Monday, 2010-07-26

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paroneayeankinkade: I think the old engine may be running still, but I'm not sure...15:21
paroneayearunning stop on the init script does nothing but15:21
paroneayearoot      2749  0.0  0.6 166172 28432 ?        Sl   Jul20   5:01 /usr/bin/python2.5 bin/paster serve deploy.ini15:21
nkinkadeparoneayea: How did it get started?15:22
paroneayeawell I started it last friday15:23
paroneayeabut that says the 20th15:23
paroneayeawhich is last tuesday.15:23
paroneayeaI don't know what would have started that15:23
paroneayeait's possible that's another paste process I shouldn't be killing though(?)15:23
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akila87hi paroneayea15:56
paroneayeaheya akila87 :)15:56
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paroneayeahow goes15:57
akila87I competed the wrap up and made wikimedia and picasa images to be selected according to the license.15:58
akila87like flickr one15:58
paroneayeaakila87: great :)15:58
akila87still I have to add method to get different image sizes like in flickr15:59
paroneayeacould you commit your current changes?15:59
akila87I did already16:00
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paroneayeaokay yes I see it16:02
paroneayeait wasn't showing up on
paroneayeaoh wait yes it was16:02
paroneayeaI  missed it :)16:02
paroneayeaakila87: you got my (minor) edits to the blogpost yeah?16:03
akila87fixed them.16:03
paroneayeapost looks good16:04
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akila87and can I post the new post after adding this "different image sizes" feature.16:06
akila87because then the image insertion complete.16:06
akila87sorry, because then the image insertion is complete.16:07
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paroneayeaakila87: I just tested the plugin in OOo 3.2 on the latest ubuntu on a virtual machine....16:13
paroneayeaI'm still having troubles where the men6u options are grayed out16:13
akila87oh! even the insert picture menu?16:14
paroneayeaakila87: yes16:15
paroneayeathis is a fresh install16:15
paroneayeaakila87: I've gotten the plugin to work before on an install but I don't know how.  I think this is your most important issue to tackle, since I've seen this repeatedly on separate machines16:17
paroneayeawhere the menu options are grayed out on a fresh install16:17
paroneayeaakila87: what release are you running again?16:17
akila87I'm on ubuntu 10.04 and openoffice 3.216:18
paroneayeaakila87: strange, that's the same thing I'm running in this virtual machine16:19
akila87The menus are handled by addons.xcu16:19
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akila87I'll check that again, some times this may be the issue with the mail that I have sent you.16:20
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paroneayeaakila87: strange16:23
paroneayeaso if I rm -rf .openoffice.org16:23
paroneayeaand then re-add it it works fine16:23
paroneayeaiirc this is what I had to do before to make it work16:23
akila87addons.xcu adds the menu item before or after a given menu item. like this <prop oor:name="MergeCommand">16:25
akila87                        <value>AddBefore</value>16:25
akila87                    </prop>16:25
akila87                    <prop oor:name="MergeFallback">16:25
akila87                        <value>AddPath</value>16:25
akila87                    </prop>16:25
akila87This is the addons.xcu16:27
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akila87MergeCommand is set to AddAfter which means the menu item will add after GraphicMenu (insert image menu)16:29
akila87and MergeFallback is set to AddPath, as I think the menu item should work even the merge point does not exists16:30
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karlushiIs there a page with the list of movies (with commercial success) done under one of creative commons licenses?17:16
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iotakahi, can I ask for a suggestion?17:17
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* karlushi is discovering
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paroneayeaout for lunch, bbiab17:22
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akila87paroneayea are you using any other addons in that openoffice installation?18:05
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paroneayeahey akozak19:04
paroneayeais this what you were talking about using?19:05
akozakparoneayea, yes19:05
paroneayeaakozak: cool19:05
akozakvery :)19:06
iotakausually I use CC for web sites, for videogames or interactive things which license is better use? Thank you19:13
