Tuesday, 2010-06-22

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erlehmannoh, tab completion gone wrong.12:46
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paroneayeaerlehmann: :)12:59
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* paroneayea drops a penny just to hear the noise18:41
paroneayeahello #cc18:41
mralexMY EARS18:54
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mralexnkinkade: the demos on labs don't appear to be in version control, or am i missing it?20:07
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nkinkademralex: They may not be.20:10
nkinkadeI can't remember ... but if they don't appear to be they probably aren't.20:10
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JED3paroneayea: ping21:55
paroneayeaJED3: pong21:56
JED3have any interest in http://djangodash.com/ ?21:56
paroneayeaJED3: not this year unfortunately, forbidding myself to participate in such sprints till my wrists are fully healed21:57
paroneayeawhich they are close to that but I don't want to dash all my efforts to get them back to where they were21:57
paroneayealooks fun though21:57
JED3paroneayea: understandable, are they feeling better?21:57
paroneayeathey are much improved... I am able to cook & do other things outside of work again and do hacking on the weekends.  Am even able to work w/o an anti-inflammatory on most days now21:58
paroneayeastill wearing the braces for now21:58
paroneayeabut that's leaps and bounds aboce where I was 2 months ago21:59
paroneayeaer, above21:59
JED3paroneayea: have you changed your typing habits?21:59
JED3still thumb smacking the spacebar?21:59
paroneayeaI have.  I swiched keyboards22:00
JED3to an ergo?22:00
paroneayeamy thumb smacking is still pretty noisy22:00
akozakwhaaat? "You may use any third party sources (Python modules/Django apps/etc) you wish. But be warned that the less code you write, the worse your judging score will be. The point is that you should build an app/site, not just tie a couple things together."22:00
akozakless code should be better!22:00
akozakmaybe the less code proportionally?22:00
paroneayeaakozak: perl wins!22:00
paroneayeaI was in one of these contests a couple of years ago22:00
paroneayeaand that was the point, that you should make good readable code22:01
paroneayeain the case of the competition I was in (framework rumble) it was determined that the number of lines didn't make a difference in the outcome22:01
paroneayeabut encouraging less lines encourages perl style nastiness22:02
paroneayeahttp://www.webreference.com/perl/tutorial/16/2.html <- rsa in 3 lines of unreadable perl22:03
akozakpaulproteus is a believer in less code, which I guess isn't necessarily the same thing as less lines = better22:03
paroneayealess code when it's readable is good22:03
paulproteusYes, when readable.22:03
paroneayeait's just hard to make that "worth more points" in a contest I thihnk22:03
paroneayeastill yeah they seem to be encouraging the opposite in their rules22:04
paroneayea"If you pay by the line you just bought an expensive bag of bloat"22:04
paroneayeais a phrase I just made up that I'm pretending to quote22:04
JED3akozak: i think they should have something along the lines of "the less code ownership you have, the less your score"22:05
mralexJED3: that's pretty much waht it says22:06
JED3mralex: yeah, i think "lines of code" is a bit explicit though22:06
JED3they didn't say l.o.c.22:07
akozakcc should organize a remix contest22:08
akozakthat'd be neat22:08
akozakccmixter did it i think22:09
mralexthat was the rationale for ccmixter in the first place, iirc22:09
akozakoh heh22:09
mralexto host the wired remix contest, i believe22:09
akozakparoneayea, paulproteus introduced me to cowsay22:11
paroneayeaoh neat, is that where the apt-get moo thing comes from?22:12
mralexcowsay is awesome22:12
paroneayeaalso nice, cowsay rms edition:22:12
paroneayea ____________________________________22:15
paroneayea/ The GNU GPL was not designed to be \22:15
paroneayea\ "open source".                     /22:15
paroneayea ------------------------------------22:15
paroneayea            \        @@@@@@ @22:15
paroneayea             \     @@@@     @@22:15
paroneayea              \   @@@@ =   =  @@22:15
paroneayea               \ @@@ @ _   _   @@22:15
paroneayea                 @@@ @(0)|(0)  @@22:15
paroneayea                @@@@   ~ | ~   @@22:15
paroneayea                @@@ @  (o1o)    @@22:15
paroneayea               @@@    #######    @22:15
paroneayea               @@@   ##{+++}##   @@22:15
paroneayea              @@@@@ ## ##### ## @@@@22:15
paroneayea              @@@@@#############@@@@22:15
paroneayea             @@@@@@@###########@@@@@@22:15
paroneayea            @@@@@@@#############@@@@@22:15
paroneayea            @@@@@@@### ## ### ###@@@@22:15
paroneayea             @ @  @              @  @22:15
paroneayea               @                    @22:15
paroneayeaI <3 it22:15
akozakparoneayea, i loled and then had to explain ascii art to allison :P22:16
akozakprobably the geekiest moment of my life22:17
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mralexhilarity ensued22:17
akozakdefinitely didn't come across as hilarious as i found it22:18
nkinkade$ sudo apt-get install sl22:21
paroneayeanow if you *really* want to get blown away22:23
paroneayeasudo apt-get install bb22:23
paroneayeaascii art demoscene style22:23
paroneayeanotes: sound must be on and pumped up to the max (or headphones)22:25
nkinkadeparoneayea: You must have played around with aalib a lot.22:27
paroneayeanot really22:28
nkinkadeI remember watching part of some movie with John Travolta that was being rendered on the screen with aalib instead of the normal graphic libraries.22:28
nkinkadeIt really blew me away.22:28
mralexi remember there being a Quake port to aalib22:28
nkinkadeWell, you should install it an play with it.22:28
