Thursday, 2010-07-15

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nkinkadeJED3: Is that API call actually pulling the real jurisdiction URL?00:15
nkinkadeIt doesn't appear to be.00:15
nkinkadeFor example, this URL should be returning somewhere:
JED3nkinkade: that's separate from the jurisdictions' url that we use as an identifier00:17
JED3however i can add the local url to the results00:17
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nkinkadeJED3: One of the main reasons for adding this new call was to obtain the jurisdiction's own site URL.00:24
JED3nkinkade: okay00:25
nkinkadeExtracting it out of jurisdictions.rdf was going to be problematic.00:25
nkinkadeJED3: It's fine to return any URLs like /international/<code>, but those are not very useful because they are pretty much 100% deterministic.00:26
nkinkadeYou just append <code> to /international/ and you are set.00:26
nkinkadeIt's the jurisdictions own URL that's never clear.00:26
nkinkadeIn the ticket, when NRY mentions "* jurisdiction website" he's talking about the jurisdiction's own site, though that may not have been clear enough.00:27
JED3sigh, there seems to be some issues with the version of Redland RDF installed on a8, the query i just had to write for extracting unported licenses doesn't seem to be producing any results00:30
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JED3goddamn thats frustrating, i need to walk away from this for a bit, be back on later00:32
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paroneayeaJED3: yo02:09
paroneayeaso what's up02:09
paroneayeastill need my help?02:09
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paroneayeaguess not02:10
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akila87hello paroneayea,16:55
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paroneayeaakila87: heya17:01
akila87I completed the available translations.17:02
akila87so what should we do next?17:02
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JED3paroneayea: ping17:07
paroneayeaJED3: pong17:07
paroneayeaakila87: I'm not sure.  Mind if I take a look over things and get back to you later today?17:08
akila87paroneayea sure, if I'm not online please send me a mail.17:09
JED3paroneayea: will you pull the latest cc.license and try calling "cc.license.jurisdictions.get_licenses_by_code('')"17:09
paroneayeaJED3: sure17:10
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paroneayea Whoa.17:11
paroneayeaJED3: quite a list there :)17:11
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igorlukaninJED3: Hi, John. May I ask you a few questions?17:14
JED3paroneayea: so you got a response?17:20
JED3are there jurisdictions in the list?17:20
igorlukaninJED3: I wonder if it's correct that returns info for 3.0, not for 2.5. Is it correct to "upgrade" the version in this way?17:24
paroneayeaJED3: >>> cc.license.jurisdictions.get_licenses_by_code('')17:25
paroneayea('', '', '', '', '', '', '', '',17:25
paroneayea'', '', '', '', '', '', '', '',17:25
paroneayea'', '', '', '', '', '', '', '',17:25
paroneayea'', '', '', '', '', '', '', '',17:25
paroneayea'', '', '', '', '', '', '')17:25
paroneayeashoulda pastebin'ed that, sorry17:25
JED3paroneayea: :) thanks that's the correct result17:25
JED3i wonder why on a8, it returns None17:26
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JED3igorlukanin: hey, thanks for pointing that out17:29
JED3there seems to be a few lingering bugs in the 1.5 version of the api, instead you should be using the "dev" version17:29
igorlukaninJED3: switched to dev — looks to be correct now17:35
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igorlukaninJED3: I decided to rely on CC API for license info retrieval, that's why it's important for me )17:35
JED3paroneayea: any idea why the same sparql query would return different results on 2 different machines? same versions of redland, license.rdf, cc.license... only difference between the 2 are the python versions17:36
JED3igorlukanin: ahh okay17:37
igorlukaninJED3: A minor thing I've also noticed: when open in Firefox, seems to be badly exported, appearing cropped, not like, for example,
igorlukaninI don't think the icons have any importance, but anyway17:37
mralexigorlukanin: that's odd.17:38
mralexit should be fine if you open it up in inkscape or illustrator17:38
mralexbut i'll take a look...17:38
igorlukaninmralex: I used the SVGs to create some custom-sized raster icons, used GIMP for it, and it cannot properly handle the "cropped" one17:41
igorlukaninmralex: Also, it's _the only_ "cropped" one )17:42
mralexigorlukanin: you'll probably get better results using, and exporting from, inkscape.17:42
mralexbut i'll fix the cropping area. thanks for finding that.17:42
JED3igorlukanin: if you use the staging version of the api, you'll be able to get localized results...
