Wednesday, 2010-07-28

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akila87Hi paroneayea14:42
paroneayeahi akila8714:45
akila87paroneayea: Did you check the plugin?14:45
akila87I just show your mail.14:46
akila87I think the script is a possible thing.14:47
akila87AFAIK we can upload zip files to extension site.14:48
akila87how a bout uploading a zip file with the script for linux and also a readme14:48
paroneayeasounds like a good idea14:48
akila87windows users can just extract the zip and install the .oxt14:49
akila87linux users can run the script.14:49
paroneayeagreat :)14:50
akila87and please try this terminal thing when you have time.14:51
akila87I tried it several times and it was working every time.14:51
paroneayeaakila87: I will.  I have an appointment with the veterinarian this morning but I will test it this afternoon14:52
paroneayeasounds great akila87, thanks for your hard work on this.. I know it's been a pain to debug14:52
akila87:) never mind14:52
akila87well its a challenge :)14:52
paroneayeathat's the spirit :)14:53
akila87paroneayea, another thing what should we do for Mac?14:53
paroneayeaakila87: I don't know.. I don't have access to a mac here14:53
akila87me too :(.14:53
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paroneayeabut a few other people at CC do14:53
paroneayeaI'll send an email to them later asking for them to test.14:54
akila87I tried to download a dvd image. (well you know it is not legal though.)14:54
akila87but it was a torrent14:55
paroneayeaI will get someone to test14:55
paroneayeain the meanwhile I have to go14:55
paroneayeatalk to you later akila8714:55
akila87sure paroneayea14:55
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ArneBabto contitue about fair use and free licenses15:53
ArneBabassume I take a disney song in a fair use context (i.e. as parody)15:53
ArneBabthen I take a cc by-sa text for which that use isn’t covered by fair use15:54
ArneBabthe cc by-sa text requires me to license the resulting work under cc by-sa15:55
ArneBabwhich means someone can now extract the disney song and use it under cc by-sa.15:55
ArneBabwhere’s the error in that logic? Which step is forbidden?15:55
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ArneBabgreg-g: Are you greg from
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greg-gArneBab: hey, sorry, work stuff got in the way16:11
ArneBabno prob16:11
ArneBabcommunication can be asynchronous :)16:11
greg-gthere is a huge error in that you are never able to relicense anyone else's work. In that situation, your resulting work is CC:BY-SA licensed, with the exception that the disney song is not CC:BY-SA and instead All Rights Reserved, but used under Fair Use16:12
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ArneBabwhen someone licenses something under cc by, I don’t have to keep the license – am I right in that?16:36
ArneBabin software you always relicense stuff, so this is quite a strange difference to me16:36
greg-gArneBab: right, as long as you attribute them correctly in your work, your work could be All Rights Reserved (or any license)16:36
ArneBaband with cc by-sa?16:37
greg-gno, you never relicense things in software either. If it is GPL it is always GPL and you can't change that without the author's permission16:37
ArneBabif it’s BSD, you can use it under GPL, if it’s LGPL, you can use it under GPL.16:37
greg-gIf you make a derivaitve of a CC:BY-SA work, your derivative must also be CC:BY-SA16:38
ArneBaband adding fair use stuff isn’t making a derivative?16:38
greg-gArneBab: right. You can think of CC:BY as *somewhat* similar to BSD and CC:BY-SA as *somewhat* similar to GPL16:38
greg-gArneBab: it is making a derivative, so the whole work is licensed CC:BY-SA, but the peice that is All Rights Reserved is always A.R.R.16:39
greg-gyou can't change that, no matter what license you use (CC:BY-SA, BSD, GPL)16:39
ArneBabbut then the whole work grants the right to sell it, while the indiviual license doesn’t?16:39
greg-gright, so the downstream user would need to make sure that THEIR use of that derivative work is also permitted under Fair Use16:40
ArneBabthat most definitely isn’t allowed with GPL.16:40
ArneBabif the whole work is GPL, then every component must grant the same rights.16:40
greg-gwell, it hasn't been tested really since people don't normally think of Fair Use in code16:41
