Wednesday, 2010-08-11

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akozakmralex, quick CSS question: say you have a div that's floated right and then some divs after that. how do you make it so the later divs don17:34
akozakthe later divs render after the float right div17:35
akozakbasically, how would I fix
mralexclear:right or clear: both will push them down17:35
akozakah right17:35
akozakdo I put that in an empty div or in the one that's float: right?17:36
mralexthe problem i see on that page is the File containers are too wide and intersect wiht the floated box17:36
mralexthey shouldn't be forced underneath it, unless you're going to put a lot of summary text in there17:36
akozakmralex, yes17:37
akozakthe summaries can be quite long17:37
akozakand I want the summary text to wrap around the float right17:37
mralexit should wrap around the floated box17:37
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akozakmralex, right it works fine now, except when there's no summary I have this problem :/17:38
akozakshould I just wrap the summary and float:right in its own div?17:38
mralexfloating the summary won't help17:39
mralexyour file boxes should be wrapped in a container div tho. mostly unrelated.17:40
akozakmralex, yea I just noticed that17:40
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akozakmralex, maybe I could just put the summary and float in a container itself17:42
mralexthat'll force the file's down underneath at all times17:43
akozakmralex, I think that's desired behavior though17:43
mralexif you want to do that, put a container div around summary and the float; and put overflow-y:auto' in it17:43
mralexthat'll ensure teh container div is at least the height of the float17:43
akozakmralex, ah I think that worked17:44
akozakmralex, thanks!17:45
mralexmight also want to put clear:both; in your File boxes, just to be safe17:45
mralexfiel container boxes, that is ;)17:45
akozakwhat does that actually do?17:45
mralexforces the div to clear the float and go to the space below it17:45
mralexpeople used to do <br style="clear:both"/>, which was icky. or zero height spacer div classes. not recommended any more.17:46
mralexdon't mean to overcomplicate this :)17:47
akozakthe only way I knew how to use it was an empty div like display:none;clear:both; to force a container div to contain its divs properly17:47
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akozaklike at the end of a container17:47
mralexright, but that adds messy, non-semantic, html, and often extra height to the container that you don't want17:48
mralexoverflow-y:auto; is a better fix17:48
akozakmralex, ah thanks for the tip!17:48
akozakI might have to go back and change all of my templates :(17:48
akozakis that supported in all browsers?17:49
mralexyeah, but you have to be careful about margins and padding, sometimes you'll get scrollbars17:49
akozakmy worst nightmare17:50
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akozakmralex, say you wanted to create a modified version of a mediawiki or popular wordpress skin. would you make the effort to keep it connected to the main branch?20:48
akozakthat is, if I started to develop a cc skin for mediawiki's vector skin, should I try to branch it somehow?20:48
akozakor would I just copy-paste and start modifying20:48
mralexdepends how big a change will be made20:49
akozakhm, ok20:50
mralexthe stock theme is usyally a jumping off point for something completely different, so, no.20:51
mralexif you're just changing hte colors, and not so much the layout, then sure.20:51
akozakmralex, ok thanks21:02
akozaknkinkade, do I have to do something special to git checkout the cc_wiki theme because it's in the themes category?21:03
akozaknkinkade, ah yes I do, nevermind21:03
akozakgot it21:03
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nkinkademralex: Do we have a Google Webmaster Tools account?21:28
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mralexnkinkade: i'm not sure.21:29
nkinkademralex: That's probably all the answer I need. :-)21:29
nkinkadeIf you don't know about it then we probably a) don't have one b) aren't using it at all21:30
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