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igorlukaninJED3: I've thought of it, and it's nice, because of the care taken for l10n... Will implement that17:46
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paroneayeaJED3: sorry, I went to lunch18:32
paroneayeaat any rate my answer is "no idea" :c18:32
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akozaknyergler, nkinkade, who should I ask when I try to figure out the URL conventions of ported license retranslations18:56
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nkinkadeakozak: retranslations?18:57
nkinkadeWhat's that?18:57
akozaknkinkade, retranslations of the ported licenses. do we not publish those ourselves?18:57
akozakinto english18:57
nkinkadeakozak: Those are just pushed up to mirrors on a8.18:57
nkinkadeMichelle does it.  She may have some standard.18:58
akozaknkinkade, ah ok. but maybe not I'm guessing.18:58
nkinkadeI imagine you could figure out her standard by just looking at what she's done.18:58
akozaknkinkade, ok thanks.18:58
nkinkadeakozak: Does that make sense?18:58
akozaknkinkade, yea it does. thanks.18:59
nkinkadeJust go to various /international/<code> pages and see what the URL look like for the English retranslations.18:59
nkinkadeIf it makes no sense, then call it out to Michelle, because there probably should be some order to that.18:59
akozaknyergler, I'd forgotten that diane et al. were interested in connecting the db with the english retranslations.18:59
akozaknkinkade, wait I'm confused19:01
akozakwhat is this then (as an example)
nkinkadeakozak: That is just a deed. :-)19:01
akozakoh right duh19:01
akozakso there's nothing like that for the legal code19:01
nkinkadeakozak: Nope.19:01
nkinkadeSometimes a jurisdiction may submit multiple translations of the legalcode, but that is dependent on the jurisdiction.19:02
nkinkadeTake Spain, for example.  There are like 5 translations.19:02
akozaknkinkade, yea19:03
nkinkadeBut the re-translations you are talking about are just Word docs of PDF files that are solely for the benefit of Diane and other CC legal staff.19:03
akozakah ok19:04
akozakyea it looks like there is no standard url or even format19:04
akozaknow that I think about it, they might have wanted me to create a structure for adding a retranslation onto a wiki page19:05
akozakconnected with the <jurisdiction>/3.0/<license> page19:05
akozakprobably another subpage19:05
nkinkadeAnd then, only the BY-NC-SA license is retranslated to English.19:05
akozaknkinkade, yea I never understood that19:06
akozakdon't you miss the ND term?19:06
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akozakanyway, thanks nkinkade. I'm already somewhat bogged down in feature requests for this project so this is another thing to add to the list I guess.19:07
nkinkadeApparently.  Ask Diane. :-)19:07
nyerglerakozak, is there a question for me there?19:08
nyerglernot sure what you mean by the ping above since we talked about the retranslation extensively yesterday19:09
akozaknyergler, yea sorry. I guess my question is if you remember whether they wanted whole-text retranslation to be sub-pages of the ported license pages.19:10
akozakin addition to the retranslation text in the license section template19:10
nyerglerakozak, i don't know19:12
akozaknyergler, ok I'll figure it out.19:13
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nkinkadenyergler: Are you in the office?19:58
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nkinkadeI installed some updated on the new backup server and rebooted it, but it doesn't appear to have come back up.19:59
nkinkadeOr else it's IP changed.19:59
nyerglernkinkade, i am in the office, will look momentarily20:02
nyerglernkinkade, it isn't booting20:08
nyerglerhangs with something like:20:08
nyerglerureadahead-other main process (401) terminated with status 420:09
nkinkadeThat sucks.20:09
nkinkadeAnd I've never seen an error like that before, either.20:09
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igorlukaninJED3: ping20:10
igorlukaninerlehmann: ping20:11
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JED3igorlukanin: hi20:11
igorlukaninI've done a short overview of my extension working with CC WordPress Plugin:
igorlukaninHope this is interesting =)20:12
erlehmannigorlukanin, PENG20:12
paroneayeahey JED3... try updating i18n in svn and doing a buildout20:12
