Thursday, 2010-10-07

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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (156): SUCCESS in 9 min 20 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Email forms now must POST13:54
tvolgood morning #cc13:56
paroneayeamorning tvol!13:56
paroneayeahow goes?13:56
tvolgood, paroneayea, you? it's tea weather here, making a cup.13:57
paroneayeagood!  I should make tea13:57
paroneayeagot this PDM stuff mostly ready to go13:57
paroneayeathough it looks like we're launching it live on friday now13:57
paroneayeawhich just means i'm slightly ahead! :)13:57
tvolparoneayea you're on top of it!13:58
paroneayeaI'm inspired by your tea-having!13:58
paroneayeagonna go make some tea!13:58
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (157): SUCCESS in 8 min 8 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Removing mailing list subscription option from CC0.14:03
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greg-gtvol: paroneayea a tea morning it has been. Had my cup o' green myself.14:08
greg-gparoneayea: congrats on PDM14:08
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paroneayeagreg-g: thanks!  We're not *quite* there yet.. just almost :)14:15
tvolarg greg-g i need a tea timer; I always forget about it and let it steep too long ;)14:18
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paroneayeatea timer!14:21
paroneayeagreg-g: white tea w/ jasmine this morning for me14:24
paroneayeayou know14:26
paroneayeaevery once in a while I wish I had a good project to work on in Common Lisp / SBCL14:26
paroneayeabut even for everything non-work I end up defaulting to python14:27
greg-gtvol: it is a dangerous thing, can ruin the cup.14:28
greg-gparoneayea: ooo, nice (re: tea selection)14:28
greg-gparoneayea: and nice again re: wanting to do LISP. I do miss my LISP days in undergrad writing chess playing programs14:28
greg-gwell, by chess I mean "chess" (it was a sub-set of the rules for chess, only had pawns, bishops, rooks, and the king, and a smaller board)14:29
paroneayeaI don't think my tea ever ends up oversteeped, but maybe that's because I like heavily steeped tea, and also I drink it really fast14:29
paroneayeagreg-g: :D14:29
CC_HudsonProject License RDF and Tools build (15): SUCCESS in 1 min 2 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: /l/zero/ -> /p/zero/ ... see roundup 651.  Icon timeline paradox... prevented!14:51
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: New merged index.rdf14:51
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: New development version #14:51
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: PPDC!  Deprecated 2010-10-05.14:51
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: New merged index.rdf14:51
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (158): UNSTABLE in 3 min 7 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: There's a NEW retired license notice in town, baby.15:18
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: PDDC: now retired (and spending its days relaxing on a beach in Florida)15:18
paroneayeankinkade: yo15:36
paroneayea <- could you do that last one on here:15:39
paroneayeaChange title of to "Retired Legal Tools"15:39
CC_HudsonYippie, build fixed!15:39
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (159): FIXED in 4 min 15 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Oops, forgot to close this <h3>15:39
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: REVERTME POSTLAUNCH: temporarily removing the msgids on deed.retired15:39
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nkinkadeparoneayea: No, for some reason I didn't see your last message to me.16:28
nkinkadeparoneayea: Like this?:
paroneayeankinkade: yurp!16:30
nkinkadeDoe the URL stay the same, but just the page title change?16:30
paroneayeathx :)16:30
paroneayeajust the title16:30
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (160): SUCCESS in 3 min 48 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: We've retired the Publicdomain Certification!  Let chooser users know!16:39
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nkinkadeHey, nyergler.  Should I also scrub the referrer?16:47
nkinkadeIn addition to IP and query string.16:48
nyerglernkinkade: i was thinking that the referrer doesn't include any user-specific information, so it could be interesting to keep it16:48
nyergler(ie, how many sites are people using the service with)16:48
nyerglerdoes that seem wrong to you?16:48
nkinkadenyergler: I don't think so, since we have no way to relate that site back to a person or even IP address.16:49
nkinkadeIt's just anonymous data at that point.16:49
nkinkadeJust wanted to be sure, even though you had assured me yesterday that IP and query string were enough. :-)16:49
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mralexnyergler: are we doing the campaign launch review?18:02
nyerglermralex: we can, maybe we'll chat briefly and then do an email/wiki post-portem since some people are out?18:03
nyergleralso, i want to chat briefly re CC018:03
nyerglerer, PDM18:03
JED3nyergler: mralex over the conf line?18:03
nyerglermralex: any thoughts on ?18:04
mralexnyergler: chris just pinged me about that, i'm looking into it18:04
nyerglermralex: paroneayea: have we made changes to the CC0 deed for
nyergler(just curious, not a blocker)18:06
nyerglermralex: JED3: can we delay any launch discussion to 1130?18:07
mralexnyergler: sure18:08
nyerglersorry, mean to address question re: issue 130 about to JED3 not mralex18:08