mralexthat was impressive22:28
paroneayeaI didn't get into ascii art until a couple of years ago, past when it was cool22:28
paroneayeaoh yeah ascii quake fuck yeah22:28
nkinkadeaalib is impressive, even if you don't care of ascii art.22:28
paroneayeaalso mpeg's aalib output22:28
paroneayeaI used to watch videos over ssh.22:28
paroneayeaI've been meaning to make an aalib texture node / compositor node for blender22:29
akozaknkinkade, responded re: caching. I'm somewhat shocked it's disabled on the cc wiki.22:38
akozakYou'd think the performance hit wouldve been more obvious.22:38
nkinkadeakozak: Were you proposing we re-enable it, or were you saying that you can't think of any good reason to?22:47
akozaknkinkade, can't think of any reason to22:48
akozaksorry if that wasn't clear22:48
nkinkadeWhy would it hit Acawiki so hard?22:48
akozaknkinkade, where is it hosted?22:49
akozaknkinkade, maybe no one goes to any pages on the cc wiki with parsers :P22:49
akozakor maybe acawiki uses parsers a lot more frequently (maybe in a sidebar?)22:50
akozakhm, no not in the sidebar22:50
akozakIt's a MediaWiki Mystery!22:51
nkinkademralex: JED3: Would either of you happen to know, by some odd chance, whether variables (objects) in a method of a class are destroyed when the function returns, or might they linger for some reason?22:52
mralexnkinkade: in php?22:52
nkinkadeI'm seeing an odd case where it *appears* that some data is hanging around in an object created in a class method.22:53
nkinkademralex: Yeah, in PHP.22:53
nkinkade... I hope I'm making sense.22:53
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JED3nkinkade: it depends22:53
nkinkadeNormally I would expect the variable scope to end when the function returns.22:53
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JED3nkinkade: it will if you are passing by value22:53
nkinkadeBut maybe there is something odd about the fact that it's a class member method and the variable itself is an object.22:53
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nkinkadeJED3: Let me check ...22:53
JED3nkinkade: and if you are passing an object, you are most likely just passing a reference22:54
nkinkadeJED3:  Do you have a sec to take a look at this code?22:54
JED3nkinkade: sure22:55
nkinkadeThe variable I'm referring to isn't being passed, but is instantiated inside the method, which itself gets called many times from a loop.22:55
nkinkadeJED3: On a9:/var/www/support.creativecommons.org/www/sites/default/modules/civicrm/bin/ContributionProcessor.php:37922:56
nkinkadeOn that line (379) it calls a method here:22:56
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akozaknkinkade, sorry22:58
akozaki was confused too22:58
akozakI don't see any downside to enabling the cache22:58
akozakwhich is the default IIRC22:58
nkinkadeYeah, it's the default and we only disabled it for the <ask> queries.22:58
JED3nkinkade: okay, i'm looking at the code now22:59
JED3nkinkade: which variable are you curious about?23:01
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nkinkadeJED3: I'm not 100% sure.  It would almost seem like if  $params['trxn_type'] == 'subscrpayment' is sticking when it shouldn't.23:02
nkinkadeI know, this is all pretty vague.23:03
nkinkadeThe main evidence I have that something is awry is that when I run ContributionProcessor.php for PayPal ... in a few case, not all!, the contribution that was processed immediately after a recurring contribution was processed was giving a contribution_recur_id, when it clearly shouldn't have been, and sure enough it's the same ID from the recurring contribution that from the previously processed contribution.23:04
nkinkadeJED3: ^^23:04
nkinkadeThis leads me to believe that some variable or element of some variable isn't getting properly reset with each iteration of the loop.23:05
nkinkade... but I haven't yet been able to find the cause.  This started me wondering how variables are scoped and destroyed when called from one class method that calls a method from another class .. or something ridiculous like that.23:07
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nkinkadeMy intuition and experience thus far with PHP would tell me that nothing should remain, but I can't see how what occurred could occur if some data wasn't hanging around.23:08
JED3nkinkade: would paypal send parms with a recurring parameter included?23:09
nkinkadeJED3: If they did it would be a terrible bug.23:09
JED3nkinkade: paypal doesn't send any notification that a payment is a scheduled one?23:10
nkinkadeJED3: In this case we are manually pulling history from PayPal via their API, and they do include data about whether a certain contribution is a subscription or not.23:10
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JED3nkinkade: okay, you may want to look in Util.php's formatAPIParams function23:11
nkinkadeJED3: Did you see something?  That function should get called with each iteration of the loop, so there should be no persistent data, as far as I understand variable scope.23:12
nkinkadeAnd $params and $trxnDetails get reassigned with each iteration of the loop, so no data should persist in them either.23:16
JED3nkinkade: yeah, i'm not sure where this could be happening23:18
JED3you said it only happens sometimes?23:18
nkinkadeJED3: I'm not 100% sure yet ... as soon as I saw that it did it a few times I killed the script so that I could analyze.23:19
nkinkadeClearly there is something amiss in there, but what it is I don't know yet.23:19
nkinkadeThanks for taking a look in there, though, because there could have been something obvious I missed.23:19
JED3nkinkade: no prob, I didn't see anything obvious23:20
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luisvso is mlinksva too good for IRC these days? :)23:26
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