Tuesday, 2010-07-27

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erlehmannwho is Bart Kay <bartkay30@yahoo.com> ?06:35
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akila87Hi paroneayea,14:42
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paroneayeaheya akila8714:52
akila87I sent you a mail about the menu issue14:53
akila87I also have the same issue.14:53
akila87I dont get the menu item visible.14:53
akila87I didn't catch it before because I was using Netbeans to deploy the addon and check whether it is installing correctly when I adding a new build.14:55
paroneayeafetching my mail, hold on..14:55
akila87so when I install it actually the menu items does not get update.14:56
paroneayeaakila87: just got to your message15:13
paroneayeaso your reproduction of the bug simply shows no menu items, rather than greyed out?15:13
paroneayeathe netbeans-masking-the-problem is interesting15:13
paroneayeaI guess if I can reproduce the greyed-out-menu I should send you the addons.xcu file?15:16
akila87I found similar issue in another addon15:16
paroneayeaI probably should have moved the .openoffice.org directory instead of rm -rf 'ing it15:16
paroneayeaso do you think it is a bug in openoffice?15:16
akila87I think it a bug in the ubuntu version.15:17
akila87sorry ubuntu version of oo15:17
paroneayea2) On some Ubuntu/Kubunut (probably also on some other non-windows systems) AddOn menu "Google Docs" is visible but nothing happens then we try to click on options from this menu. If we look to console we may find information about error like this "Exception in thread "Thread-49" java.awt.AWTError: Cannot load AWT toolkit:". This problem is probably caused by the fact that instead of Sun Java OpenOffice.org.org use GCJ to run Java15:17
paroneayeaprograms. To resolve this problem change used JVM to Sun Java (Menu Tools -> Options -> Java, and select Sun Java 1.6)15:17
akila87because ubuntu is not using the OO from sun15:18
paroneayeaand also it looks like the "missing menu" issue is a separate issue from the "greyed out menu" issue?15:18
paroneayea(or is it?)15:18
akila87ya. i'm confused.15:18
paroneayeathat document seems to suggest that the greyed out menu arises when using the gnu compiler for java rather than the sun jvm15:19
paroneayeabut that doesn't make sense to me15:19
paroneayeabecause why would removing the .openoffice.org directory and reinstalling fix it?15:19
paroneayeaoh unless15:19
paroneayeaI probably ran openoffice for the first time before I installed the sun java vm15:19
paroneayeaso it may have defaulted to the gnu stuff15:20
paroneayeaand removing the .openoffice.org directory switched it so that it defaulted to sun java vm15:20
akila87yes I think so.15:20
akila87and another thing, I had installed openoffice.org on 9.0415:21
akila87before im testing this.15:21
akila87I just reminded that.15:21
paroneayeaso we think we may have found the cause of the greyed out menu, we should test if that's true15:22
paroneayeamaybe we won't be able to find a fix for it but we could at least add a FAQ entry telling people how to switch to using the sun vm15:22
paroneayeaso that's apparently problem #1 of 215:23
paroneayeaas for the missing menuy15:23
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akila87and I think the problem with mac also with java15:23
paroneayeaso that's another dependency issue of sorts :)15:24
akila87ya :)15:25
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akila87I'm going to install openoffice.org on this (10.04) lets check whether it fix the issue.15:26
*** nkinkade has quit IRC15:31
akila87But still we have some thing to be happy :)15:31
akila87I forgot to tell you http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http://openoffice.magenta-aps.dk/cliparts-lokalt-eller-online&sl=auto&tl=en15:31
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akila87paroneayea looks like installing openoffice.org does not fix the problem15:42
akila87for both ccooo and that addon.15:43
paroneayeaakila87: oh nice :)15:44
akila87no no said it does not.15:44
akila87I said it does not :(15:45
akila87but still installing a addon after installing ccooo will enable the menu.15:45
paroneayeaoh I was responding to those blogposts15:45
akila87ah :)15:45
akila87and I think it is the only workaround we have.15:46
akila87but the problem is it is working on 9.04 without any issue after installing openoffice.org , java common and sun java.15:48
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paroneayeamlinksva: so the problem seems to be that http://api.creativecommons.org/rest/1.5/details?license-uri=http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/se/ isn't resolving15:52
paroneayeaI'm going to try and look at the server and see if I can figure out why, though that's john's territory15:53
paroneayeaI haven't really messed with the api or its install before15:53
paroneayea(though I should for staff failover purposes :))15:53
mlinksvaalso nkinkade the main site seems really slow right now15:54
