Wednesday, 2010-10-06

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euthymosHi, can I use a by-nc-nd licensed audio track as the background music of my videogame?14:32
euthymosthe author of the work is unreachable14:33
euthymosthanks in advance14:33
euthymosnobody knows?14:35
paroneayeaeuthymos: will your game be sold, ever?14:40
euthymosnever, but it's closed source14:40
paroneayeaprobably you could use it.14:40
paroneayeacheck out:14:40
euthymosI respect both "by" and "nc" clause. I'm doubtful as of "nd"14:41
paroneayeayeah the ND clause14:41
euthymosI don't think the problem is "non commercial"14:41
paroneayeaI guess it might depend on if your game is considered derivative also14:41
euthymoswell the game doesn't rely on the music14:42
paroneayeawhich is a tough one14:42
paroneayeaI'm guessing it's not considered derivative on the code end but14:42
paroneayeaon the content end I'm not sure14:42
paroneayeayou're not changing the work itself.  Tough call14:42
euthymosthat's tricky14:43
paroneayeagreg-g: thoughts?14:43
euthymoswhat would you do? I'm thinking about writing a line in the README: if you are the author of the track, and have anything against this usage, please drop me a line14:43
euthymosthat's because there's no way to contact the guys who made the work14:44
paroneayeawell personally what I would do is release the game as FOSS and use a BY-SA compatible license, so what I would do isn't very helpful here ;)14:45
paroneayeaer, use something with a14:45
* greg-g reads scroll back14:46
euthymosI use to release FOSS software but there are particular reasons why I'm not doing so this time, though not commercial ones.14:46
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greg-geuthymos: playing the BY-NC-ND audio in the background of a videogame would be considered a derivative, thus, not allowed.14:47
greg-gsee 1.a. of the license "For the avoidance of doubt, where the Work is a musical work, performance or phonogram, the synchronization of the Work in timed-relation with a moving image ("synching") will be considered an Adaptation for the purpose of this License."14:47
euthymosUhm...I see... if the music "starts" when the game "starts" then it's synched14:48
greg-gplaying a song as a certain time.14:48
paroneayeaeuthymos: basically you're layering the music with a "performance" of the game14:48
greg-gor, "play this song when entering this area of the level" is also synching14:48
paroneayeawell actually, that's not the syncing thing14:48
greg-gbut, IANAL and TINLA14:49
paroneayeathough I think both apply :)14:49
paroneayeawhat greg-g said, all of it ;)14:49
greg-gbut, I read these license text all the time :)14:49
euthymosI get the point14:49
euthymosthanks you guys!14:50
greg-gyou're very welcome14:50
euthymosI think I'll make some effort to contact the author or I'll make some crappy music myself :P14:52
euthymossee you :)14:52
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paroneayeankinkade: heya15:00
paroneayeadid anything change on that might have lead to the i18n script breaking?15:00
nkinkadeNot that I know of.15:00
paroneayeahrm :\15:01
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nyerglerJED3: ping16:19
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czdcan I use CC-BY stuff in gfdl projects?17:29
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greg-gczd: yes, just be sure to attribute the original author(s), provide a link to the source material, and a link to the license (eg:
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czdgreg-g thanks, so the result is a double licensed project?17:38
czdfound this
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greg-gczd: right, it is "one-way compatible" CC:BY -> GFDL. Just be sure to attribute the original authors. Think of it like a BSD/MIT license.18:09
czdgreg-g ok, I ask because the source is 3 years orld18:11
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greg-gczd: ok. Same thing applies :)18:21
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (152): SUCCESS in 6 min 8 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: util.public_domin_mark, not util.public_domain_certification19:31
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Apparently accidentally killed a comma here19:31
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: These helptexts aren't cc0 specific19:31
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Reindenting these things whose text has changed *anyway*....19:31
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: REVERTME POSTLAUNCH: temporarily removing the msgids so these won't19:31
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nkinkadeJED3: I'm about to move to ...19:37
nkinkadeI see you're editing a file, and just didn't want this to confuse you.19:38
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nyerglernkinkade: JED3 is at lunch at the moment20:09
nkinkadenyergler: Thanks.20:09
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JED3 nkinkade hey were the files moved?20:16
nkinkadeJED3: A few minutes ago.20:16
nkinkadeI just sent the email notifying about it.20:17
JED3nkinkade: great thank you20:17
paroneayeaJED3: nkinkade: nyergler: cc tech call, 12 minutes?20:18
nyerglernkinkade: JED3: paroneayea: yes, a very quick one20:18
nkinkadeJED3: Do OpenID requests bypass Varnish and go straight to port 8080?20:21
nkinkadeI can't find anything in the varnish logs about /openid/provider/20:21
nkinkadeI do see entries in the Apache log, but nothing in the Varnish log.20:23
nkinkadeJED3: Also, can you remind me why we're running rabbitmq on a9?20:24
JED3nkinkade: we can remove rabbitmq, it was for a past experiment with cc.net20:24
JED3no longer being used20:24
nkinkadeJED3: About the openid logs ... nevermind.20:24
nkinkadeI just realized that it's all https, and Varnish doesn't do https.20:24
JED3nkinkade: ahh20:24
nkinkaderabbitmq-server is now removed from a9.20:26
nyerglerparoneayea: nkinkade: we'20:32
