Wednesday, 2010-05-26

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_kewhat is the difference between and if i want to licence my website under it?13:59
tvolhey _ke: the second URL you posted is a ported license. the first is unported. see for more information.14:12
_ketvol, thanks a lot!14:13
tvolno problem!14:13
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akila87Hello paroneayea,14:46
paroneayeaheya akila8714:47
akila87paroneayea what happen to the menu, did it work14:48
paroneayeaI was just about to send you an email :)14:49
paroneayeaone sec, let me send it, then we can discuss it14:49
paroneayeasent.  Let me know after you read it.14:49
akila87i read it :)14:53
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akila87im dong my development in ubuntu. but using 3.214:53
paroneayeaah really14:53
paroneayeamaybe it's debian then14:53
paroneayeavery strange14:53
paroneayeaI thought you said you were using windows earlier14:54
akila87may be it has the problem with version14:54
akila87ah ya i checked it in windows too. the same one i've uploaded.14:54
paroneayeaI'm assuming you're running Jaunty then on your ubuntu machine?14:55
paroneayeasince it's 3.214:55
paroneayeasorry, not jaunty14:56
paroneayeaAlright.  I do have that machine running Karmic here.. I'll try updating it to Lucid and see if it works properly14:57
akila87may be im compling the program with 3.2 sdk and we are running that on 3.1 or 3.214:57
akila87first ill try to compile this in 3.114:58
akila87then we can check.14:58
paroneayeaso the other bit I mentioned there was about the commit sizes / messages14:58
paroneayeadoes that seem reasonable?14:58
akila87ya actually i was thing that too.14:59
paroneayeagreat :)14:59
akila87i worried that im committing too frequently.14:59
paroneayeadon't worry about commiting too frequently :)14:59
akila87sure ill do it.14:59
akila87btw I'm not at home right now.15:00
paroneayeaheh ok15:00
akila87so the problem is the internet speed is very slow15:00
paroneayeawhere are you, out of curiosity?15:01
akila87i'm at may garndma's place. in Polonnaruwa.15:01
paroneayeacool :)15:02
akila87we don't have 3G coverage like Colombo.15:02
akila87will it be ok to update the changes after i came home?15:02
paroneayeafor sure15:02
paroneayeahave fun, and take care :)15:03
akila87thanks paroneayea,15:03
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akila87and ill surely post my updates in the blog.15:04
paroneayeagreat :)15:04
akila87and can I post a copy in my personal blog? i thought of starting an english one.15:08
paroneayeaakila87: sure, you can copy to your own blog15:17
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nyerglerparoneayea, did you see the email that just came in to webmaster re: the GPL/LGPL deeds?15:23
nyerglerlooks like the translation string is missing a closing brace or something15:24
nkinkadenyergler: There's also the one from Lukas.15:24
nyerglernkinkade, just started going through email, haven't gotten there yet15:24
nkinkadeBasically the CC CZ Deeds are displaying all in English.15:24
paroneayeaugh.  I remember this problem happening but I thought I fixed it15:27
paroneayeaActually, looks like in 90b7bd14e5b65cbe7abd1096fb1ce3f938188a83 at least of the packageify branch it was correct (the GPL i18n line)15:27
paroneayeamaybe that fix got lost in the mergehell branch15:28
nyerglerparoneayea, ah, ok15:31
nkinkadenyergler: So I broke i18n out for CC Search into i18n_ccsearch.git and that is now backing the CC Search project on and is working nicely.  Then I started to consider that we should just git-svn all of ccsearch and start using git for the whole thing from here forward.  Then I started to think about whether it made sense to break out the i18n part or not.15:31
nkinkadeDo you have any opinion?  I'm feeling like maybe the whole shebang should just be git and we shouldn't have a separate repo for strings, but I can see how it could be nice to separate it, I think.15:31
nkinkadeIt could easily be a git submodule, for example.15:32
nyerglerdoes transifex let us say "the po files are in this directory in the repository"?15:32
nyergleror does it assume they're in the root or something?15:32
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nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, it does, more or less.15:34
nkinkadeThey have a "File Filter:" setting which essentially lets you do that.15:34
paroneayeaso yeah, looks like that's it15:34
paroneayeaLooks like I failed to cherry-pick ad4fe6f2b6a6a606c40ed54d6767768e9f549b21 from packageify during mergehell15:34
nyerglernkinkade, so i think that i generally agree with you, that it *could* be nice to have them split out15:34
nyerglernkinkade, but i think we should wait to split until we have a reason15:34
