Thursday, 2010-08-19

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CC_HudsonProject cc.api build (10): SUCCESS in 17 min:
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CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (2): SUCCESS in 1 min 51 sec:
CC_HudsonProject metadata_scraper build (6): SUCCESS in 2 min 15 sec:
CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (3): SUCCESS in 1 min 42 sec:
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (12): STILL FAILING in 6 min 52 sec:
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CC_HudsonProject cc.i18n build (34): SUCCESS in 1 min 49 sec:
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paulproteusnkinkade: I'm trying Gallery3 again.14:40
nkinkadepaulproteus: I've been pretty happy with it.  Like you, I wish it were more tag based instead of album based.14:41
paulproteusI'm heartened by how looks.14:41
nkinkadeBut all in all it's pretty nice and getting better.14:41
paulproteusThat's good to know. I'm going to have a fresh install done soon, and right then I'm going to start asking you for tips. (-:14:41
nkinkadepaulproteus: Right ... that latestupdates module gives a pseudo flickr-like feel.14:41
paulproteusMakes a *world* of a difference!14:41
nkinkadeAnd Gallery3 does support tags and has a tag cloud widget, so you get some of that too.14:42
nkinkadeI just use a rewrite rule to send users directly to the latest updates when they hit the root URL.14:42
paulproteusnkinkade: Did you install it by somehow adding the gallery3-contrib github repository to your Gallery?14:48
nkinkadepaulproteus: Install what?  The latestupdates module?14:48
nkinkadeI can't recall, but I think I just downloaded it.14:49
nkinkadeLet me look.14:49
nkinkadepaulproteus: From here:
nkinkadeThere is a link to download it from a forum thread.14:50
nkinkadeSort of sketchy, but it worked for me. :-)14:50
nkinkadeI also wrote a tiny module:
nkinkadeI use it here: http://natha.nkinka.de14:51
paulproteusI guess /index.php is a simple PHP script there that includes the randimg module?14:53
paulproteusWhee, tomato breka.14:56
paroneayeatomato combo breaker14:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: No, index.php is the main landing script for pretty much all pages.  The randimg module is activated at a certain URL.14:57
nkinkade... for example.14:58
paulproteusnkinkade: I mean, for -- what code/text renders that URI when I do a GET?14:58
nkinkadeWell, not for example, but precisely that URL.14:58
nkinkadepaulproteus: index.php14:58
nkinkadeindex.php is the default DirectoryIndex14:58
nkinkade... but as I said, I use a mod_rewrite rule to redirect calls to that URL to the latestupdates URL14:59
nkinkadeI wish there was a way in Gallery3 to set the default page to anything you wanted, but I'm not aware that that exists.14:59
nkinkadeIt seems like it shouldn't be too hard to implement, but I didnt' look much into it.14:59
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CC_HudsonProject License RDF and Tools build (8): SUCCESS in 1 min 2 sec:
CC_HudsonChristopher Allan Webber: Moving publicdomain mark rdf to the right filename15:33
paulproteusnkinkade: for now15:34
nkinkadepaulproteus: It loaded sort of slow, but maybe it was my connection.15:35
nkinkadepaulproteus: Hmm.  I wonder: if I didn't create any albums at all and just dumped all photos into the root/default album, perhaps the latest updates modules wouldn't be necessary?15:36
nkinkadeYou can set the sort for albums to various things, one of which is date ... so just dropping everything into the default album and then sorting by date should give you the same as the latestupdates module, but without the module.15:37
nkinkadeThen you can tag all your photos.15:37
nkinkadeI may redo my gallery that way.15:37
paulproteusI have a rewrite rule:15:43
paulproteus   RewriteRule ^$ index.php/latestupdates/updates [L]15:43
paulproteusnkinkade: It might load slowly... isn't behind a huge amount of bandwidth.15:43
paulproteus(Not Japan, but Minnesota instead)15:43
nkinkadepaulproteus: I like your rewrite rule better.  Mine actually redirects, which is surprising to the user and inefficient.15:44
nkinkadeBut I think I may try to dump all my photos into the root gallery, then drop all albums and just rely on tagging and sorting.  I'll let you know how it goes.15:45
paulproteusYou're like me, but with more patience. I like this. (-:15:46
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nyerglerI really like the Hudson IRC notifications (especially when they say "SUCCESS")16:15
