Wednesday, 2010-08-18

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paroneayeanyergler: heya16:31
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erduschmannnkinkade, I am currently writing the  final blog post. After having answered the socghop questions, is there anything else to do for me?17:23
nkinkadeerduschmann: Nope.  I was going to do your final eval today.17:24
erduschmannnkinkade, also, I realized why any HTTP range starting with 0- got discarded … my code was like if ($start and $end) { … }  and of course 0 evaluates to FALSE17:25
nkinkadeSo that's fixed now?17:26
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akila87paroneayea: Hii17:32
mralexnkinkade: Systems Admin? Should be SYSOP ;)17:34
nkinkademralex: Is that some sort mean of MW reference? :-)17:34
mralexnkinkade: MW/BBS/etc :)17:34
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paroneayeaakila87: hi18:03
mralexakozak: when was opened content migrated over to ccwiki?18:03
akozakmralex, months ago18:04
akozakmralex, hmm should be easy to figure out one sec18:04
akozakmralex, end of march18:04
akozakmralex, no i take that back18:05
mralexcool, thanks18:05
mralexnot cool18:05
akozakmid feb18:05
mralexah, cool18:05
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akila87paroneayea: plugin works in Ubuntu 64 bit version18:11
paroneayeaakila87: oh great18:12
paroneayeaakila87: did you fix it or is that without modification18:12
akila87no its without any modification18:13
akila87I checked the JVM also18:13
paroneayeaso it's an osx-specific problem then?18:13
akila87akila@akila-desktop:~$ java -d3218:13
akila87This Java instance does not support a 32-bit JVM.18:13
akila87so the JVM is definitely 64 bit18:14
paroneayeaokay, that information is good to know18:15
akila87but its not suns JVM its openjdk18:15
akila87may be the problem is only with suns JVM18:15
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akila87so  the only thing that ubuntu users have to is install
akila87which should be installed to run any extension build with java & installing the extension from the terminal.18:19
akila87so we can assume that the problem is only with Mac or should I check some other platforms?  paroneayea what do you think?18:25
paroneayeawell it is either mac-only or suns jvm18:26
paroneayeacan you test with sun's jvm w/ 64 bit on your ubuntu install?18:26
paroneayeathen we'll know for sure18:27
akila87sure :)18:27
paroneayeathanks akila87, appreciated18:27
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akila87paroneayea: It works, but the package description says "Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (architecture independent files)"18:45
paroneayeaakila87: ah okay18:46
paroneayeanyergler: heya18:46
paroneayeanyergler: so we have yet to decide whether the license code is mark or pdmark or markofthebeast
paroneayeaokay cool :)18:47
nyergleralthough pdmark666 does has a nice ring to it ;)18:47
nyerglerparoneayea, actually, one quick thought18:48
nyergleris this necessarily in the deed URI?18:48
nyerglerwe know we want the deed URI to be
nyerglerand typically the structure has mimicked that18:48
paroneayeanyergler: okay well, it's not necessarily in the deed uri18:49
paroneayeabut I think it would be good to be consistent18:49
nyergleri guess we could make sane and call it
paroneayeaJED3 also pointed out18:49
paroneayea(01:33:46 PM) John Doig: mark is ambiguous with our use of "marking" too18:49
nyergleractually it's not all that ambiguous, since all you're doing is "marking" (labeling) a work as being in the PD18:49
nyergler(just like you'd mark a work as being CC licensed)18:49
paroneayeaso then "mark" is ambiguous!18:50
paroneayeabecause you can also mark cc licensed things18:50
nyerglerwell you're marking something18:50
JED3mark is both a noun and a verb in our jargon :)18:50
nyerglerparoneayea, i'm going to reverse my previous statement18:51
nyerglercode == "mark"18:51
nyerglerwe'll also make a little more sane in the fullness of time18:51
JED3i'm moving metadata_scraper over to git, is "deedscraper" or "scraper" as the repo name preferred?18:53
nyergleri don't <3 either; i suppose deedscraper is a little better18:53
JED3nyergler: nor do i, deedscraper is the package name...18:54
nyergler(i don't <3 metadata_scraper either, fwiw)18:54
nyerglerthere you go18:54
nyerglerlet me know when it's there, and i'll update hudson18:54
paroneayeanyergler: okay, mark666 it is19:00
paroneayeaI mean mark19:00
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nkinkadenyergler: There is an update for Hudson on a7.  I didn't install it because I wasn't sure how it might affect your set up.  Would you like for me to leave it for you to install, or to just install all updates I see for Hudson?19:46
nyerglernkinkade, i have very little domain knowledge, feel free to install and ping me19:54
nyerglerso i can look for breakage19:54
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nyerglernkinkade, JED3, paroneayea, akozak: we're scheduled to talk in 20 min, i'm double booked again, will check in via email20:08
nkinkadenyergler: Hudson is updated now.20:09
akozaknyergler, sounds good20:09
nkinkadeThough I had to do it manually because apparently their apt repository is broken at the moment.20:09
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CC_HudsonStarting build 20 for job discovered-next (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #1 9 days 0 hr ago)20:20
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CC_HudsonProject discovered-next build (20): STILL FAILING in 1 min 53 sec:
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Removing TestMinusCurator20:22
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Move ProvenancePredicatePair testing to TestRdfStoreFactory20:22