nyergler(ie, we might use the strings in multiple places, so we split those out)15:35
nyergleri guess my inclination is to git-svn the whole thing and know we can split later, if needed15:35
nkinkadenyergler: I guess that sounds reasonable.  Modularity sounds great, but I honestly can't think of any particular use case where we'd really need them separated.15:35
nyerglernkinkade, that is, one time git-svn, move it all to git15:35
nyerglernkinkade, right15:35
nkinkadeCool.  I put it all back together, and make it all git.15:35
nyerglernkinkade, i'm not a huge fan of git submodules, so i think i'd rather pay a "Tax" of having it all together in one, as opposed to using submodules15:36
nyerglerparoneayea, great15:36
nyerglernkinkade, paroneayea, any idea why lucas would be linking to cs_CZ as the language?15:36
nyerglerit appears our czech translation code is "cs"15:36
nyergler(although this doesn't answer why the deed by default is in english)15:36
paroneayeano, I'll look at that as soon as I fix this GPL thing though15:36
nyerglerparoneayea, thanks... it may be a language setting issue in the jursidictions file15:37
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hollunderHi there.15:53
hollunderI'm wondering about which license would be good for something like audio samples and soundfonts15:54
hollunderThere are quite a number that are 'free' but without any license. I just thought about asking the copyright holders of those to release them under a really free license, like CC-BY-SA or something. I noticed that some are distributed as GPL as well...15:55
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paroneayeahollunder: depends on whether or not you want to make releasing under a free license a requirement or not15:58
paroneayeaif so, BY-SA is your best choice.  Otherwise, CC BY or CC0 are great options.15:58
hollunderI read about some 'sampling' version of the cc licenses, but I don't quite know what to make of it. Is it just another name or a different license?16:02
mattlsampling licenses are retired now, i think.16:03
hollunderoh, and is this a good place to ask about copyright in case of sampling in general? I mean using short snippets of copyrighted material in a new work. I know it might depend on the legislation, but have no idea where to look for further information.16:04
hollundermattl: ok, thanks16:04
nyerglerhollunder, the sampling licenses allowed you to license an entire song in a way that allowed sampling, but not larger re-use16:04
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nyerglerhollunder, they have been retired at this point, and are not recommended for new works (as mattl pointed out)16:04
hollunderok, thanks16:05
nyerglerparoneayea, awesome, can you reply to that webmaster email reporting the bug?16:05
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hollunderoh, neat, a human readable version of the GPL :)16:06
mattlthe old GPL ;)16:07
hollunderGPL2 is still widely used16:08
paroneayeanyergler: I guess the second part of his bug is an old formatting issue, but I hadn't noticed it before
paroneayea"Portugese Translation Disclaimer"16:09
paroneayeabecause of the disclaimer align-right16:09
nyerglerparoneayea, oh, right16:09
mattlhollunder: absolutely.16:09
nyerglerthat does look weird16:09
nyerglerparoneayea, can you open a ticket and assign it to Alex Roberts to tell us what CSS to use to fix that? :)16:10
nyergler(mark it urgent)16:10
paroneayeanyergler: yep16:12
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hollunderDo you guys happen to know about fair use in case of sampling in the austrian or german jurisdiction?16:52
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nyerglerparoneayea, are you looking at the czech issue now?17:01
nyerglerhollunder, sorry, i do not17:01
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hollunderthanks nyergler, any idea where I could get that information?17:08
nyerglerhollunder, you might ask on the cc-community email list... not sure17:11
hollunderok, thanks, I'll have a look17:12
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mralexnkinkade: JED3: is zupport down?17:40
nkinkadeShouldn't be.17:41
JED3mralex: thats me and damn you're quick17:41
JED3back up17:42
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dithyramblenyergler: I have a question about nutch and java-rdfa18:20
dithyramblejava-rdfa wants to write triples to the rdfstore18:20
nyerglerdithyramble, interesting18:21
dithyrambleI'm trying to understand the code of CCParseFilter. The core method seems to be filter.18:21
dithyramblefilter takes a ParseResult, among other things, and returns a ParseResult. It doesn't write triples. (Presumably that happens later.)18:22