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CC_HudsonProject cc.license build (10): STILL FAILING in 2 min 32 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: We're going to put the pdmark logo under /p/, not /l/16:20
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Adjusting unit test to expect logo in /p/ rather than /l/16:20
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CC_HudsonProject cc.license build (11): STILL FAILING in 2 min 9 sec:
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CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (13): STILL FAILING in 4 min 0 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: license code for public domain mark has gone from pdmark -> mark16:59
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: pdmark results template updated to show the right (but currently nonexistant) logos16:59
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nyerglerthanks, JED3, will look @ that17:46
JED3def get_dctype_url(dctype):18:02
JED3    return "" % dctype18:02
JED3nyergler: this will still be valid if the relationship is now for dct:type right?18:03
nyerglerJED3, you're referring to the object of the triple, right?18:04
nyergler(dcmitype being the object, that is)18:04
JED3yes, <> <> <>18:06
nyerglerJED3, yes, that's correct18:06
JED3nyergler: okay thx, wanted to make sure18:07
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CC_HudsonProject cc.i18n build (35): SUCCESS in 2 min 21 sec:
CC_Hudson* Nathan Kinkade: Added new language Estonian (et), and ran sync and po2cc.18:33
CC_Hudson* Nathan Kinkade: Added new language Georgian (ka), and ran sync and po2cc.18:33
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akozakanyone else @ the office feel like our internet tubes are full of peanut butter?19:00
CC_HudsonYippie, build fixed!19:04
CC_HudsonProject cc.license build (12): FIXED in 1 min 36 sec:
nyerglerakozak, yes19:05
JED3akozak: yes, pb and molasses19:05
nkinkadeHey akozak, are we all set regarding the Collection extension?19:15
akozaknkinkade, on your end I think we are. I'm playing around with it right now.19:15
paulproteusnyergler: around and not at lunch, perhaps?19:15
akozaknkinkade, it might not work for what they wanted it for, but maybe we should keep it anyways?19:15
akozakpaulproteus, he's out picking up curry19:16
paulproteusOkay (-:19:16
nkinkadeakozak: Sure.  It's in our git repo now in any case.19:18
paroneayeamm, tubes of peanut butter!19:29
mralexoh man, did someone just dump some nutella down our tubes too19:41
paroneayeawow!  That just made a random ascii art I made a while ago actually relevant!19:42
mralexhow convenient! :)19:42
paroneayea                  INTERNET TOASTER19:42
paroneayea     .--------19:42
paroneayea    / // // / |   FOR ALL YOUR19:42
paroneayea   / // // /  |   INTERNET TOASTING NEEDS19:42
paroneayea  /_______/   |      ____ ___19:43
paroneayea  |      |    '    ((    '   )19:43
paroneayea  |  __  |   /      || o__O |19:43
paroneayea  |  ||  |  /       || \__/ |19:43
paroneayea  |  ||  | /        ||______|19:43
paroneayea  '______|/19:43
paroneayeasomeone bust out the internet toaster!  We've got nutella coming down the tubes!19:43
mralexi do enjoy some nutella on toast19:43
akozaknkinkade, I'm getting varnish errors on the cc wiki :(19:46
akozakXID: 209496225619:46
nkinkadeakozak: That XID won't mean anything except for serious debugging.19:46
akozakwell it stopped now19:46
nkinkadeWhat specifically were you doing when you got the error?19:46
akozaksaving pages, going to a special page19:46
akozakall kinds of stuff19:46
akozakbut it stopped19:47
nkinkadeHmm.  Not sure.19:47
nkinkadeMediaWiki seems to cause lots of problems.19:47
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*** MarkDude has joined #cc20:06
JED3i just love seeing characters painted 30 seconds after the fact in my shell sessions!20:07
akozakyea this is terrible20:08
*** _-_ is now known as SirHack20:09
*** erlehmann has joined #cc20:10
JED3akozak: seems to be better, i guess somebody's torrent download finally finished20:10
erlehmannnkinkade, final report is up
akozakJED3, still pretty bad for me.20:13
JED3paroneayea: i forgot to mention, last night i ran into a lost cc.i18n egg again20:13
JED3akozak: yeah me too, guess they're busy seeding now20:13
paroneayeaJED3: that poor egg ;_;20:14
JED3paroneayea: tis okay, another one was laid in its place20:14
paroneayeawe do have to stop breaking so many eggs when making our testing omelettes20:15
paroneayeathere's an issue for it20:15
JED3"egg" > "gem" -- so many more puns!20:15
paroneayeayeah that one's a real gem!20:15
paroneayeavegan edition: we've got to stop spilling so much black salt while making our tofu scrambles!20:16
