Friday, 2010-08-13

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tomkaphello all03:49
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akila87nyergler: where is paroneayea?15:23
nyerglerakila87, he spent the first half of this week moving, I think he is having internet service installed at his new apartment this morning15:25
akila87nyergler: ah, I changed the wiki page of the addin
akila87nyergler: Do you have any suggestions?15:27
nyerglerakila87, i don't think so, i can look at it in detail later today15:27
akila87nyergler: sure and have a look at "changes" also
nyerglerakila87, ok, will do :) thanks for all your hard work this summer15:28
akila87nyergler: :) and one thing. I think to use wikimedia and flickr logos we need their permission. So I thought of designing a logo for the images we need in insert image dialog. What do you think?15:31
nyergleryou mean a logo to avoid using their's?15:32
nyergler(ie, to avoid wikimedia & flickr)15:33
nyergleri think that's fine, although i wouldn't spend tons of time on it15:33
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akila87nyergler: sure15:52
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akozaknkinkade, did you update the semantic extensions in addition to mediawiki?17:05
nkinkadeakozak: Nope.17:06
nkinkadeI'm not sure there is an update, at least for SMW.17:06
akozaknkinkade, staging doesn't have all of the semantic extensions installed, but everything seems fine to me17:14
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah, I saw some were missing.17:14
nkinkadeI'll add them shortly.17:14
akozaknkinkade, I'm not worried about it to be honest, but I'm not the best sysadmin :)17:15
nkinkadeakozak: The one page that I wasn't sure about was this one:
nkinkadeWhy are there no entries below Audio, Video, etc.?17:15
akozaknkinkade, looks like it uses some old-format ask queries17:15
nkinkadeakozak: I think you've done the most work with extensions that the most likely to break at upgrade ... the SMW extenstions ... and I figure you know how to poke around and put each extension through its paces.17:16
akozaknkinkade, yes and no. there are so many parsers in use and so many moving parts in my databases that i could never test everything17:17
nkinkadeI'll install all the SMW ext. on the live site to the staging site, then would you be able to just check the stuff you've been doing for obvious breakage?17:17
akozaknkinkade, the one problem is that staging doesn't have the same data as cc wiki17:17
akozakso I can't go to a page in a database to check the template17:17
akozakfor example17:17
nkinkadeYeah.  This is one disappointing thing about Mediawiki ... upgrades are difficult because there is not good mechanism (that I know of) to check ext. compatibility.17:17
nkinkadeYou just upgrade and hope for the best.  It sucks.17:18
nkinkadeI hate working with MW.17:18
akozaknkinkade, but I know there are a lot of people testing this stuff these days, probably more than there used to be17:18
nkinkadeTesting doesn't do me any good if there is no way for me to check compatibility.17:19
akozakSorry, I meant that there are more people testing compatibility these days.17:19
akozakso if SMW or related extension doesn't work with 1.16, someone will make a fuss17:19
akozaknkinkade, do we even know if there are content directory pages on staging?17:22
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akozaknkinkade, everything is working ok the template just needed to be updaed17:26
nkinkadeakozak: Good to know.  You know, there is a side of me that just wants to upgrade the wiki and see what, if anything, breaks.17:27
akozaknkinkade, that's what I would do :)17:27
akozakyou almost have to do that to test some things17:27
akozakunless we were using the same db on staging17:27
nkinkadeI'm sure that none of the core functionality would break ... but some special pages that rely on extensions *could* have a problem.17:28
nkinkadeI could port the live database to staging.17:28
akozaknkinkade, maybe we should just have it use the same db? or is that crazy?17:28
nkinkadeakozak: I think that's what I'll do ... copy the live database to staging, then let us poke around with more confidence.17:28
akozaknkinkade, wait make sure you don't lose the FAQ stuff17:28
nkinkadeakozak: I don't want to use the same db.17:29
nkinkadeOh, yeah.  The FAQ!17:29
akozaknkinkade, would it be possible or sensible to connect staging with the main db but disable write privs?17:30
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XpistosI need some help determining which CC license I need for my upcoming comic book podcast. Specifically Commercial or Non Commercial?18:23
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XpistosIf I want to be able to make money with my show, do Ihave to choose commercial?18:23
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Xpistosor is that only for people other than me18:23
akozakXpistos, if you own the copyright, you can do what you'd like with it.18:25
akozakCC licenses set terms for other people18:26
akozakCC licenses are also non-exclusive, so you could license your podcast under multiple licenses.18:26
Xpistosso then Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 would mean you can make money off my ideas, but you can reuse it as long as you let others use yours and say you got it from me. Is that correct?18:27
akozakdid you mean to say "can't"18:27
Xpistosso then Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 would mean you CAN't make money off my ideas, but you can reuse it as long as you let others use yours and say you got it from me. Is that correct?18:28
Xpistosakozak: sorry for the confusion18:28
akozakXpistos, there is no definition for non-commercial, so whether simply making money off the work is allowed is up for debate. but you mostly got it right, except with the Share-Alike term, you're also requiring that any derivative work of your podcast is licensed using the same license you used.18:29
Xpistosakozak: So generally you can rebroadcast some of my stuff if you have the same Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0  license and you say it came from me?18:30
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akozakXpistos, I'm not really sure if rebroadcasting counts as a derivative work. My guess is no but I'm not a lawyer.18:46
akozakBut if someone remixed it, that would be a derivative work and would need to be licensed under the same license.18:47
Xpistosakozak: well any advise helps thanks18:47
XpistosI have another question: If i use a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and someone wants to reproduce using a18:48
XpistosCreative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License can they - International vs United states?18:48
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akozakXpistos, that's a good question. I believe they're meant to be interoperable but I don't know the right answer when it comes to ShareAlike18:52
akozakXpistos, I'm told that SA doesn't require that.18:53
Xpistosakozak: Ulitmately I am not terrible concerned but I wanted to find out about location18:53
XpistosI will probably us US just cause my Network guys do too18:54
akozakXpistos, I think a derivative work could be licensed under the same license but in a different jurisdiction ues18:54
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akozakmralex, this looks cool
mralexakozak: similar to jqTouch20:59
mralexi guess it's a little more platform agnostic in appearance though20:59
akozakyea, ideally mobile development would be platform agnostic21:02
mralexlooks like it otherwise follows the iOS hig21:04
mralexdefinitely will keep an eye on it :)21:05
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JED3akozak: hell yes23:05
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