nyerglerre dialed in20:32
CC_HudsonProject cc.license build (31): SUCCESS in 2 min 23 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Changing creator->author and {author|curator}->{author|curator}_title20:35
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: New development version number20:35
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paroneayeanyergler: oh right!20:46
paroneayeaadd to that list of everything-that-must-be-done-pre-pdm-launch:20:46
paroneayeachecking in the new assets in www/ (and getting them up on the live site during launch)20:46
nyerglerparoneayea: are these CSS assets for PDM/CC0?20:47
paroneayeanyergler: yes20:47
nyergler(and if so, are you the person to do that?)20:47
paroneayeayeah I can do it20:47
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (153): SUCCESS in 3 min 49 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Changing creator->author and {author|curator}->{author|curator}_title in pdmark/details.pt21:04
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: "free of copyright" -> "free of known copyright", in tests too!21:04
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Updated the view_tests.json for recent PDM formatter changes21:04
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greg-gbtw guys, you may have ruined me by being so anal about URLs at CC. Now, working in "the real world" where such things are not taken as seriously I start to give myself headaches/heartburn/ulcers21:07
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nyerglergreg-g: just doing our job ;)21:11
paxcoderAm I right in assuming that content released in CC-BY can use GFDL'd material if the end result is CC-BY-SA?21:14
nyerglerpaxcoder: i don't think GFDL allows that relicensing in the general case (but IANAL)21:14
nyergleriirc there was a limited window for re-licensing GFDL to BY-SA21:15
paxcodernyergler, are you not familiar with the Wikipedia case?21:15
paxcoderLimited in what sense?21:15
greg-git was a time window, paxcoder21:15
nyerglerpaxcoder: i'm looking for the specific reference21:16
paroneayealimited time offer, relicense now!21:16
paxcoderReally? Ok, that's uber new for me...21:16
greg-gIf A) the website was a massively multi-user editable site and B) you made the change between such and such dates21:16
paroneayea(now being the past)21:16
nyerglerpaxcoder: see
nyerglerGFDL required the work to be in existence before 1 nov 200821:17
nyerglerand had to relicense by 1 august 200921:17
paxcoderWow, didn't know that.21:18
nyerglersee also,
paxcoderIf I make my article CC-BY alone, then it can be used in both GFDL and CC-BY-SA though, right?21:18
paxcoderYeah, but it's compatible with NCC-BY-DSA-$ONLY21:20
nyergleri have no idea what NCC-BY-DSA-$ONLY means, sorry21:21
paxcoderit means non-free stuff.21:21
CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (49): SUCCESS in 1 min 26 sec:
CC_Hudson* JED3: Fixing a keyerror in the foaf:name fallback21:21
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Install coverage and generate scripts on buildout.21:21
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paroneayeankinkade: what's the procedure for pushing a new image to
nyerglerparoneayea: scp :)21:24
nkinkadeThat's pretty much it. :-)21:25
nyerglerlike, we should use imgsplat21:25
paroneayeagood procedure!21:25
nyergler(in the fullness of time)21:25
paxcoderCC-BY-SA. I'm a Copyleft guy.21:26
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mralexnkinkade: et al; how does moving to sound?21:34
nkinkadeJED3: Are these valid URLs:
nkinkademralex: I like it.22:18
JED3nkinkade: yes, i just added those as redirects22:19
nkinkadeJED3: To what?22:19
JED3we'll need to grep for that url as well22:19
nkinkadeJED3: What are all the possible URL patterns that I need to be looking for?22:19
JED3just those 222:19
nkinkadeOkay, cool.  Thanks.22:19
nyerglerparoneayea: you may already know, but looks like a typo bug on the results page for the large badge (under the radio box)22:20
JED3nkinkade: actually dont bother with o/endpoint, they'll all be 301's anyways22:20
nkinkadeJED3: Couldn't there still be privacy concern with the redirect?22:20
nkinkadenyergler: What do you think ^^^22:20
paroneayeanyergler: yup, fixing :)22:20
nyerglernkinkade: yes, we should strip, but probably just omit o/endpoint22:21
nyerglerthe query string could contain information we don't want to store22:21
nyergler(ie, where people are logging in)22:21
nyerglernkinkade: so if we replace openid/provider with the placeholder22:21
nyerglerand strip o/endpoint22:21
nkinkadenyergler: How about if we just replace both?22:21
nyerglerwe'll be able to accurately count requests and not store information we don't want22:21
nyerglerreplacing both makes our counts wrong by an indeterminate amount, unfortunately22:22
nyerglerparoneayea: awesome, thanks22:22
nkinkadeJED3: So /o/endpoint/ just redirects to /openid/provider/??22:23
nkinkadeTo be sure I'm understanding this.22:23
JED3nkinkade: yes22:23
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (154): SUCCESS in 3 min 41 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: PDM logo image src was wrong for 88x31, fixed22:29
CC_HudsonProject cc.license build (32): SUCCESS in 2 min 9 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Adding a colon here per Roundup 13522:50
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Adding a colon here per Roundup 13522:50
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: New development version #22:50
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (155): SUCCESS in 3 min 57 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: /l/zero/ -> /p/zero/ ... see roundup 65122:54
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: missed marking for translation earlier22:54
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paroneayea㎭ 益22:54
paroneayeastuff is up on staging & looking nice22:55
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