paroneayeadoesn't work very well for packaging I'm afraid20:16
SirHackis heer one good hacer ?20:17
paroneayeaSirHack: wha20:17
SirHacki need  one scanner20:17
SirHackgood scenner  for sip20:17
SirHackport 5060 ,,,,,20:17
SirHackyou now ...20:17
*** nyergler is now known as nathany20:18
SirHackwat i say ?!20:18
JED3what are you saying?20:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o nathany20:18
*** nathany is now known as nyergler20:18
akozakhelp us superman20:18
mralexi love the build up20:18
paroneayeaSirHack: /topic20:18
nyerglerGood afternoon, SirHack, are you interested in creative commons?20:18
JED3nyergler: dodges to authoritative hat with a quick rename20:19
* nyergler really needs to figure out chanserv, this is not a sustainable strategy20:19
paroneayeaa scanner dorkly20:19
SirHackbut i see  on topic20:19
SirHackno scanner20:20
nyerglerno, no scanner20:20
nyerglervery sad20:20
mralexno scammers either20:20
paroneayeaSirHack: we used up all our scanners20:20
paroneayeascanning for droids20:20
SirHackni scener no monney $20:20
*** bassel has joined #cc20:20
paroneayeamo scanners mo problems, SirHack!20:20
mralexthis one doesn't pass a turing test20:21
SirHackno monney no problem!20:21
*** SirHack was kicked by nyergler (SirHack)20:21
*** SirHack has joined #cc20:21
SirHacknyergler ?20:21
SirHackway you kicked me20:21
paroneayeano way!20:21
nkinkadeSirHack: You're a glutton for punishment, are you not?20:21
mralexSirHack: this isn't the channel you're looking for20:22
SirHacki spike veri bad englesi20:22
nyerglerthis channel is for discussion of CC, not scanners/scammers/credit cards/etc20:22
SirHackwat is "CC" ?20:22
nyerglerCreative Commons20:23
nyergler (ie, see topic)20:23
SirHackoo boy :)20:23
paroneayeaSirHack: I would email for scanners20:23
paroneayeathey just dole them out20:23
paroneayeathey love scanning20:23
SirHackis not ilegal !!20:24
nyerglerof course not!20:24
nyerglerthat's why they love it!20:24
SirHacki want  to get one sip to call in my contry20:25
SirHackok no ptoblem20:25
paroneayeaSirHack: there are a lot of sip clients and servers, is that what you want help with?20:25
SirHackaaa i remenber i hack this ip
*** nyergler sets mode: +b *!*SirHack@*
*** SirHack was kicked by nyergler (SirHack)20:26
paroneayea<SirHack> i spike veri bad englesi20:26
paroneayeais my favorite #cc quote, ever.20:26
akozakmy productivity more than doubles when the internet actually works :P20:33
paroneayeaakozak: your productivity won't behelped much while you're being haced by sirhacker20:46
paroneayeahe'll scan you for vulnerabilities and then hace the bejeezus out of you20:46
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nyerglernkinkade, are we still using/updating the cc_skeleton branch in mediawiki? just curious...20:49
nkinkadenyergler: No.  I now push each site to it's own branch.20:50
nkinkadeteamspace_production_1.16.0, for exampe.20:50
nyerglergot it20:50
nyerglerthat's what i thought, just curious20:50
nkinkadeUpdates happen the same for all branches ... using git rebase, so it's pretty much the same.20:51
*** h4k3rh0st has joined #cc20:51
nkinkadeI just found some cases where the differences between the various installs were enough to warrant their own branch and not to be based off of the same branch all the time.20:51
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*** nb has joined #cc21:04
akozaknkinkade, is there some sort of backup job flowing through the office router that you know of?21:08
nkinkadeakozak: We don't backups in the office anymore.21:09
CC_HudsonProject cc.i18n build (36): SUCCESS in 1 min 5 sec:
CC_HudsonTransifex robot: l10n: Updated Georgian (ka) translation to 2%21:11
CC_HudsonProject cc.api build (11): SUCCESS in 23 min:
CC_HudsonJED3: Added info on where to access a license's full RDF21:12
nkinkadeJED3: Is your laptop called jedpad?21:14
nkinkadeakozak: JED3: It would appear that the machine jedpad is using up the majority of the bandwidth right now.21:14
akozakJED3, stop downloading step-up 3d21:15
nkinkadeTo this IP:
nkinkadeThough it doesn't reverse resolve.21:15
nkinkadeNow it stopped.21:15
CC_HudsonStarting build 23 for job discovered-next (previous build: FIXED)21:15
JED3haha, no i  was watching an hd youtube video lol21:15
akozak /whois SirHack *GASP*21:16
nkinkadeJED3: akozak: nyergler: Just so you guys know, you can login to the office route and run iftop to see what, if anything, is using up a lot of bandwidth.21:16
CC_HudsonProject discovered-next build (23): SUCCESS in 6 min 50 sec:
CC_Hudson* Asheesh Laroia: In ResultHelper, fix wrong path to magnifier.png21:22