nkinkademlinksva: Hmm.  Let me see.15:54
paroneayeankinkade: I think thedre's something wrong with a815:54
paroneayeawhich is taking down the api15:54
nkinkadeparoneayea: Do you mean something wrong with the machine, systemically?15:55
nkinkadeOr just something wrong the API?15:55
paroneayeathe latter15:55
paroneayeaI should have said "on a8"15:55
nkinkademlinksva: CC.org loads fine and quickly for me.  What are you seeing?15:56
paroneayeankinkade: http://api.creativecommons.org/rest/1.5/details?license-uri=http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/se/ is 404'ing and taking out your php scripts15:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: that link doesn't 404 for me.15:56
paroneayeamlinksva pasted me http://dpaste.com/222420/15:56
paroneayeahuh strange15:57
paroneayeait's working now15:57
mlinksvaand causing timeouts or errors on eg http://creativecommons.org/international/se/15:57
paroneayeaI think it's only working sporadically15:57
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paroneayeankinkade: try refreshing15:57
paroneayeait worked then died for me15:57
nkinkadeStill works even with a refresh.15:58
nkinkadeI assume John isn't in yet.15:58
paroneayeawell try refreshing several times :)15:58
nkinkadeI know he we launching /staging/ to /dev/ yesterday, but I'm not sure how that might have affected /1.5/15:58
paroneayeait seems to sometimes work and sometimes not.15:58
paroneayeayes that could be relevant15:58
mlinksvai guess it is a longer term thing, but it seems crazy that those pages need to hit the api a bunch of times (i'm guessing that's what's going on)15:59
mlinksvai'm getting varnish meditations on most /international/xx pages16:00
akila87paroneayea:  I've sent you the addon that I used to test. Can you check whether it is working for you and try installing it after you install ccooo and check whether the menus are working.16:00
paroneayeaakila87: sure16:01
paroneayea"varnish meditations" is a nice way to make stressful errors seem serene.16:01
akila87paroneayea: thanks :)16:01
paroneayeamlinksva: I think the long-term plan is to make /international/ ccengine-run, but it currently isn't.  In The Future I guess either we won't need calls to api.cc.org or at the very worst the pages will be cached16:04
paroneayeankinkade: not sure it'll do anything but I'm going to restart apache16:07
paroneayeathere appears to be a defunct apache process16:08
nkinkadeparoneayea: I think it's just a cache issue of some sort.16:09
nkinkadeSome of the intl pages are showing those errors when clearly the URL is working.16:09
nkinkadeI just emptied the cache in my browser and they display fine now.16:09
paroneayeathe url isn't working though16:09
paroneayeait's very often not working for me16:09
nkinkadeparoneayea: It works almost all the time for me.  I got one or two timeouts out of many refreshes.16:10
paroneayeaevery now and then when I refresh that api.cc.org link it fails16:10
paroneayeafor me it's about a 20% failure rat3e16:10
nkinkadeSomething is not right with the API it would seem.  But I know nothing about the API.16:11
paroneayeawell I guess we'll just wait for john to come in16:11
nkinkadeI think this will just have to limp along until John comes in.16:11
nkinkademlinksva: I don't know of any plan to eliminate the API from international pages altogether or to migrate that to cc.engine, but yesterday John launched a new API call that I'm going to use to upgrade the worldwide WP plugin, so that it only has to make a single API call for each international/ page load instead of 6 calls.16:14
nkinkadeThat should be an improvement.16:14
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mlinksvankinkade, paroneayea see email about video conference thing17:22
nkinkademlinksva: I have a scheduled meeting with Ani at 4PM, but can look now too.17:24
mlinksvankinkade, please do!17:24
mlinksvacan you and paroneayea try to "call"?17:24
paroneayeamlinksva: oh looking17:26
* paulproteus waves to mlinksva.17:26
*** erlehmann has joined #cc17:27
mlinksvahi paulproteus17:27
erlehmannnkinkade, this morning i checked what wordpress does if i try to insert a video without my plugin. it just outputs an unmarked link. not rewriting that markup is not an option.17:29
paroneayeaI'm not sure how/where I should be connecting17:29
paroneayeathe email didn't seem to indicate17:30
mlinksvaparoneayea, i thought it was in there, but let me IM you17:30
paroneayeaah ok17:30
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*** vastak has left #cc17:32
*** jed_ has joined #cc17:32
paroneayeaI just got my headset-with-mic in the mail yesterday for the purpose of testing speech to text17:32
paroneayeaperfect timing! :)17:32
*** jed_ has quit IRC17:34
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*** JED3 has joined #cc17:35
JED3nkinkade: hows the polycom looking on your end?17:36
mlinksvaparoneayea, how's it going?17:37
mlinksvaany luck connecting?17:37
paroneayeamlinksva: I'm having trouble figuring out what address to put in17:38
