Wednesday, 2010-10-20

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ader10Do teachers/professors/instructors count as commercial use?02:17
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nkinkadeader10: There is no clear answer to that.  The FAQ entry is about as clear as it may ever be:02:24
ader10Thank you02:25
nkinkadeSome people are going to say that, yes, use by teachers/instructors can be commercial in some cases.  And in others are sure to disagree.02:25
nkinkadeSearch the list archives of the list and you'll find thousands and thousands of words and debate on the subject.02:26
nkinkadeIn fact, there was recently a ridiculously long thread that got rather contentious.02:26
ader10thanks for saving me from the drama :)02:26
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papyromancerhey-o, a friend is organianizing a conference on active archives: in Amsterdam on Nov 12, and she's looking to hvae someone from the ccmixter team give a talk.12:51
papyromancerwould any of you be interested?12:51
papyromancerk, further info, no conference funds left to fly anyone in from the states :(13:00
papyromancerare there any ccmixter team members in the EU that like getting up in front of an audience?13:00
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nyerglerpapyromancer: CC isn't doing mixter development these days; not sure who, if anyone, is15:11
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akozakfrom teh wiki: Search Engine Optimization is the unique key of the door which provides access to millions. Search Engine Optimization is the most valuable key of digital marketing. The most important part of digital marketing is the search engine marketing. The most valuable key in search engine marketing which brings millions of internet users to your website is Search Engine Optimization.17:00
akozakthats not the funny part17:00
akozakSearch Engine Optimization is a strategical mind game between the machine (Google bot) and the human (Search Engine Optimization Specialist17:00
akozaksounds like the next matrix17:00
papyromanceror a really funny Quixote17:01
papyromanceranyone know how to get in touch with Victor Stone?  pm me :)17:04
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JED3nkinkade: ping17:33
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.17:47
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JED3nkinkade: sorry was pulled into the staff call18:35
nkinkadeNo, problem, so was I.18:36
JED3nkinkade: can you explain to me the problems you first discovered with the scraper?18:36
nkinkadeJED3: I didn't discover any problem with the scraper.  We've had a few load issues on a5 lately. nyergler mentioned that when he logged in once to see what was wrong, he found that killing all the scraper processes seemed to help.18:37
JED3nkinkade: ahh okay18:40
nkinkadeAnd when I thought about it, it made sense that the scraper, which maybe not the *cause* for of the load, certainly wasn't helping and was/is prone to delays and backups should the net connection already be clogged with other requests, and if the remote machine is slow in responding, and if the document it has to fetch and parse is huge.18:41
nkinkadeJED3: ^^18:41
JED3nkinkade: yes, thats true, i'm also wondering about whether or not the scenario NRY pointed out in the ticket may be a possibility18:42
JED3looking around the web at fcgi configurations, we may be giving too little resources to the scraper18:43
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, that could be.  If I recall, the max clients for it set pretty low.18:43
JED3nkinkade: I think we should also give it a timeout18:44
nkinkadeBut even asynchronously, it seems like it would be nice to move the scraper to another, less busy machine.  I guess I can look into deed views and load to get some idea of where we stand.18:44
nkinkadeYeah, that could help too.18:44
JED3since its a javascript addition of html to the deed, it doesn't make sense for it to appear seconds after the deed has finished loading18:45
JED3nkinkade: i agree re: moving it elsewhere18:45
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nkinkadeJED3: I just discovered, or think I did, that even when a script is served from a given domain, if it's included in a page from another domain, the script still cannot access from the domain from which it was fetched.19:12
JED3nkinkade: this is expected though isn't it?19:18
JED3the browser won't allow remote scripts to make xmlhttprequests on your behalf19:18
nkinkadeJED3: I thought that was the reasoning you had in mind when yesterday, and a week a few weeks ago, you had said: oh, serving the scraper JS from the other domain should work.19:18
nkinkade... or something like that.19:18
JED3nkinkade: yeah, but its a bit different, one sec, i'll throw up an example19:19
nkinkadeI must have misunderstood what you were getting at.19:19
JED3and the remote js:
JED3which calls the foo function declared in the document on a519:28
nkinkadeJED3: Ah.  So the script itself on code already has all the necessary data in it, and need make no more external calls.19:30
JED3nkinkade: yup19:30
nkinkadeAnd you were thinking that a request for the remote document on, say, would already contain all the scraped data, then the deed could just render it?19:30
JED3yes, as it does already
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nkinkadeJED3: Thanks for the lesson.  This has all be enlightening to me.19:32
JED3so instead of making any XMLHttpRequests, it'll be a simple GET for the client19:32
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nkinkadeThat doesn't really sound too indirect to me, you?19:32
JED3nkinkade: no, me neither, i'm replying now19:33
nkinkadeIt's not async anymore, I guess, but does that really matter in this case, I wonder?19:33
nkinkadeI gues it could affect deed load times, though.19:33
nkinkadeBut I suppose the page can be made to render even before all the javascript has finished executing.19:34