CC_Hudson* Asheesh Laroia: Destroyed ProvenancePredicatePair object21:22
*** sudann has joined #cc21:22
*** MarkDude has quit IRC21:29
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nyerglerparoneayea, i cc'd you on that email re: metadata so you'd have a idea re: the formatter21:38
paroneayeanyergler: yeah I saw21:39
nyergleri'm aware there are more combinations that strictly listed there, but hope that's clear to you21:39
nyerglerlet me know if you have other questions21:39
paroneayeawill do21:40
paroneayeanyergler: email sending works and is up21:41
paroneayeathough the wording is clearly inappropriate21:41
paroneayeaThank you for using a Creative Commons License for your work.21:41
paroneayeaYou have selected Public Domain Mark.21:41
nyerglerparoneayea, lol21:41
nyerglerbtw, does that mean it's terrible for CC0, too?21:41
nyergleror is this just a result of trying to re-use code?21:42
*** MarkDude has joined #cc21:42
paroneayeanyergler: yes and yes :)21:42
nyerglercan you forward me an example of that terribleness so i can edit it?21:42
paroneayeacc0's email message was also terrible, but iirc it's the same as pre-sanity21:42
paroneayeaI tried to make sure it was21:42
paroneayeaas I said to john the other day:21:42
paroneayea(01:55:43 PM) Christopher Webber: well at least I reproduced all the bugs correctly21:43
paroneayea(01:55:57 PM) Christopher Webber: sanity: now accurate down to the last bug21:43
*** sudann has quit IRC21:45
paroneayeanyergler: sent21:50
CC_HudsonStarting build 24 for job discovered-next (previous build: SUCCESS)21:50
CC_HudsonProject discovered-next build (24): SUCCESS in 6 min 20 sec:
CC_Hudson* Asheesh Laroia: Provide a method for Curator objects to return all subsets of curators21:57
CC_Hudson* Asheesh Laroia: At query time, exclude all subsets of provided curators21:57
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Rename one really long class name to IndexFieldName21:57
nyerglernkinkade, i added your account and authorized key on that machine21:59
nkinkadenyergler: Thanks.  I logged in, changed my password and removed that password file.22:00
paulproteusw00t, SUCCESS indeed.22:01
nkinkadenyergler: Is there anything that needs configuring on that machine or can I assume that paulproteus et al. will handle that?22:02
nyerglernkinkade, if you can set up apache with our normal layout, i'd appreciate it22:02
nyerglerthe only vhost it needs configured for ATM is
nyergleri doubt we need anything like varnish, etc22:03
nyerglernkinkade, just realized we'll want a vhost for as well22:16
nkinkadenyergler: I guess you'll need to get the Mich. U guys to point that domain to this host.22:17
nyerglernkinkade, correct, just remembered that apache needed the vhost set up22:19
nyergleri'll ping them about that22:19
nkinkadenyergler: Okay, I'll set up vhosts for those two domains and ping you when it's done.22:19
*** DNS777 has quit IRC22:19
*** DNS777 has joined #cc22:19
nkinkadenyergler: is going to be distinct from discovered or just an alias?22:30
nyerglernkinkade, probably distinct :/22:33
nkinkadenyergler: Those vhosts are configured, but the discovered one will not work until the backend is up on 8082 or whichever port.22:34
nyerglernkinkade, awesome22:34
nyerglernkinkade, are those set up to rewrite/proxy in the apache conf? just want to know where I should point paulproteus to find the correct port22:36
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, in the vhost config file there are some mod_proxy rules.  Guess  I should enable mod_proxy in that case.22:36
*** bassel has quit IRC22:38
nkinkadenyergler: Is there a reason that you have only allocated about 50% of the available disc space for discovered?22:48
nyerglernkinkade, no, only because we upgraded that linode to a larger size after the initial installation22:49
nkinkadenyergler: Shall I use it all up?22:49
nyerglerwe may still downgrade, so i've been avoiding resizing22:49
nkinkadeI'll leave it.22:49
nyerglernkinkade, resize is super easy on linode, so yeah, i think we can defer that decision to later22:49
CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (4): SUCCESS in 1 min 6 sec:
CC_HudsonJED3: Adding support for foaf:name attribution names22:51
JED3nyergler: forgot to mention that i updated a5 to use deedscraper.git instead of metadata_scraper22:54
JED3nyergler: there is also now a next branch in cc.api, deedscraper, and cc.license22:56
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paulproteusCC_Hudson, you are the bomb diggety.23:32
*** Oxygeek has joined #cc23:41
*** JED3 has quit IRC23:58

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