Thursday, 2010-08-12

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ztcptxm1bxhey.. is array[i]++ the same as (array[i])++01:30
ztcptxm1bxI mean, do I need the parenthesis?01:30
ztcptxm1bxops, I think I'm on the wrong channel, sorry01:31
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paroneayeaoh well hey16:05
paroneayealook at that.16:05
paroneayean900 + gnome + network manager == braindead easy tethering.16:06
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luisvparoneayea: if you live in a civilized place, same with android phones, I believe16:25
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paroneayealuisv: :)16:28
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nyergleryeah, my g1 was picked up by network manager right away after I rooted it16:39
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luisvI should really root my phone16:54
akozakI've been thinking the same thing :)16:54
mralexon the other side of the fence, i'm waiting for a new CyanogenMod release ;)17:03
luisvis there a 2.2 CM release yet?17:04
luisv(for G1)17:04
mralexyeah, CM 6.017:05
mralexi think nyergler was running it briefly on his G117:05
mralexbefore it died17:05
luisvah, still in RC117:06
mralexRC2 has been super stable, on my N117:07
luisvis rc2 only blurbed on the forums so far?17:09
akozakmralex, is there any downside to rooting? other than the whole warranty thing?17:09
mralexit's been out since 7/2517:10
mralexnot completely sure if it supports g1 though :)17:10
nyerglerCM6RC1 was *ok*17:10
nyerglerCM5.whatever on the G1 was fine, except for reduced apps space17:10
nyerglerprobably could be ameliorated through apps2extsd17:10
mralexakozak: you could brick the phone, but it's pretty hard to compltely brick HTC phones. you can usaully always get back to the bootloader and restore things.17:11
akozakmralex, I guess I mean in terms of functionality17:11
akozakI guess I'd only miss out on the wonderful htc sense17:11
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mralexthat's subjective :)17:12
akozakwell htc sense has all of that account sync stuff17:13
akozaki was being sarcastic before, but now maybe it has some value17:13
mralexaccount sync that's different to the stock kind?17:14
akozakoh there's stock sync stuff?17:14
akozakI thought it was all htc sense stuff17:14
akozaklike superficially connecting facebook to gmail to phone contacts17:15
mralexyeah, that's stock17:15
akozakoh ok17:15
mralexi think the only thing sense adds is a combined mailbox for all your accounts?17:15
akozakhm, definitely dont use that17:16
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paroneayean900 comes pre-rooted ;)17:25
paroneayeaStrange.  My foot pedals work on my laptop (Debian) just fine but on my desktop (Ubuntu) has a 1-key delay (have to press C before Ctrl from footpedal will work to do Ctrl+C, so end up accidentally inserting characters all over the place, useless)17:31
paroneayeaassuming it's a software difference, I've been planning to go all-Debian soon anyway17:31
paroneayeaguess I'll do that soon17:31
paroneayeaother than that and the cable guy not here yet to set up the real intarwebs, everything else is set up for my work environment, yay17:32
paroneayeawhich means the most important part of the move is done.. my computers are set up :)17:32
akozakthat was the first thing I moved too :)17:32
akozakevery time I move my desktop somewhere it always feels newer17:33
paroneayeaactually it was the second moving run for us.. most everything else was set up but we wanted to move our computers ourselves because I guess we trusted the movers with everything else but those17:34
paroneayeabut then we made a 4 hour dekalb->chicago->dekalb run yesterday, got the computers...17:34
paroneayeaand I forgot all my input devices :C17:34
akozakyea thats kind of important17:35
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paroneayeamorgan made another dekalb->chicago->dekalb our-car-with-no-ac-in-90F run this morning while I waited for the cable guy (who didn't come).  I think I was as "in the doghouse" as the phrase goes as I've been for a long time :X17:36
paroneayeashe seems not-angry-anymore now though17:36
* paroneayea peeks through the door apprehensively17:36
akozakhow come emacs doesn't come with php mode?17:52
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akozakcc au seems to have redesigned their site18:30
akozakand broke all their old links18:31
akozakmralex, had you seen that? ^^18:31
mralexnice take on our theme18:32
mralexalthough it looksl ike they just took all  our content and dumped it into their own wordpress site.18:33
mralexheh, even duped our blog url style18:33