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nkinkadenyergler: JED3: are either of you in a5 by chance to see what is going on?20:00
nkinkadeI can't SSH to it.20:00
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nyerglernkinkade: sorry, we were @ lunch20:42
nyergleri was able to get in just now, seems to be OK?20:42
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, it calmed down and things came back.20:42
nkinkadeI'm just compiling some stats based on the access.log.20:42
paroneayeaI just checked in a change for this but20:43
paroneayeais that paragraph maybe deprecated entirely due to the new yellow-box-"warning"20:43
paroneayeadoing basically the same thing20:44
paroneayeawell I guess mike suggested doing the same thing on each page so20:44
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nyerglerparoneayea: i don't understand what you're talking about20:52
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nyerglerlooking @ the page hamilton pointed at now20:52
paroneayeacompare last paragraph to box on top of
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nyerglerah, got it20:53
nyergleri thought we weren't going to do yellow boxes at every step20:53
nyergleri think that's total overkill20:53
nyerglerlet me add a comment to the ticket20:53
paroneayeawe aren't, but that last paragraph says mostly the same thing as that yellow box20:54
nyerglerright, but the yellow box is on a different page, right? i'd just update the last paragraph to say PDM instead of PDC20:54
paroneayeasorry that was unnecessarily confusing20:55
paroneayeaoh hey20:57
paroneayeanyergler: nkinkade: jed__: akozak: we doing tech checkin this week?20:57
nyergleri guess we already missed the scheduled time20:58
nkinkadeparoneayea: You are very diligent about reminding everyone of these meetings. Seems you do it every week. ;-)20:58
nyergleri'd prefer to just talk to people 1:1 this week, I think, since i'm pretty scattered20:58
nyergler(and yes, thank you for reminding :) )20:58
nkinkadeYeah, I've come to rely on paroneayea for the reminders rather than leaving the reminder in my inbox.20:59
nkinkade:-) ... do it once, it's a favor ... do it twice, it's your job.20:59
paroneayeaemacs gives me an alert20:59
paroneayeawhich is why I always bring it up20:59
nkinkadeJust as well, because I don't use emacs.21:00
paroneayea(add-hook 'midnight-hook 'org-agenda-to-appt)21:00
nkinkadeWhat threw you this week paroneayea, PDT?21:01
paroneayeankinkade: lunch on PDT :)21:02
paroneayeaI think my alerts went off while we were eating21:02
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paroneayeaGreek gets back up to 100%, and I add 2 new strings and mark 1 as fuzzy :(21:33
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nyerglerit's a hard life22:08
akozakjed__, what font size do you use for inconsolata in emacs?22:22
jed__akozak: i'm using Droid Sans Mono atm, at 100 height22:22
akozaki'm trying to get it not to look terrible at 100, but to no avail.22:23
jed__akozak: it looks terrible?22:24
akozakyea all fuzzy22:24
akozakinconsolata, not droid22:24
*** jed__ is now known as JED322:24
JED3yeah i just changed to inconsolata at 10022:24
JED3not fuzzy at all for me, but too small22:24
akozakmaybe I'll just stick with anonymous pro22:25
JED3paroneayea: can you adjust line-height and not the character height in emacs?22:25
JED3akozak: dont care for droid sans?22:25
akozakJED3, never used it. maybe i should try it22:25
paroneayeait's not the sans he's looking for22:25
* paroneayea waves hand22:26
paroneayeaJED3: I'm not sure about adjusting that22:26
JED3nyergler: * make cczero and publicdomain act the same22:29
JED3does that mean issue cc0 for publicdomain calls?22:29
JED3... that was from you latest comment on issue690 btw22:29
nyergleryeah i think we decided to do what you, mike, and i talked about22:30
nyerglerwith the exception of merging cc0 and pdm in the same class22:30
akozakJED3, yea I'm just switching back to emacs in a terminal. looks so much better, especially with droid sans mono22:34
akozakim so tired of dealing with font rendering in ubuntu22:35
JED3nyergler: okay thanks, just wanted to doublecheck22:35
akozakwow, height 140? what am I, a senior citizen?22:40
paroneayea    _____22:40
paroneayea  .'     '22:40
paroneayea #  .\   /.22:40
paroneayea # | o|  ;o|  GET OFF MY LAWN,22:40
paroneayeaG_    (_,_).  INTERNET22:40
paroneayea  \  /-----22:40
paroneayea  /  ___,__)22:40
akozaknice guides though paroneayea, thanks22:41
paroneayea       _____22:41
paroneayea    .-'  ~~~'.22:41
paroneayea   |  O  .-- --.22:41
paroneayea   ' o   .--..--22:41
paroneayea   _\__-||  ||  |   GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!22:41
paroneayea   ('   ''--''\-'22:41
paroneayea    \\,  - (_  \'   I'VE FOUND THE PERFECT22:41
paroneayea   _ /    /  '-'.   FONT, SIZE AND COLOR CONFIGURATION22:41
paroneayea _/ \//  .'----'    FOR EMACS!22:41
paroneayea/ '  \/  `_.'22:42
paroneayea   \_ \-_.'22:42
paroneayea     \ \_/ |22:42
JED3paroneayea: should that contain some cc.i18n eggs in there?23:15
JED3ahh okay, where might those be?23:16
paroneayeawhich officially supercedes my eggs dir :)23:16
JED3oh yeah, duh23:16
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paroneayeaah dang23:25
paroneayeankinkade: yo, can you walk me through using svnmerge?23:26
nkinkadeparoneayea: On which repo?23:27
nkinkadeOne for which you've already got a checkout, I assume?23:27
nkinkadeBasically, make your commit to trunk, note the revision number.23:27
nkinkadeThen go to branches/production and svn up.23:28
nkinkade$ svnmerge avail23:28
nkinkade... will tell you what commits you can merge.23:28
nkinkade$ svnmerge merge -r rXXXXX23:28
nkinkade... will merge rXXXXX into production.  Then you just svn status/diff to make sure it was what you wanted, then ...23:29
nkinkade$ svn commit -F23:29
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paroneayeankinkade: trying, thanks23:33
paroneayeasvnmerge: no integration info available23:44
paroneayeaI think I know why.23:45
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