mlinksvacan you ask nkinkade to tell you pvtly?17:38
paroneayeankinkade: see my IM :)17:39
mlinksvai can hear you papyromancer17:39
* paroneayea assumes mlinksva meant me17:41
paroneayeaI'm actually somewhat shocked at how high quality this seems to be17:42
paroneayeaI expected like 2 fps or something17:42
JED3paroneayea: i propose that you change your irc name to paaroneayea17:42
paroneayeait looks smooth and the sound sounds pretty great17:42
JED3so we can tab complete only on 'p'17:42
mlinksvankinkade, any luck reconnecting?17:47
nkinkadeI get a message "Remote user rejected the call"17:47
nkinkadeDoes the system support having multiple H.323 sessions active?17:47
mlinksvai guess it can only have one caller at a time17:47
nkinkadeYeah, as soon as paroneayea connected, I started getting rejected.17:48
nkinkadeI wonder if that is configurable or a some limitation of the protocol???17:48
mlinksvaor maybe limitation of system we have17:49
mlinksvaah well17:49
mlinksvastill very useful for bringing in one remote person17:49
*** akozak has joined #cc17:56
nkinkadeJED3: There seem to have been some problems with the API earlier.17:56
nkinkadeIt seemed intermittent.17:57
nkinkadeRequests like this were not working at times: http://api.creativecommons.org/rest/1.5/details?license-uri=http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/se/17:57
nkinkadeIt's possible it was the rest of the machine, but everything else seemed fine??17:57
JED3nkinkade: i think its because of i dot17:57
JED3i noticed elsewhere badges were taking forever to load17:58
nkinkadeThat could be.17:58
paroneayeamaking a buildout recipe is a lot less complicated than I thought it would be.17:58
JED3i was just about to look into it, but got caught up in this video conf stuff17:58
akila87paroneayea: busy?18:01
paroneayeaakila87: sorry, I was at lunch then I got absorbed with working on some stuff and this conference thing.  I'll try to work on testing your plugin now but I'll probably be in a meeting soon18:03
paroneayeaakila87: I should be able to work on testing it within the next few hours at least18:03
paroneayeaassuming that's what you're asking about me being busy about :)18:03
akila87paroneayea never mind. I think I have found the problem.18:04
paroneayeaakila87: oh!  what is it? :)18:04
akila87are you using the extension that I have mailed to you and nathan?18:05
paroneayeaakila87: yes the one you emailed me about a few days ago18:05
akila87ah in /META-INF/manifest.xml try adding   <manifest:file-entry manifest:media-type="application/vnd.sun.star.configuration-data"manifest:full-path="ProtocolHandler.xcu"/> before18:07
akila87  <manifest:file-entry manifest:media-type="application/vnd.sun.star.configuration-data"manifest:full-path="Addons.xcu"/>18:08
paroneayeaakila87: okay, I will try that, i will have to "re-break" it though18:08
paroneayeais this for the greyed-out bug or the missing-menu bug18:08
paroneayeaor both :)18:08
akila87for both I think.18:09
akila87the menu is grayed out because "ProtocolHandler.xcu" is not set before addons.xcu18:09
akila87menus are not displying in my case because jobs.xcu is before addons.xcu on my local version.18:10
akila87when creating the oxt netbeans changes this every time.18:10
paroneayeaoh hm18:11
paroneayeaso it's something about the netbeans build process then?18:11
akila87looks like we can't have jobs.xcu before addon.xcu and this will disable the notifications.18:11
akila87this is only in ubuntu/linux18:12
akila87in windows its not a problem.18:12
akila87both configurations works fine.18:12
paroneayeaso what do you think the solution is then?  Not use netbeans for compiling?  Patch netbeans?18:13
paroneayeainclude instructions to edit manifest.xml after install? ;)  (j/k)18:14
akila873 one is easy i think18:15
akila87any way still jobs.xcu is not working. this is needed to speed up the license insertion and show notifications.18:18
paroneayeaI just decided to try this on my debian testing install18:21
paroneayeathe latest one you sent me via email today18:21
paroneayeathe menu items are not pulling up the dialogs at all18:22
paroneayeaso I guess these are a lot of GNU/Linux specific issues18:22
paroneayeaooo-build, Debian package 1:3.2.1-418:22
akila87oh the Addon2? its just a addons it does nothing. I just used it for testing the menu.18:28
*** michi has quit IRC18:33
paroneayeaakila87: oh, well that's a relief then :)18:35
akila87paroneayea: :D18:36
*** MarkDude has quit IRC18:36
*** erlehmann has quit IRC18:37
*** jgay has joined #cc18:37
akila87paroneayea: what should we do? asking users to install another addon (just some thing like my test addon) they can remove it after they got back the menu.18:38
paroneayeaakila87: there was some message on that Google Docs plugin that suggested toggling disabled/enabled could fix their plugin18:39
paroneayeaI wonder if it could do the same thing for ccooo?18:39
paroneayea(toggling in the extensions manager that is)18:39