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akozakdonate links back to though :P18:34
mralexi guess they went with our theme after all, and not the simplified danish version i also linked their designer to18:34
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paroneayeanyergler: should we have a call today?18:43
paroneayeayou said in an email about having one on monday but I was moving then ;x18:44
nyerglerparoneayea, yes18:45
nyerglercan you chat now for a few minutes?18:45
paroneayeanyergler: sure18:45
paroneayea773 614 2279 if you want to call me18:46
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nkinkadenyergler:  Backups are going well and one by one I'm migrating to full backups.  I'm at a5 and noticed that the disc is using nearly 300G.  I narrowed it down mostly to this file: /var/log/license-engine/cc_engine-z3.log, which is 166G and hasn't been modified for about 1.5 years.  Is it safe to blast that file?20:03
nkinkadeAnd also the access log in that same dir.20:03
nyerglerlet me take a quick peek; i would have expected the license-engine logs to have been rotated20:04
nyergler(and archived)20:04
nyergleroh, i guess the calls would be in the apache log?20:05
nyerglerhrm, looking20:05
nkinkadenyergler: Not sure.  There is only 1 file that is 166G!20:05
nkinkadeCrazy! Nuts! Insane!20:05
nyergleri'm going to review every line ;)20:06
nkinkadeCheck back with me in a couple years, then?20:06
nyerglernkinkade, go ahead and blow away z3.log20:06
nyerglerif you don't mind hanging onto access, that's one that I'm a little less certain about20:07
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paroneayeacan't wait to get real intarwebs again.  My ssh sessions keep getting killed after < 5 minutes20:09
paroneayea166 G, wow!20:09
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akozakmralex, have you seen this
akozakJED3, have you played around with node.js at all?20:34
mralexakozak: yeah20:35
JED3akozak: yes i have20:35
akozakJED3, I propose once a week we get together at lunch and work on something interesting20:36
akozaki really want to learn more about node20:36
JED3akozak: yeah? i'd be fun to do a lunch / hack sprint on something20:37
akozakJED3, probably end up more like pair programming since I'd be learning js at the same time. I hacked around for like 5 hours last night with it and only got slightly more complex than hello world20:38
JED3akozak: if you want to learn drupal and take over this cc net stuff, that would spectacular :P20:38
akozakbut I'm sure I'd pick it up fast20:38
akozaki guess i could if i could take the time to learn it @ work20:39
akozakbut lunch code sprints should be reserved for cooler things20:39
akozak(not that isn't cool...)20:39
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JED3akozak: indeed20:51
JED3mralex: i know you know the cc standard green hex code off of the top of your head, what is it?20:51
mralexJED3: the header green?20:51
JED3win, awesome20:52
mralex(not off the top of my head, but close)20:52
mralex(close as in software enabled, not close as in almost the right color)20:52
JED3akozak: you're learning js?20:56
akozakJED3, I guess. in my mind learning js, learning python, learning php are all similar enough that one will help the other20:57
akozakbut I've been playing with node.js recently, not getting too far20:58
akozakalthough that isn't due to the programming ,it's due to ignorace about sysadmin stuff20:58
JED3ahh okay20:59
akozaklike node not finding modules I try to require()20:59
akozakbut that I know I've installed20:59
JED3most people would shudder at the idea that php and python are similar :)20:59
akozakyea maybe not php20:59
akozakJED3, I really want to try and do something using both node and processing21:00
akozakbut I don't know if processing could access events in node21:01
JED3akozak: in what way?21:01
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akozaklike define and render an environment in processing.js and send events to node to do something with...21:02
akozakfor example you could render an interactive multi-user visualization21:02
akozakor maybe just one that calls data from the web21:03
akozakI saw a cool blog post about node where it tracked mouse movements on the post and you could see other readers' pointers21:04
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akozakdamnit github stole my idea
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JED3akozak: yeah i remember reading that post, did you read his followup "lessons learned" from that experiment?21:11