nyerglerblarg, can't talk today18:08
paroneayeaIt's done on the engine side18:09
paroneayeaand I think JED3 said it was done on the js side, not sure 100% tho18:09
JED3nyergler: yes its completed in the js as well18:10
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mralexparoneayea: there's some strangeness in this css18:16
mralex#deed-understanding in there twice for some reason18:17
paroneayeamralex: :O18:18
paroneayeamralex: well I could have made errors while making the merge of the files you had in the mockups... if so, sorry18:19
mralexparoneayea: no worries18:19
mralexparoneayea: it's fixed on main deeds; i'm not a huge fan of the indentation of "Other information" on
mralexi don't recall if that was like that in the mockups18:21
paroneayea it was18:22
paroneayeaa bit more intense than it is now, eve18:22
mralexoh there it's aligned to the body copy18:22
mralexdangit, my web inspector window isn't being very forthcoming about how the css is working on the staging version.18:22
nyerglerparoneayea: are you going to go ahead and check-in and merge www assets once mralex finishes with the CSS?18:24
paroneayeanyergler: yes, except that no, nkinkade will have to do it :)18:25
paroneayeabecause i can't svn ci on there18:26
paroneayeasince it's owned by him, and if I sudo as him18:26
paroneayeait asks me for his ssh passphrase18:26
paroneayeaI mean, I could chown the entire www/ to me18:26
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paroneayea(I just tried about 10 minutes ago to check it in)18:27
nyerglerIIRC nkinkade is taking a half day today; can you send him an email detailing what needs to be checked in/merged so he can do that on return?18:28
mralexparoneayea: ok, i think is looking better now :)18:33
paroneayeamralex: yup, looks great now :D18:33
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paroneayeanyergler: Creative Commons has retired this legal tool and does not recommend that it be applied to works.19:30
paroneayeashould I make the "retired this legal tool" the link there then?19:31
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nyerglerJED3: can i get an update on the \n and "by" issues ?21:15
JED3nyergler: sure, the "by" issue has been fixed and I'm working on the whitespace stripping right now21:17
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JED3nyergler: ping21:31
nyerglerJED3: pong21:31
JED3nyergler: sorry, too early for that ping, one moment21:33
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paroneayeanyergler: does "b" stand for brb?21:45
nyerglerno, it's a thumbs-up21:46
nyerglerit's a paulproteus-ism21:46
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paroneayea☝ good to know ✌21:47
paroneayeaI took a note ✍21:48
nyerglernkinkade: you want me to give sean a call back, or have you already?22:07
nkinkadeNo, I haven't called him.  I think he's just confused.22:07
nyergleri know22:07
nyergleri'll call him back22:07
nkinkadenyergler: I can email him again, if you like.22:08
paroneayeanyergler: we should be good for launch tomorrow.  if there's nothing else you need me to look at, I'm out22:08
nyerglerparoneayea: nope, i'll talk to you tomorrow AM!22:09
paroneayeayup, talk to you then!22:09
nyerglernkinkade: i don't think it'll take more than a second, just quick close the loop and redirect him22:09
nkinkadenyergler: Usually with people like that that seem to insist on a call, I can usually diffuse them with information already on the site.22:09
nkinkadeOkay, cool.  No harm in calling him.22:10
nkinkadeDamn Facebook, and their Wikipedia reproductions.22:10
nkinkadeSeriously, that's about the 10th email we've receive with someone complaining to use for posting info about them on Facebook.22:10
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JED3nyergler: legitimate ping22:23
nyerglerJED3: repong22:25
JED3so while working on the newline issue, i realized that i had forgot to escape the results, but then wondered whether or not we should we should also be stripping tags22:25
nyerglerJED3: IIRC we had a conversation about this at one point22:26
nyergler(maybe ml and i only)22:26
nyerglerso basically if someone is doing that sort of markup22:27
nyerglerthey should also be adding the rdfa to turn the contents into a literal (which will make the parser strip the tags for us)22:27
nyerglerrdfa 1.1 will make tag-stripping default behavior22:27
nyerglerso i think just make sure new lines are handled and we're good22:27
JED3ahh okay, good to know, yes sounds very reasonable22:28
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paulproteusA perverse yet hilarious way to troll CC would be to write a bot that randomly replaces instances of "Creative Commons" with "Creative Common's" in the wiki.22:34
akozakOh god.22:34
* paulproteus giggles.22:34
* paulproteus is still laughing.22:35
akozakI think I'd refuse to come to work if that happened.22:35
akozakfor health reasons22:35
akozakAnother hilarious troll would be to replace all characters with similar but non-ascii characters. That would also give me ulcers.22:42
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CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (50): SUCCESS in 1 min 32 sec:
CC_Hudson* JED3: Making the pdm request handler easier to unit test23:06
CC_Hudson* JED3: Excape and strip whitespace from json response values23:06
JED3↑ nyergler fixed the newline issue23:07
paulproteusJED3: Nice [character]23:11
JED3paulproteus: thx! ✌23:13
paulproteus☝ word ☝23:15
nyerglerJED3: awesome, thanks23:42
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