akozakiotaka, we don't usually recommend using CC licenses for software since there are already a lot of free and open licenses specifically for software (e.g. the GPL), but you're free to use CC licenses for any copyrighted works19:14
iotakaakozak: LGPL and CC are different. If I realize a work with gimp and I use CC you are able to reuse my final work but I not provide to you the gimp file used to generate the final work. If I use lgpl for a game I must also provide source files. For the initial phase I prefr not do this.19:16
iotakaakozak: do you have some suggestion?19:16
akozakiotaka, yes they are different. are you asking which is the best CC license to use?19:19
akozakiotaka, I probably couldn't recommend which license since it just depends on your preferences. Maybe the FAQ will help:
akozakiotaka, also:
mralexakozak: i think his query is whether he can license his artwork assets seperately from the game code19:20
mralexand not include svgs or gimp xcfs, which is up to him19:21
iotakamralex akozak my idea is to use CC for web site content, logos, videos and similar media. Then I'm loking for a suitabe license for the game.19:21
akozakiotaka, for the game binary or for the source code?19:22
iotakaa binary19:22
greg-gplease don't use a CC license for software19:22
greg-gthe iamges/artwork, that is where CC licenses should or can be used. GPL/LGPL/etc for the source19:23
paroneayeashould I edit this page or create a new one based off of it called "translating with transifex"19:23
paroneayeaor is this even relevant?19:23
paroneayeaI suspect it needs to be mostly rewritten19:24
akozakgreg-g, he's talking about the compiled binary though? does that change the recommendation?19:24
iotakagreg-g: if I realize an image with gim and I use CC, I public only the jpg or png generated is different to use lgp where I give also the source and not the final work19:24
akozakright, iotaka you want the game to be redistributable but not the source code (like how a png is under CC but the gimp file isn't).19:25
iotakaakozak: yep19:26
paroneayeacc for freeware19:26
akozakiotaka, in that case we still recommend using a software license for software. If you aren't providing the source code, that isn't really making the content any more "open".19:28
akozakYou're simply allowing re-distribution.19:28
akozakBut legally speaking you could apply a CC license to it.19:29
iotaka(IANAL) ??19:30
akozaki am not a lawyer :P19:30
iotakaahh ok, thank you :)19:30
akozakand this is not legal advice19:30
iotakathank you to all19:33
akozakno problem.19:33
paroneayeahey in a completely unrelated note19:34
nkinkadeparoneayea: I think we should create a whole new document, as it's a whole new topic.19:34
paroneayeadid I misread this article?19:34
paroneayeait seems like I misread it.19:34
akozakI remember when I took Info policy a couple years ago, this was discussed as the "long shot" way around the DMCA.19:35
akozakespecially back in the Bush era.19:35
paroneayeaI'm still finding it really hard to believe19:38
nkinkadenyergler: Do you think you, John and myself need accounts, or will webmaster@ be enough?19:40
nkinkadeI've never received an email directly to, and if you and JED3 haven't either, then I propose to just forward to, for webmaster@, that is.19:41
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akozakaww, more emails on webmaster?19:47
akozakshucks :P19:48
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akozakhey nkinkade, just talked with nyergler about the Jx database and I think I'd like to experiment with Semantic Compound Queries to get around a query limit problem I'm having. It would be temporary until we know it works, so might I just svn co a copy onto a7?22:10
nkinkadeakozak: That's fine.22:11
akozakok thanks nkinkade22:11
akozakI'll let you know if it works well and we want to keep it long-term.22:12
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nkinkadeJED3: When do you expect this URL to be working:
JED3nkinkade: no because dev has not been updated to that version yet22:29
nkinkadeJED3: Is there a plan to upgrade dev anytime soon?22:29
nkinkadeI'm asking because my updates to our worldwide WP plugin will be relying on URLs like that, and also the plugin being written by erlehmann_22:30
nkinkadeWe can point to /staging/ but it seem not ideal to to publish a plugin pointing to staging instance of our API.22:30
JED3yes, i will upgrade dev this afternoon22:34
JED3nkinkade: thanks for reminding me about that, i had completely forgotten that on my todo list22:35
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