brainproxyanyone got a whitepaper or a faq published by an informed organization that explains how estoppel relates to changes in some software's licensing from being retroactive, if that's even the case21:12
brainproxytrying to understand this issue21:12
brainproxye.g. if I'm using some software released under MIT license and a year later the developer switches to LGPL, I could fork from the earlier version and go forwarded with MIT license terms21:13
paroneayeabrainproxy: IANAL, but yes21:16
paroneayeaif you use the older MIT licensed version21:16
brainproxyit makes sense21:16
brainproxyand various people say that, per google search21:16
paroneayeabut make sure that it really is the older version, that it includes that licensing information in the source release you have21:17
brainproxybut I was wondering if anyone's done a writeup21:17
brainproxythat explains it21:17
paroneayeaI don't know of a writeup offhand21:17
paroneayeanyergler: JED3: do you know at all why the enum library was included in cc.license?  I removed it and tests still seem to run fine.  Not sure if it provides some optional speedup or something but I'm thinking not21:21
paroneayeasorry, not "included in", "required by"21:22
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* paroneayea axes it21:29
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nyergler_paroneayea, i do not recall21:42
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paroneayeaJED3: O:21:53
paroneayeahm so21:54
JED3paroneayea: :O21:54
paroneayeathere's already a PublicDomainHTMLFormatter21:54
paroneayeawhat's less terrible21:54
paroneayeafor a classname21:55
JED3the former, i guess? idk21:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: Do you happen to know anything about this type of git error: Untracked working tree file 'some/file' would be overwritten22:01
paroneayeankinkade: yeah.. it means you have a modified file22:01
nkinkadeThe answer seems obvious, but the problem is that 'some/file' is definitely not in the working tree22:01
paroneayeaso you can't merge22:01
nkinkadeAnd it's certainly not untracked.22:01
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paroneayeaoh that's strange22:02
nkinkadeSorry .. the file *is* in teh working tree, but it is tracked.22:02
nkinkadeI'm getting this error when I attempt to rebase.22:02
paroneayeaso I'm guessing22:02
paroneayeathe file isn't tracked in your working tree, but in the upstream version it is22:03
paroneayeatry moving it aside and merging22:03
nkinkadeparoneayea: The file is tracked in the working tree as far as I can tell.22:03
nkinkadegit log some/file give me the commit when it was added.22:03
paroneayeaI don't know what's going on then :)22:03
paroneayeais this on a server or local22:03
nkinkadeMy working tree/branch should be precisely what is up on the remote side.22:03
nkinkadeparoneayea: It's happening on a7.22:04
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paroneayeankinkade: what directory?22:04
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nkinkadeI did a fresh checkout of a remote branch, then tried to rebase.22:04
nkinkadeparoneayea: /var/www/
nkinkadeWhen I try: $ git rebase --onto origin/tags/REL1_16_1 origin/tags/REL1_15_122:04
nkinkade... that's when I start getting a bunch of those errors ... yet I'm not sure why.22:05
paroneayeankinkade: can you paste the error?22:05
paroneayeaor what file it is22:05
nkinkadeIt would almost appear as if rebase were reverting the working tree to some previous state, making some/file untracked, then trying to merge it, or something.22:06
nkinkadeparoneayea: ^^22:06
nkinkadeBut that is just the first error it hits like that ... rebase hit about 6 others before I just gave up and tried to figure out what in heck was going on.22:06
paroneayeayeah, weird22:10
paroneayeaI don't know... :(22:10
nkinkadeparoneayea: I wonder if this is some strange side effect of using git-svn?22:12
nkinkadeI'm starting to feel that git-svn may not be the way to manage our mediawiki installs.22:13
paroneayeankinkade: yeah git-svn sometimes feels a bit wonky to me22:18
nkinkadeparoneayea: We've found in the past that if our commits aren't totally linear from the last upstream tag that a rebase totally barfs.22:18
nkinkadeAny sort of merging wasn't working.22:19
nkinkadeIt feels forced.  git is great, but it may be trying to pound a square peg into a round hole to use it when upstream is svn.22:19
paroneayeaor a tree through a thin tube :)22:24
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paroneayeanyergler: are we going to want to have i18n strings for the formatter / deeds / etc available before launch22:30
paroneayeaor are we planning on doing that after launch22:30
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