akila87I tried that but it doesn't work for me :(18:40
paroneayeawell we could do that as a last resort, the  install another add-on to fix one18:40
paroneayeathough that's a serious hack to ask our users to go through18:41
akila87or ignore Jobs.xcu? this will make first time license insertion slow and no notification when opening cc licensed images.18:41
paroneayeawhat does jobs.xcu do?18:41
akila87it handles the open document event. and triggers the rdf loading.18:42
paroneayeais there any way to test for it, and include jobs.xcu but ignore it as a fallback if things go awry?18:42
akila87ya if we put protocolhandler 1st then addons.xcu and jobs.xcu18:43
paroneayeawhy don't we do that for now18:44
paroneayeathat way things "work"18:44
paroneayeaand things will be fast if things don't goof up but will still work worst comes to worst18:44
paroneayeaand we can add an item to the FAQ that says, if things seem slow, try installing and removing this plugin18:44
paroneayeaakila87: does that sound like the right route to you?18:45
akila87ya i think its good option.18:45
akila87so we will have the whole extension working in windows and important things working in linux18:45
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paroneayeaokay akila87 sounds like a plan18:52
akila87paroneayea: and If you can, try this one in mac also. I try to find a mac dvd. or download one. then I can test this on a VM18:57
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akozaknyergler, I've been killing myself trying to get these queries to work and I don't think it's possible to use #compound_query for what we want. I haven't figured out a way to generate the sub-queries, because they're separated by a pipe.21:04
*** oshani has joined #cc21:05
nyerglerakozak, sorry to hear that21:07
*** bassel has quit IRC21:07
akozaknyergler, it's quite frustrating.21:08
akozaknyergler, http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Special:RunQuery/Jurisdiction_Query21:08
akozakif you try it with two jx and two tags21:08
akozakyou'll see that I can construct the query just fine (slightly modified for debugging)21:09
nyerglerbut it doesn't seem to run it?21:09
akozakbut as soon as I correct the improper query syntax so that it parses, it can't get past the first subquery21:09
akozakI think it might have something to do with the pipe being the separator, and I'm trying to use | as a delimiter21:10
akozakbut I'd have to do that at some point21:10
akozakI'm even using the pipe-in-a-template trick for the delimiter21:10
akozakSorry, mostly venting, but I'm open to suggestions21:11
nyerglerI have no idea what you're talking about21:11
akozakits ok21:11
nyergler(wrt pipe as separator; i only see it as the param delimiter in that query output)21:11
akozaknyergler, in compound queries the subqueries are separated by pipes21:12
akozakhence the subquery parameters redefined as ;21:12
akozakso when I do arraymappings in various ways based on the form input, I have to tell it to separate the mappings with |21:12
akozakthat is, I'm constructing subqueries21:12
akozakand they have to be separated by |21:13
nyergleri see21:13
akozakso as you can see, I've been able to do it21:13
akozakbut as soon as I make it valid query syntax it fails21:13
akozakthat is, I've modified the most basic mapping of elements so it isn't valid for debugging21:13
akozak[Has text should be [[Has text21:14
akozakand #compound query should be #compound_query21:14
akozakanyway, #compound_query doesn't seem to correctly identify the sub-queries and sub-queries pas the first element21:14
akozaknyergler, you probably don't need to worry about it. sometimes talking about it helps me figure it out. I guess what I'm saying is I might have to abandon the single-table output21:17
akozakbut I'm going to ask yaron about it21:17
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nkinkadeJED3: Were you able to update dev version of the API yesterday?22:02
JED3nkinkade: no i didnt, but i just now updated dev http://api.creativecommons.org/rest/dev/license/standard/jurisdiction/22:11
JED3note that the url for jurisidictions are still incorrect for your use-case, which i'm fixing right now22:11
*** erlehmann has joined #cc22:34
mralexJED3: will there be some sort of remote api to add content to the new ccnetwork? (or eventually)23:22
JED3mralex: what do you mean? a remote api to register a work?23:23
mralexto register and/or query23:23
*** jgay has quit IRC23:24
JED3mralex: the query is already there, no plans for registering23:24
mralexthe java licensing lib query on cc-devel made me think of Android related possibilities23:24
JED3mralex: oh yeah?23:25
JED3mralex: fwiw https://creativecommons.net/r/lookup/?uri=http://flickr.com23:28
*** JoiIto has joined #cc23:28
JED3flickr works on ccnet comprise 66% of all work registrations actually23:29
mralexwhich would make a cc mobile app more of a flickr search mobile app23:30
*** JoiIto has left #cc23:50
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