paroneayeaoh wait20:12
igorlukaninerlehmann: look ahead20:12
paroneayeanm :)20:12
JED3paroneayea: ?20:12
igorlukaninerlehmann: sorry... backward )20:13
igorlukaninI've done a short overview of my extension working with CC WordPress Plugin:
erlehmanni'll look at it20:13
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paroneayeaJED3: I made a mistake so nm for the moment20:13
nkinkadenyergler: It could be related to an entry I added to /etc/fstab20:14
erlehmannigorlukanin, it is pretty blurry20:14
*** papyromancer is now known as papy|siesta20:14
erlehmannbut i can see what you did there20:14
nkinkadeIt it won't boot I suppose the only option is to boot to the CD you installed from and edit the file manually.20:14
nkinkadenyergler: ^^20:14
igorlukaninerlehmann: it's all up to youtube, only 720p available for now... try fullscreen20:15
erlehmannflash, i do not have it20:16
erlehmannflash is the cancer of the interwebs20:16
*** akozak has joined #cc20:16
erlehmannbut i saw what you did there and it worked nicely. igorlukanin what is your final version supposed to do?20:16
igorlukaninerlehmann: Quite the same... presenting licensing info parsed from RDFa, attribution info generation (smarter than now, not just putting something in clipboard) + l10n to a number of languages20:19
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erlehmannnkinkade, a video
erlehmanni forgot the controls='controls'20:21
erlehmannbut otherwise i cannot see why your version did not work. i suspect that a) it wasnt a video (MIME type must start with 'video/')20:22
erlehmannor b) your server did not return the right MIME type on playback.20:22
erlehmannor c) the server returned video content gzipped, which for example halts chrome's video playback20:23
erlehmannyou should check all three.20:23
erlehmannlook again, haha
erlehmannthe spreeblick style does not work with video20:25
erlehmannstyle changed20:26
JED3igorlukanin: great screencast20:29
igorlukaninJED3: thanks )20:30
mralexigorlukanin: weird, your screencast sound is broken for me.20:33
igorlukaninmralex: I should probably have mentioned that the screencast just have _no sound_ ) so it's okay20:33
mralexigorlukanin: it clicks a short burst of static every couple seconds20:34
nkinkadeerlehmann: Can you outline that stuff about video in your reply.20:34
nkinkadeIRC is good, but it's not that great for documenting things.20:34
nkinkade(reply to my email, that is)20:35
igorlukaninmralex: sorry... I would consider grounding my laptop )20:35
erlehmannnkinkade, i can, and i will.20:35
JED3nyergler: ping20:49
nyerglernkinkade, i'm re-downloading the ISO now, will try to boot it from CD20:52
nyerglerJED3, pong20:52
nkinkadenyergler: I would be surprised if there wasn't some other boot disc laying around.20:53
JED3nyergler: do you see anything wrong with this sparql query?20:53
nyerglerJED3, nothing obvious; do you need a trailing period on the final clause?20:53
JED3nyergler: that's true, is this the proper way to forming a negation in SPARQL?20:58
JED3paroneayea: ping21:02
paroneayeaJED3: pong21:03
nyerglerJED3, yes, AFAIK21:03
JED3when you tested that function earlier were you using py 2.6?21:03
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paroneayeaJED3: uh, hm21:03
paroneayeaPython 2.5.421:04
paroneayeaalthough for some reason I can't get cc.license to buildout anymore21:04
paroneayeaso I ran it from a virtualenv21:05
paroneayeaspeaking of unable to get things to buildout I can't get i18n to buildout21:05
paroneayeait refuses to respect the dependency 'Babel>0.99'21:06
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JED3wow latest email to webmaster just uncovered two critical bugs in the metadata_scraper21:29
nyerglerJED3, I was guessing that was a bug21:34
nyergleryou're going to fix and write tests, right? ;)21:34
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JED3nyergler: yeah if the referer doesn't match any of the subjects with a license rel, then it'll attempt to extract another uri from the graph that contains a license, then proceeds with determining the cc network assertion21:36
nyerglerJED3, right21:36
nyerglerJED3, IIRC the heuristic is that if the referrer isn't in the graph, and there exists a single subject in the graph that matches the license URI, we use that21:36
JED3problem is, is that it just grabs the 1st uri it finds with the same license, and in his case it was for his "Bob.pdf" which breaks the registration assertion21:37
