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NonpythonIs it allowed under the BY-NC-SA to license a derivative work under any non-creative commons licenses?00:08
NonpythonECHO echo echo echo echo00:09
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nkinkadenyergler: Did you reboot a7 last night?16:22
nyerglernkinkade, yes16:26
nyergleri couldn't ssh in, nagios was reporting web services were down16:26
nyerglercouldn't get to them via http16:26
nyerglerand didn't see you online16:26
nkinkadeThanks.  I was at a restaurant when the SMSs came in.16:26
nkinkadea7 seems to be having some problems the past week or so.16:27
nyergleryeah, any ideas on that?16:27
nkinkadeWhen I got home last night the error logs were pretty much silent on the issue.16:27
nkinkade4 or 5 days ago I began to ask myself if maybe the discs were failing or something but S.M.A.R.T. reports nothing.16:27
nkinkadeMost likely it's software, but I suppose it could be an intermittent hardware failure ... some component starting to become flaky.16:28
nkinkadeI'll poke around a bit more today.16:29
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nkinkadenyergler: How do you mean "half-time" on the EFF email?16:58
nkinkade50% of someone's time during the setup phase?16:58
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nyerglernkinkade, correct17:06
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mralexnkinkade: massive load on a7 right now.18:29
mralexapache going crazy, by the looks of it18:29
nyerglermralex, nkinkade, is it possible to determine which vhost is getting pounded?18:30
nkinkadenyergler: Interestingly there aren't many connections.18:32
nyerglerthat's weird18:32
nyergleri wonder if we have a pathological SMW query on the wiki somewhere... ?18:32
nkinkadenyergler: I blocked a particular IP address and things started to die down.  I'm now looking in the Apache logs to see what they were accessing.18:38
nkinkadeLooks like they were making repeated GET requests on the same article, many times a second.18:38
nkinkadeIt looks like it was likely a bot that was aggressively searching history.18:43
nyerglernkinkade, interesting, thanks18:53
nyergleri wonder if they're responsible for the hiccups over the past couple days, too18:53
nkinkadenyergler: It wouldn't surprise me.18:53
nkinkadenyergler: I'm going to send webmaster the file of the URLs this one IP was accessing.18:53
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paroneayeankinkade: JED3: nyergler: line 2 in 8 minutes?20:20
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nyerglerparoneayea, yes20:28
nyerglerthanks for the reminder20:28
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JED3so its the "The work is licensed under a" thats not translated?20:36
paroneayeaJED3: yes20:37
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lotiagreetings all. anyone have a recommendation for a mediawiki plugin that allows embedding flickr slideshows?21:14
lotiaspecific ones, not search results21:15
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nkinkadenyergler: Did we remove the demos/ stuff from Labs?  Or am I just not seeing it?22:52
nkinkadeJED3: paroneayea: Can either of you think of anything that has changed on a7 in the past week?22:57
nyerglernkinkade, i don't think we removed it22:58
nyerglerby "not seeing it", do you mean in the sidebar on the blog, or on the filesystem?22:58
JED3nkinkade: no i cannot think of anything22:58
nkinkadeOne of the problems we're having on a7 is that for some odd reason Apache is reaching it's MaxClients setting and Varnish suddenly starts returning 503 errors.  This shouldn't normally happen, as Varnish would generally start queuing requests.22:59
nkinkadenyergler: I just don't see the demos section anymore.22:59
nyerglernkinkade, i thought we had it in the sidebar as a text widget with a few links23:00
nkinkadenyergler: So did I.  I was poking around this a7 issues and randomly noticed that it was gone.23:01
nkinkadeDid we do some theme updates recently on Labs mralex?23:01
nyerglernkinkade, did we upgrade WP-MU?23:02
nyergler(who knows how long it's been gone...)23:02
nkinkadenyergler: Do we need the demos/ stuff, even?23:02
nkinkadeI probably did an upgrade a few months back.23:02
nyerglernkinkade, i don't think we need to advertise it anymore23:02
mralexhaven't touched labs in ages23:02
nyerglerit may return eventually23:02
nkinkadeI think all the projects there were/are terribly old and unused.23:03
mralexeverything indemos dates back to at least 199823:03
mralexer, 200823:03
mralexnah, i stand by 199823:03
paroneayeankinkade: there's some stuff removed from varnish since we moved things over to sanity on staging23:05
paroneayeaI'm not able to think of why that may trigger those errors23:05
nkinkadeparoneayea: We've got etckeeper so we should be able to see a diff for that file.23:05
paroneayeankinkade: one thing that changed is that the license engine has been commented out / disabled entirely23:08
paroneayeaon staging23:08
paroneayeaI wonder if that could be freaking out some bots or something that could be trying to query it?23:08
paroneayeabut that doesn't make sense23:08
paroneayeanothing should be *relying* on staging23:08
paroneayeaI don't think my bots theory is very sound.  But do you think this is a precursor to when you disabled sanity on staging, or was this happening after?23:09
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'm about to take off.  If you have some input on the bots stuff, will you reply to the email?23:10
paroneayeathat stuff was running on a7 for a long time without problems; the one thing that changed recently was the move to fcgid23:10
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paroneayeacya nkinkade23:10
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nyerglermralex, paroneayea either of you working on a5?23:39
mralexnyergler: i have an unresponsive SSH that i wasn't paying attention to, not actively working on anything.23:41
nyerglermralex, yeah, it seems really dead23:41
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