Monday, 2010-06-21

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cre8if i donate to cc catalyst can i apply for a cloak?11:03
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dithyramblenyergler: How flexible are you with the time of our meeting? Could you do 9:45am PDT?16:20
nyerglerdithyramble: yes, i can do that16:21
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akozaknkinkade, should I do an svn update for maps?16:37
akozakoh you have it in git.16:39
nkinkadeakozak: Right.  It's in git.16:39
nkinkadeAnd sadly it's not a quick "git pull" to install.16:40
akozaknkinkade, I ran into an unrelated wiki problem last week where it wasn't letting me upload a zip file even though zip is supposed to be an allowed format.16:42
nkinkadeMore fun with Mediawiki.16:42
akozaknkinkade, the only possibility that I could find myself was that zip is allowed twice in LocalSettings16:43
akozak$wgFileExtensions = array( 'png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'ogg', 'pdf', 'svg', 'svgz', 'xcf', 'm4v', 'zip', 'odf', 'odp', 'psd', 'indd', 'odt', 'ods', 'zip', 'doc', 'xls', 'docx', 'xlsx', 'txt' );16:44
akozakbut I lack the permissions to fix it16:44
akozaknkinkade, ah wait I might have found it...16:46
nyerglerdithyramble: paulproteus: ready for the call?16:46
paulproteusWas just 'bout to dial you.16:46
paulproteusnyergler: Want to name a piratepad where we'll take minutes etc.?16:46
paulproteusnyergler: okay -- cal you at office or cell?16:47
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nyergleroffice, please16:47
nyergleri just pm'd dithyramble the # if you need it16:48
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akozaknkinkade, looks like we need to override $wgMimeTypeBlacklist from defaultsettings17:01
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alex007CC CARD17:05
alex007CC POWER!17:06
paulproteusCC LICENSE!17:06
alex007cc license!17:07
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erlehmannakozak, looks like we need to … [puts on sunglasses] override. YEAAAAAAHHH17:35
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paulproteusakozak: Bug report: "Creative Common is supporting the project"
paulproteuss/Creative Common/Creative Commons/18:22
akozakWONT FIX18:23
akozakone sec :P18:23
akozakthanks paulproteus18:23
paulproteusI find these it hard to believe anyone who wasn't at the sprint would understand these blog posts.18:26
paulproteusI know I mentioned that earlier, and we talked about audience, but I thought I'd bring it up again just to be annoying.18:26
paulproteuss/I find these it/I find it/18:26
paulproteusI guess I could say these things in #discovered, I now realize.18:28
paulproteus"What makes DiscoverEd exciting is that"... on is very nice!18:31
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akozakin short, I'm not as worried as you since it wasn't my goal to explain the sprint work to a non-tech audience18:35
akozakand I also don't have the expertise to explain it all to "the public"18:36
akozakI was mostly interested in signaling that good work occurred, and made sure to describe it accurately.18:37
paulproteusGot it.18:37
akozakbut point well taken that DiscoverEd needs to be explained to the public better18:38
akozakI might do a cc blog post inspired by the code sprint posts18:38
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akozakmralex, did the catalyst counter just go down?18:39
mralexakozak: it was corrected18:40
paulproteusakozak: That would be totally rocking.18:44
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nyerglerpaulproteus: akozak: I have writing a general CC blog post re: the sprint on my task list; currently block by putting together the two paragraph version of what/why19:56
* paulproteus nods. I wonder if someone else can supply a draft of such a paragraph.19:56
nyergleri was going to largely crib akozak's paragraph from the day 3 post as a starting point :)19:57
akozaknyergler, maybe said paragraph(s) could be adapted from some text in my labs posts.19:57
nyerglerpaulproteus: i'm in love with the gitorious merge request view (ie,
paulproteusPlus the help is quite nice!19:59
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nyerglernkinkade: ping20:05
nkinkadenyergler: Hey.20:06