nyerglerdithyramble, you mean CCParseFilter in the creativecommons plugin?18:22
nyerglerdithyramble, there are no triples involved in that18:22
nyerglerthat's all Nutch side18:22
nyerglerthe creativecommons plugin is included with Nutch18:23
nyerglerso it doesn't look @ the RDF store at all18:23
nyergler(or even know about it)18:23
dithyrambleI'm trying to make our RDFa parsing logic into a plugin18:23
nyerglerright... so IIRC filter gets the ParseResult, which gives you access to the full text of the document18:24
nyergler(that was retrieved)18:24
nyerglerat that point I'd pass it through the parser... from the nutch side it's sort of a no-op filter, but it grabs the document when we have access to it and shoves the triples into the store18:25
dithyrambleYeah, that's the part I'm working on now. But I realize that this plugin will add triples, whereas the other plugins (afaik) rely on other classes to add triples. That's ok by you?18:25
dithyramble(parsing the text of the ParseResult is what I'm working on now)18:25
nyerglerother plugins have nothing to do with triples18:25
paroneayeanyergler: so yeah, I found out the issue...18:25
paroneayeaactually, I'll follow up via email18:26
nyerglerparoneayea, ok18:26
dithyrambleI guess I was confused because they deal with metadata. I figured that meant that at some point they were accessing our triple store.18:26
dithyrambleBut that's not correct?18:26
nyerglerdithyramble, correct, that's not correct :)18:26
nyerglerremember, the triple store is something we added18:27
nyerglerso they just add information as Lucene Fields to the individual Documents18:27
nyerglerdithyramble, wrt to writing directly to the rdfstore, i assume you're referring to JenaStatementSink?18:27
dithyrambleThat's right18:27
dithyrambleAh, re lucene fields, I see.18:27
nyerglerdithyramble, and we're using a context for the RDFa triples that's scoped to the document's URI, right? (not sure if i'm asking that correctly)18:29
nyerglerthat is, what URI are we passing into the call to get the appropriate store?18:30
dithyrambleThe document URI, that's right.18:30
nyerglerdithyramble, so it seems like we should be able to just pass that model in to the statement sink, right?18:31
nyergler(we may need to add an accessor, i guess, like getModel)18:31
nyerglerto the RdfStore class, that is18:31
dithyrambleI think it has one.18:32
dithyrambleAnd yes, that's what I'm doing.18:32
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dithyrambleI have a test that we can retrieve metadata begat by rdfa from the document's named graph. The test passes.18:33
nyerglerdithyramble, so is there an issue with java-rdfa? :)18:33
dithyrambleNope, just with turning it into a plugin so we don't hit the network twice per document.18:34
dithyrambleI think I have a good idea of what to do now. And I won't worry that the plugin I'm creating is contacting the triple store -- that makes perfect sense.18:35
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paroneayeanyergler: sent18:55
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nyerglerparoneayea, replied19:31
paroneayeanyergler: thx19:33
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paroneayeaJED3: nkinkade: are we having a tech call?20:25
JED3paroneayea: tomorrow yes20:26
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* paroneayea must have missed an email20:28
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dithyramblenyergler: I've added a file called to the Nutch CC package. Is this the right thing to do?21:28
nyerglerdithyramble, can you be more specific about which package?21:28
nyerglerit should go in the cclearn plugin21:28
* dithyramble moves the class21:29
nyerglerthe creativecommons plugin is shipped with nutch, we don't touch it21:29
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dithyramblenyergler: Somehow the class isn't being detected yet.21:34
dithyrambleI've added this to src/plugin/cclearn/plugin.xml:21:34
dithyramble   <extension id="org.creativecommons.learn.RDFaParser"21:34
dithyramble              name="RDFa Parser"21:34
dithyramble              point="org.apache.nutch.parse.HtmlParseFilter">21:34
dithyramble      <implementation id="RDFaParser"21:34
dithyramble                      class="org.creativecommons.learn.RDFaParser" />21:34
dithyramble   </extension>21:34
dithyrambleyikes. sorry that looks so ugly.21:34
dithyrambleDoes that look kosher?21:35
dithyrambleNevermind, I'm trying a different approach.21:47
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nyerglerdithyramble, that does look kosher, fwiw22:32
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NonpythonWhat other licenses can I put something under CC BY-NC-SA?23:50
NonpythonI mean a derivative work.23:52
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