nyerglerIIRC, if multiple, we bail out in the previous version21:37
JED3the previous version? as in the referer uri?21:37
JED3ohh nm21:38
JED3hmm okay so I shouldn't loop over the rest of the subjects looking for a good match?21:38
* paroneayea smacks forehead21:40
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paroneayeano wonder I've been having such trouble getting these packages to buildout21:41
nyerglerJED3, we should look for a single possible match21:41
nyerglerif > 1 exists, we do nothing21:41
nyergler(does that make sense to you?)21:41
JED3nyergler: yes, thats what its doing right now21:41
JED3def extract_licensed_subject(subject, license_uri, metadata):21:41
JED3    if get_license_uri(subject, metadata) == license_uri:21:41
JED3        return subject21:41
JED3    licensed = filter( lambda s: get_license_uri(s,metadata) == license_uri,21:41
JED3                       metadata['subjects'] )21:41
JED3    if len(licensed) == 1:21:42
JED3        return licensed[0]21:42
JED3    else:21:42
JED3        return None21:42
nyerglerJED3, is that code you just wrote, or code that's running on production?21:42
JED3thats production21:42
nyerglerbecause it seems like there's a bug here21:42
nyergleror does that page include multiple license assertions?21:42
JED3so for his example there are multiple licenses in the graph21:43
JED3both of the PDF's are extracted in the filter function above21:43
JED3and those subjects were inserted in the graph as a result of scraping his profile21:44
nyerglerJED3, ah21:44
nyerglersorry, we miscommunicated21:44
nyerglerwe bail out if there is only one matching license assertion *in the referring page*21:44
nyerglerie, the graph generated by passing that page to
JED3ahh crap, how are we supposed to do that if we've already traversed through the works?21:46 know which subjects were the found via the referrer21:47
nyerglerJED3, IIRC we previously looked at the graph from the referrer to establish a subject before completing the traversal21:48
nyergleralternate version: i don't know, but it needs to21:48
JED3nyergler: lol ok, i think you're right about how we used to find the subject21:49
nyerglerJED3, I have to head home and check in on the dog, will be online a little later21:49
nyerglerfeel free to email with questions, etc21:49
JED3nyergler: no prob, will do, i'll be offline in about an hour to go check out a rental21:49
*** nyergler has quit IRC21:54
* JED3 still scratching the ol knoggin regarding this cc.license bug21:58
JED3paroneayea: help21:58
JED3(add some desperation oomph to that "help")21:58
paroneayeaJED3: lol, I haven't been following, let me read the chat log and catch up21:59
JED3paroneayea: no no not that bug21:59
paroneayeawhich one21:59
JED3that cc.license.jurisdictions.get_unported_license_uris bug21:59
paroneayeaokay, the one where it doesn't return things on a8?21:59
JED3remember that super awesome list of uri's you saw on your machine when you call than function?21:59
JED3do it a8, and you'll get squat in return22:00
JED3everything matches up in terms of versions, its a completely fresh buildout, I have no idea what it could be22:00
paroneayeawhat dir22:01
JED3bin/python -c "import cc.license; cc.license.jurisdictions.get_licenses_by_code('')"22:02
JED3whoops insert a print in there22:03
paroneayeahm you're right22:03
JED3redland, licenserdf, cc.license all match with my local versions22:03
*** niekie has quit IRC22:03
JED3i'm using py2.6 on my machine, thats the only difference22:04
*** niekie has joined #cc22:04
paroneayealet me try a fresh checkout in my home dir22:10
*** erlehmann has quit IRC22:11
*** erlehmann has joined #cc22:12
paroneayeaJED3: man is this ever puzzling22:27
JED3paroneayea: yeah srsly22:34
JED3fresh checkout worked?22:35
*** JED3 is now known as JED3-away22:41
paroneayeaJED3-away: only one difference between these packages that I can tell22:47
paroneayea32bit and 64bit22:47
paroneayeaon my machine here vs on the server22:47
paroneayeardflib does have an endian specific version it looks like?22:49
paroneayeathat's a total shot in the dark but22:49
*** JED3-away has quit IRC22:52
*** JED3 has joined #cc22:53
paroneayeaJED3: :O22:56
paroneayeadid you see any of my messages22:56
*** Kaetemi has quit IRC22:57
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