greg-gand yeah, GPL is a little more strict in that regard16:41
ArneBabthe GPL is quite clear in that everything you use must be usable with all the four freedoms.16:41
ArneBaband if cc by-sa allows adding unfree works which only grant that for a very constraint usecase, it’s not very useful to me.16:42
ArneBabWhat keeps someone from granting use rights of his all-rights-reserved work only to one user?16:43
ArneBaband that user then using cc by-sa content16:43
ArneBabwith unfree content16:43
greg-gsorry, I have a meeting to attend16:43
ArneBaband creating derivative works which only he is allowed to sell?16:43
ArneBabno prob16:43
ArneBabI’ll look in here from time to time16:44
ArneBabjust use my name, so that my program informs me of your answer :)16:44
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paroneayeanyergler_: hey20:18
paroneayeawe doing a tech sync this week?20:20
nyergler_paroneayea, ugh, sorry20:22
nyergler_the meeting marathon continues here in SF20:23
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paroneayeankinkade: you around?20:37
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JED3mralex: ping21:50
mralexJED3: holla21:55
JED3mralex: i was going to ask whether or not the image files in the drupal.git repo were uploaded via the drupal admin interface21:57
mralexJED3: if they're in an images directory, then no21:57
mralexall uploads are in sites/default/files21:57
JED3mralex: yeah i'm referring to sites/default/files21:59
JED3why are we keeping those in version control then?21:59
mralexthey probably got sucked in with a "git add"22:00
JED3mralex: no, explicitly added by nkinkade22:00
nkinkademralex: JED3: Every now and then I mass-checkin images.22:01
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nkinkadeMostly I do it so that we could use version control to totally restore an installation rather than having to resort to version control *and* backups.22:02
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JED3nkinkade: ahh okay22:05
nkinkadeI haven't thought of any issues with it, but if there'22:05
nkinkades a problem with it, definitely let me know.22:05
JED3yeah, git is telling me that i have a shit ton of changes to update for some reason, maybe drupal touches the files? idk22:06
nkinkadeNot that I know of.  But when was the last time you git pulled?22:08
nkinkadeAnd the other reason you may have a lot of changes to pull down is because every day a script pushes upstream changes to our repo, so a lot of the changes are from upstream.22:09
JED3nkinkade: these are local changes though?22:11
JED3nkinkade: oh btw, i moved that api call to dev yesterday22:12
JED3with the local url of the jurisdiction included22:12
paroneayea post-receive hook works but it's slowwwww22:23
paroneayeaI think it could be sped up.22:23
nkinkadeparoneayea: How slow is it?22:23
paroneayealike a minute or so22:24
paroneayeamainly because it checks it out completely and then runs buildout22:24
paroneayeait removes the i18n repo and re-checks it out every time22:24
paroneayeaas per our meeting22:24
paroneayeabut I think we could just not check it out every time and also run buildout -N22:25
paroneayeaand then it won't be slows22:25
nkinkadeI think speed is nice in this case.22:25
nkinkadeparoneayea: Does is bind/lock a commit?22:26
nkinkadeOr will it return the commit and run in the backgroud?22:26
paroneayeait binds it22:26
nkinkadeThen one minute won't do.22:26
paroneayeaI can speed this up pretty easily.22:26
nkinkadeThat means it will hold up the web interface of Transifex for one minute.22:26
paroneayeaI'll work on that.22:26
paroneayeankinkade: okay if I check out the repository into /var/www/
paroneayeaI can't think of anything better, as shitty as that is :)22:31
nkinkadeparoneayea: Why not make the checkout somewhere in /var/www/
paroneayeankinkade: okay22:32
nkinkadeActually, doing it in that specific directly could be nice.22:33
paroneayeaI only suggested that one because /var/www/ is the git user's home directory22:33
nkinkadeThen we know that it's associated with staging.22:33
paroneayeawill do22:33
nkinkadeI'll be curious to hear how fast things go when there is already a checkout.22:33
paroneayeankinkade: it works and only takes a second.22:45
nkinkadeparoneayea: Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.22:57
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