21:38
mralexoh shit, really?21:40
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mralexlast i remmeber was JED3 posting a bug report about that21:40
mralexneed to take another look at inline search results then, i suppose :)21:41
akozakwell in any case, you answered my first question21:41
akozakmralex, wait I'm confused. isn't this what I was talking about or did I use the wrong terms?
akozakI see, it only works for mozilla?21:44
mralexfirefox sends that sourceid via the search bar, page just recognises it.21:45
mralexi thought you meant having querystrings that get passed through to the search engines21:45
mralexnot just browser sending querystrings to search for things to happen21:45
akozakthose seem very similar to me21:45
mralexthe latter doesn't get passed to the search engine21:46
mralexonly to the page21:46
mralexif that makes sense21:46
akozakmralex, on the new one it seems so, but on the old search page it seems to load a google search for cats21:46
akozakand the Mozilla-search sourceid redirects to the old search, no?21:47
mralexold serach is still default21:47
mralexmaybe we're both confused about what we're trying to explain21:48
mralexfeel free to ask in person :)21:48
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