Wednesday, 2010-06-23

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nkinkadeparoneayea: What's the process, again, for getting translations from git to show up on staging?  Is it documented and I just am not remembering where?17:24
nkinkadeOr is that still a work in progress?17:25
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paroneayeankinkade: it's documented, but the current setup doesn't match the documentation yet :)18:39
paroneayeathe current setup works but is too complicated18:39
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akozakhaha paroneayea19:41
akozaknkinkade, mute19:42
paroneayeankinkade: yo19:43
paroneayeankinkade: lolllll19:43
paroneayeayour voice was totally coming through19:44
paroneayea"I'm on a conference call"19:44
nkinkadeStrange.  I had my headset muted??19:44
nkinkadeOh, well.19:44
nkinkadeIt's what I get for dialing in.19:45
paroneayeait made things entertaining :)19:45
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paroneayeankinkade: SHIT SHIT SHIT19:50
paroneayeaIM me19:50
akozakwas down for a bit?19:59
nkinkadeYes it was.20:00
akozaki see all.20:01
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nyerglernkinkade, paroneayea, akozak, JED3: tech call now?20:31
nyerglerline 2?20:31
nkinkadenyergler: Can we push it back 10 or 15 minutes?20:31
nyerglersure... 15?20:31
nkinkadeparoneayea and I are working on getting the new cc.engine up and running but are hitting some problems.20:32
nyerglerok, why don't you ping us when you're ready20:32
nyerglerakozak, JED3 ^^20:32
JED3nyergler: fine by me20:32
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nkinkadenyergler: I think we're ready now.20:37
paroneayeayeah, ready20:37
JED3paroneayea: WOOT i see <html .... lang='en'> on our licenses, that could only mean one thing?!20:38
paroneayeasanity lives20:38
nyerglergreat, akozak, JED3 and I will dial into line 2 momentarily20:38
nkinkadeparoneayea: Is /choose down again?20:55
nkinkadeparoneayea: Also, shouldn't /licenses return a page rather than a directory listing?20:57
nkinkadeparoneayea: ^^21:09
nyerglerfwiw /choose is giving 503 now, which seems a little clearer than 40421:13
nyerglerparoneayea, nkinkade ^^21:13
paroneayeayeah it was 503'ing, then I set it back to the old engine and it kept 503'ing21:15
paroneayeathe old engine isn't coming up either.21:15
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paroneayeadown *and* slow21:16
paroneayeaI've set things back to the old engine21:18
paroneayeaand it still won't work21:18
paroneayeano page will load21:20
paroneayeaoh scratch that21:20
paroneayeaebber@a5:/var/www/$ sudo /etc/init.d/cc_engine-run-cc_engine21:24
paroneayea. . Unlinking stale socket /var/www/; sleep 121:24
paroneayeaNo handlers could be found for logger "root"21:24
paroneayeadaemon process started, pid=1341421:24
paroneayeathis bug again21:24
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paroneayeankinkade and I think it's best if we leave this until tomorrow morning, when we'll try to set things over again fresh21:32
paroneayeatoday was a :< day21:32
nkinkadeYeah, I agree.  It's getting later in the day, and we'll be better prepared tomorrow morning.21:33
paroneayeasorry for the downtime everyone :<21:33
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