Wednesday, 2010-07-14

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paroneayeanyergler: yo15:42
nyerglerparoneayea, oy15:42
paroneayeanyergler: so did you see the email that Polley sent?  I know how to respond to half of it but15:43
nyerglerparoneayea, was i cc'd? don't see it15:43
paroneayeashe also asked about translating the "Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization" bit on the homepage15:43
paroneayeaoh it was on CCi15:44
paroneayeabasically, how are translations done in wordpress?15:44
nyerglerwhen was that? i'm on cci, don't see it15:44
paroneayeaSubject: Re: [CCi] Moving translations to say the specific license name15:46
paroneayeayesterday it seems15:46
nyerglerparoneayea, i don't think that was sent to CCi; maybe she replied directly to you?15:46
nyerglerthe short answer WRT WordPress is, "they're not"15:47
paroneayeait was sent to me but cc'ed to cci it seems15:47
paroneayeaTo: Christopher Webber <>15:47
paroneayeaCc: cci@lists.ibiblio.org15:47
nyerglerok, well it didn't go to cci for some reason;15:47
paroneayeawell that's a sucky but easy to answer message15:47
nyerglerparoneayea, one second15:48
paroneayeanot sure if it's necessary but I'll forward it to you just in case.15:49
nyerglerparoneayea, fwiw, allowing translation of key parts of that content is on our roadmap15:49
nyergler(including the navigation, mission sentence, etc)15:49
paroneayeaah ok15:49
nyerglerhopefully late q3/early q415:49
paroneayeaso wordpress allows for i18n?15:49
nyerglerparoneayea, no15:49
nyergler(not really, at least)15:50
nyerglerparoneayea, it allows for it in the themes, but not in terms of content15:50
paroneayeaah hm :<15:50
paroneayeaok well thx for the info nyergler15:51
nyerglersure :)15:51
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paroneayeanyergler: I think you're going to like the kinesis15:52
paroneayeaI'm really enjoying it15:52
nyerglerparoneayea, even without foot pedals? ;)15:52
paroneayeayes probably, though the foot pedals are really nice imo15:52
paroneayeawell maybe just because they seem to make chording comfortable15:53
paroneayeaone of the most interesting features is that you have a lot more functionality at your thumbs than just space15:54
paroneayeawhich I initially found unnerving but after a day I really like15:54
nyergleryou got the advantage, correct?15:54
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nkinkadenyergler: paroneayea: There are some translation plugins for WordPress, but I'm not sure how practical they may be for our purposes.17:02
nkinkadeI have used one or two of them in the past.17:02
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nkinkadeA couple years ago they wouldn't have served our purposes, but maybe they have made some progress.17:03
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akozaknyergler, would you have a minute or two sometime today for a refresher discussion about structuring the ported licenses18:56
akozakshouldn't take too long18:56
nyerglerakozak, sure18:58
nyergleri have a 1pm that should be over by 2 or 230; after that?18:58
akozaknyergler, yea sounds good.18:58
akozaki have a quick call at 3pm18:58
akozakbut im sure it wont take long18:59
akozak(our mtg)18:59
nyerglerwhy don't we just touch base after my mtg, do it before or after yours?18:59
akozaknyergler, sounds good19:00
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paroneayeanyergler: JED3: nkinkade: akozak: call in 10?20:15
nyerglernkinkade, paroneayea, akozak, JED3: sorry, i had this bullshit meeting scheduled against our call20:16
nyerglercan we push later/to tomorrow?20:17
nkinkadeI'm fine with that.  Do you want to update the event, or should we just figure it out informally?20:17
paroneayeankinkade: nyergler: btw, if we want to use a FaiF / ogg vorbis stream instead of ustream:
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paroneayeamy friend carl karsten does that for some of the usergroups he records and etc20:20
nkinkadeI say we cat stream > /dev/null20:20
paroneayeawell I'm not too much in disagreement there but :)20:20
paroneayeaas long as we're going to stream, we might as well stream in something that doesn't require flash20:21
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nkinkadenyergler: Are you getting mails from the backup machine?  Looks like you are from the mail logs, but just want to make sure.21:21
nkinkadeOh, and I think I mentioned to you but apparently on Debian mdadm is automatically run in monitor mode, which will send emails to root if it notices a problem with the array.21:23
nyerglernkinkade, yes, i'm getting emails, thanks21:43
nyerglernkinkade, btw, i noticed a bunch of messages printed to the console on that machine re: ext3 fs errors (deleted inode, or something like that)21:43
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, earlier today I unmounted /dev/md0 and manually ran e2fsck.21:44
nkinkadeIt found a good number of errors ... most of them seemed pretty trivial, and they should all now be repaired.21:44
nyerglernkinkade, ah, ok21:44
nkinkadeJED3: Why does this URL return a 2.0 license?