nyerglernkinkade: so the server has arrived; do i also need to order a couple more 2T drives?20:06
nyerglerdid we decide we could do 4x2 (and start from a degraded state) or do we need to use the 160G as the boot/os drive?20:06
nkinkadenyergler: I think we'll want 2 more.20:06
nyerglerso we'll have the 160G, and then 3 2T drives, right?20:07
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah.  But I haven't decided yet exactly how I was to bootstrap the array.20:08
nyerglernkinkade: got it20:08
nyergleri'll get those ordered20:08
nkinkadeI've had some thoughts about trying to dump most or all of the Amazon data on the Time Capsule.20:08
nkinkade... which should have plenty of room to hold it all temporarily.20:09
nyerglernkinkade: that might be easier than trying to start "degraded"20:09
nkinkadeThen to build out the machine and array from empty discs.20:09
nyerglerlet's make life easy if possible :)20:09
nkinkadeThat was my thought too.20:09
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nyerglernkinkade: don't know if you saw this (
nyerglerguess we can reboot the nagios box at some point to take advantage21:55
nyerglerpaulproteus, you may be interested in this ^^ as well if you haven't seen21:55
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nkinkadenyergler: No, I hadn't seen that.  Thanks.21:56
nkinkadeMemory went from 360M to 512M.22:04
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akozaknkinkade, the map on the cc wiki Events page is working again. i think the upgrade, database table update, and smw cache refresh did the trick22:37
akozakunless you did something special22:38
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nkinkadeCool.  I didn't do anything but upgrade.22:38
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akozaknyergler, looks like my aggregate stopped with error23:08
nyerglerakozak: can you email or pastebin?23:08
nyerglerakozak: hrm, looks like a reflection issue, i'll need to take a look23:12
nyergler(@ what that line of source indicates)23:13
akozaknyergler, ok let me know if i can help23:13
nyerglerok, i'm about to head home so it'll be this evening or tomorrow before i look @ it23:14
akozakno problem23:14
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akozaknkinkade, around?23:36
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah.23:36
akozaknkinkade, have time to either 1) grant me permissions to edit LocalSettings.php in mediawiki on a7 or 2) add a line to it for me?23:37
nkinkadeakozak: Do you not have sudo privs?23:37
akozaknkinkade, I don't think so.23:37
nkinkadeakozak: You do.23:38
akozaknkinkade, ok I must have the wrong password then23:38
nkinkadeDo you use public key authentication?23:38
akozaknkinkade, not for sudo.23:38
akozakbut I got in23:39
nkinkadeHow are you running sudo?23:39
akozakI was using the wrong password23:39
akozaksudo nano23:39
nkinkadeAnd then it should prompt you for your user's password.23:39
akozakYes, sorry I was just using the wrong password.23:39
nkinkadeDo you need me to reset your password?23:39
akozakI have a different password on a6.23:39
akozakno thanks.23:39
nkinkadeYou've got it settled now?23:40
akozakYes :)23:40
akozaksorry to bother you with my ignorance23:40
akozaknkinkade, wait!23:41
akozaksorry, I need your advice23:41
akozakI'm attempting to allow .zip files to be uploaded to MediaWiki23:41
akozakbut "A ZIP file may be a valid Java archive containing an applet which exploits the same-origin policy to steal cookies  "23:41
akozakis found in the config23:42
akozaknkinkade, do you think I should enable it briefly to upload what I need to and then turn it off? Or is it OK to leave on?23:42
akozakI'll just turn it off for safety's sake'23:44
nkinkadeakozak: I'd say go with turning it off.23:44
nkinkadeAnything could be inside a ZIP archive.23:45
akozakok, that's the obvious answer. thanks nkinkade23:45
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nkinkadeakozak:  Perhaps you could upload your ZIP file to mirrors or something?23:46
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nkinkadeDoes it really need to be uploaded via MW?23:46
nkinkadeJust a thought.23:46
akozaknkinkade, no, but I already did it.23:46
nkinkadeNo biggie.23:46
akozakand I've never used mirrors...23:46
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