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Configure Nutch to pass excludecurator data to DocumentExclusionBasedOnCuratorQueryFilter20:22
CC_Hudson* Nathan R. Yergler: Simplify extraction of curator URIs to exclude20:22
CC_HudsonStarting build 21 for job discovered-next (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #1 9 days 0 hr ago)20:25
paulproteusWhoa, hello CC_Hudson!20:26
paulproteusI'm slightly sad that Nathan R. Yergler got credit for those commits.20:26
paroneayeakind of like svn days20:27
paroneayeayou'd submit a patch and some "maintainer" got all the credit!20:28
paroneayeawhat'd maintainers ever do for us!20:28
paroneayeaexcept for all those things they did20:28
CC_HudsonProject discovered-next build (21): STILL FAILING in 2 min 56 sec:
CC_HudsonNathan R. Yergler: Clean-up discovered-specific README.20:28
CC_HudsonProject License RDF and Tools build (7): SUCCESS in 1 min 2 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Was missing dcq and foaf namespaces, hehhhhh20:33
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: New merged index.rdf20:33
paulproteusparoneayea: :D # re: "what'd...except..."20:38
paroneayeaoh god, adding even more hacks to dict2uri and uri2dict :\20:45
* paroneayea adds and closes his eyes!20:45
paroneayeathere is still this hilarious but makes-me-wary line in dict2uri:20:47
paroneayea        except KeyError:20:47
paroneayea            pass # Don't get pissed at me Asheesh, I know what I'm doing.20:47
paroneayeawell it's not a catch-all except: anyway.20:48
paroneayeaI think I'm going to fix that bit mostly because I don't want to have to see that comment any more20:49
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nyerglerpaulproteus, I cherry-picked them, does that give me credit? was not my intention20:59
nyerglerjust trying to avoid lots of merge commits20:59
nyergler(which I'd rather have than false commit ownership)21:00
paulproteusnyergler: It makes you the "Committer:" (but the "Author:" stays with me) and I guess Hudson decided to look at Committer instead.21:00
paulproteusnyergler: see #discovered ; I disappeared for a sec and might have missed something you said there.21:01
JED3whats going on over at a7?21:05
CC_HudsonProject cc.license build (9): FAILURE in 2 min 48 sec:
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Public Domain Mark should actually be at21:05
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: That old hack is no longer relevant and thus removed21:05
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: we should be testing with the mark license here21:05
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: license_info should be license_code here21:05
CC_Hudson* Christopher Allan Webber: Switching out that KeyError handling for checking the dictionary,21:05
paroneayeanyergler: looks like hudson's tests of cc.license's pdmark branch aren't pulling the pdmark license.rdf branch as a dependency21:07
nyergler"of course not", he says ;)21:08
nyerglerparoneayea, it is a problem, not 100% sure what to do about it21:09
paroneayeanyergler: how/where are these set up to run / pull stuff from?21:10
paroneayeamaybe I can look at it21:10
paroneayeaactually maybe this is a job for pip buildout? :?21:10
paroneayeawhen working on a test branch we could change the expected branches of other tools that it is expected to work with21:11
nyerglerparoneayea, yeah, it just pulls from git and runs buildout, etc21:11
paroneayeanyergler: well we wanted to try using pip + buildout anyway... so maybe now's a good time to test this out :)21:14
nyergleryeah, feel free to try it; it should pick up any change you make there21:14
nyergler(there being in the branch)21:15
CC_HudsonStarting build 22 for job discovered-next (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #1 9 days 1 hr ago)21:15
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CC_HudsonYippie, build fixed!21:17
CC_HudsonProject discovered-next build (22): FIXED in 2 min 3 sec:
mralexhe's so optimistic21:20
mralexand cheery21:20
nyerglerjust like our staff!21:23
paroneayeaalso like every member of our staff, he looks like a butler!21:24
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nyergleryou noticed!21:37
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mralexhe should be dubbed Alfred21:43
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paroneayeathere seem to be some bugs in gp.recipe.pip to where it does not properly construct sys.path.22:04
paroneayeabut I'll get to them later22:04
paroneayeaI'm out for now, latez22:04
JED3nyergler: deedscraper.git is ready for hudson22:10
nyerglerJED3, thanks22:15
nyerglerJED3, are we running off git yet, or should i leave both git and svn configured?22:19
JED3I am about to change everything over to git22:20
JED3as in like right now22:20
nyerglerJED3, also, please add to the repo22:20
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JED3nyergler: added22:22
CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (1): SUCCESS in 10 min:
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mralexCC_Hudson: I'm PUMPED!22:35
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akozaknkinkade, did we ever create a git repo for the Collection extension?23:35
akozakI'm asking because Mike asked me to install it on the CC wiki.23:35
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nkinkadeakozak: No we didn't but I can.23:55
akozaknkinkade, ah I just hit send on an email :P23:55
nkinkadeakozak: Even better. :-)23:55
akozaknkinkade, I can do all the configuring but I figured you'd prefer to have it in git since we're keeping it on TS and now need it on the CC wiki23:56
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