nkinkadeIs 1.5 deprecated, and only dev should be used?21:53
JED3nkinkade: yes, please use dev21:53
nyergler1.5 is not necessarily deprecated, but needs to be upgraded to the latest code21:53
nyerglerthat url returns 2.0 because you haven't specified a jurisdiction (ie, that call should never be made according to the docs)21:54
nkinkadeJED3: Is a URL like that the best way you know of to figure out the latest version of the Unported licenses?21:54
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JED3nkinkade: yes,
nkinkadeJED3: Not specifying a jurisdiction= will render Unported by default and by design?21:56
nkinkadenyergler: Then for 1.5 how does one specify Unported if a jurisdiction= parameter *must* be passed?21:57
nyergler"-" was code for generic/unported for a while21:58
nyergler(well, for a very long time, probably still works elsewhere)21:58
JED3nkinkade: correct, or if you give me 10 minutes there'll be a call like
nkinkadeThat's not documented.21:58
JED3which will return for unported21:58
nkinkadeAt least not that I could see in the 1.5 docs.21:58
nyerglersorry, i mispoke21:59
nyerglerit is an empty string for unported21:59
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nkinkadeThanks.  I think for the purposes of this WP plugin that the new API call JED3 is making will be easiest, especially since it's returned in JSON format, which is easier to parse in PHP than RDF.22:02
JED3nkinkade: does it absolutely need to be in json?22:04
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nkinkadeJED3: Isn't that what we had all agreed on the other day?22:04
nkinkadeIt doesn't *have* to be, but JSON couldn't be easier to utilize in PHP, whereas there doesn't exist any official RDF parser for PHP, that I know of ... just 3rd party things, that may not have received any love for a long time.22:05
JED3nkinkade: the alternative to json would be xml, which is just as straighforward in php22:05
nkinkadeJED3: XML is fine, but still not as easy as JSON.22:06
nkinkadeIs there a compelling reason to not use JSON?22:06
nkinkade/apps/deed and /apps/triples returns JSON data.22:06
JED3nkinkade: everything else in the api is returned as xml22:06
nkinkadeJED3: Except for /apps/deed and /apps/triples??22:07
JED3nkinkade: the /apps/ are completely seperated from the api22:07
nkinkadeAh.  nyergler do you have an opinion on whether this new call should return XML or JSON.  We talked about it the other day and settled on JSON, if I recall.  But if the rest of the API returns XML then I suppose it makes sense to be consistent, right?22:08
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nyerglernkinkade, most of the API returns XML22:09
nyergleri don't have a strong preference; ideally one day it'd grow the ability to do both easily22:09
nyergleri suppose i was also confusing the API with scraper last time we talked about this22:10
nyergleranyway, no strong opinion, XML would be more consistent with the rest of the tool22:10
nkinkadeJED3: I'm fine with XML.  It's easy an reliable in to parse XML in PHP.22:10
nkinkadeBut I do like the idea that one day one could pass an argument to get JSON instead of XML. :-)22:11
JED3nkinkade: that is something i am working on right now, but am not sure when it would be ready or if its even feasible22:12
nkinkadeCool.  XML will work just fine.  It was RDF that worried me.22:13
JED3the XML version will be available in just a few minutes22:13
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nkinkadeJED3: For Unported?
nkinkadeThat URL returns some error page.22:43
JED3nkinkade: heh i was just talking about this with nyergler22:43
nkinkadeThat's a nice debug page, though.22:43
nkinkadeI suppose that's the benefit of using a framework.22:44
nkinkadeI'd like to vote that "-" (dash) isn't the best synonym for Unported.22:44
JED3nkinkade: give me a moment and i'll have something for unported, it'll just be an empty param i guess22:45
nkinkadeSomething like "none" would make more sense to me, or even just have Unported be the default when no jurisdiction code is not supplied.22:45
JED3yeah i think the latter is the best option22:45
nkinkadeYeah, empty is best, in my opinion.22:45
akozaknkinkade, I think we're going to need to install the Semantic Internal Objects extension on the CC wiki for this 3.0 license database.
akozakshould I file a ticket or send an email?23:02
nkinkadeakozak: What is this database?23:04
akozaknkinkade, it's a project for Reg (one of our interns) along with Diane, Aurelia, Michelle to create a smw database based on information gathered during the license porting process23:05
akozakit includes a database of jurisdictions and semi-structured text of the ported licenses23:05
akozakas well as the porting data23:05
nkinkadeHow useful is this going to be, honestly?23:05
akozaknkinkade, I'm not the one to ask...23:05
nkinkadeBut I can install the extension if necessary.23:05
akozakok I'd appreciate it.23:06
nkinkadeakozak: If it needs to be installed, just create a ticket for me and I'll install it tomorrow.23:06
akozaknkinkade, will do, thanks.23:06
nkinkadeCool.  Thanks.23:06
JED3paroneayea: you around still?23:11
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