Friday, 2010-05-28

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niekie/j #freenode06:28
erlehmanngood morning, #cc !06:33
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niekieGood morning erlehmann :)06:53
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nkinkadenyergler: The little blips on a5 and a6 are just me.  There were some security updates that required a reboot and I didn't shut down Nagios.15:28
nyerglernkinkade, got it, thanks :)15:31
nyerglernkinkade, just saw the support.xsl commit16:12
nyerglerlooks like you have an extra character in trunk16:12
nyergler+                $jurisdiction='vnr'">3.0</xsl:when>16:12
nkinkadenyergler: Damn.  Thanks for catching that.16:12
nyerglernkinkade, no problem16:13
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nkinkadeparoneayea: How do I update cc.engine on staging?16:51
nkinkadeOh, wait ... nevermind.16:51
nkinkadeI'm just going to skip that step.16:51
nkinkadeThe RDF isn't generated for it, but only via the old method.16:51
paroneayeankinkade: for the record, the way to update things is to "sudo su john", cd to the cc.engine_stage directory, git fetch and merge the cc.engine subdirectory, and then do a ./bin/buildout in the main cc.engine_stage directory16:55
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nyerglernkinkade, is it easy to turn off editing captchas for mediawiki users in the email confirmed group?17:20
nkinkadenyergler: I thought the captcha only showed up for verified users if they were adding external links.17:21
nkinkadeIs that not right?17:21
nyerglernkinkade, it does; acawiki was asking about turning it off completely for confirmed users17:21
nkinkadenyergler: So you are saying you want to turn them off under all circumstances for verified users?17:24
nyerglernkinkade, correct17:24
nyergleron acawiki17:24
nyergler(and to be clear, "i" don't want to, Neeru and Jodi want to)17:24
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nkinkadenyergler: Hmm.  According to this confirmed users shouldn't get the captcha:
nkinkadeI'll look at this.17:26
nyerglernkinkade, ok, don't spend too much time on it :)17:26
nkinkadenyergler: Is there a way to make mkdeeds output only the Unported Deeds just for one jurisdiction?17:27
mralexnkinkade: just to confirm; oneclickdonate will still accept a source= string to change the contribution source, correct?17:27
nkinkadeI tried -j - -l vn17:27
nkinkademralex: Yeah, it does.17:28
nyerglernkinkade, do you mean the Unported for one *language*?17:28
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, that's it.17:28
nyerglerthe params you tried didn't work?17:28
nkinkadenyergler: No, it didn't seem to work.17:29
nyerglerthat's what i'd have guessed :/17:29
nkinkadenyergler: It worked, but it just created deed.vn17:29
nyerglerwait, what were you expecting?17:29
nkinkadeI was expecting "deed"17:29
nkinkadeFor some reason the -l vn option didn't created the default deeds, but I feel like it has in the past.17:30
nyerglerbut "Deed" isn't in vietnamese for unproted17:30
nyerglerno, specifying -l will only do the defaults if that language is also the default language for the jurisdiction17:30
nyergleronly do the default deeds, that is17:30
nkinkadeShit.  I was doing -l vn, but it shoudl have been -l vi17:31
nkinkadenyergler: I just logged into Acawiki and create a new page and wasn't presented with a captcha.17:34
nyerglernkinkade, hrm, with an external link?17:35
nkinkadenyergler: No.  I can try that too.17:35
nkinkadeAccording to the recaptcha site they only present a recaptcha with external links for anonymous edits.17:35
nyerglernkinkade, ok, thanks17:36
nkinkadeI just made that page with no recaptcha.  I suspect that they think they are verified, but really aren't.17:36
nyerglergot it17:37
nyerglerok, thanks17:37
nkinkadeJED3: The international/ pages use the API, right?17:55
nkinkadeI'm getting instead of the name here:
nkinkadeAnd also on the chooser.17:55
nkinkadeI'm trying to figure out what I did wrong here.17:55
JED3nkinkade: if it does, i wasn't aware that it used the API17:57
nkinkadeJED3:  I think I found it.17:57
nkinkadequestions.xml in license_xsl17:57
nkinkademralex: Did you by chance just make a change to includes/referrer/deed.js on the live site?18:03
mralexnkinkade: just now? no18:04
nkinkadenyergler: Do you know why is showing up here:
nkinkade ... or where to go looking for the solution?  I have forgot where that comes from.18:06
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nyerglernkinkade, did you svn up the worldwide plugin?18:07
JED3nkinkade: I did18:07
nyerglernkinkade, oh, wait18:07
nkinkadenyergler: I svn uped everything under /var/www/
nkinkadeI've updated the API for 1.5 and dev, too.18:08
nyerglerlooks like you regenerated licenses.xml before there was a translation for country.vn18:08
nyerglernkinkade, those values get pulled from licenses.xml, IIRC18:08
nyergler(looking to double check)18:09
nkinkadeYeah. I had forgot to add to i18n, but thought I had regenerated everything.18:09
nyerglernkinkade, never mind, it's not licenses.xml18:09
JED3nkinkade: did you revert the changes to deed.js?18:09
nkinkadeThere's were a lot of in licenselocal.xsl and questions.xml, but I regenerated those.18:09
nkinkadeJED3: I did.18:09
JED3nkinkade: that's okay18:10
nkinkadeLook back a bit in this thread.18:10
JED3i can re-edit it18:10
nkinkadeI did an svn up and got a conflict so I went with the installed version over the one in svn.18:10
nkinkadeJED3: Just commit the change when you're done.18:10
nyerglernkinkade, looks like the international page is fine now18:12
JED3nkinkade: yeah, i won't explain why i didn't commit, mainly because my fix was a quick hack and plan on throwing away way this checkout very soon anyways18:12
nkinkadenyergler: Maybe caching of some sort.18:12
nyerglernkinkade, probably18:12
nyerglernkinkade, i forgot -- it gets the list of license URIs from a local copy of licenses.xml, asks the API for their names18:12
nkinkadeJED3: Cool.  I svn up the live site maybe twice a year and it just so happened you made that change just as I was doing it.18:12
nkinkadeparoneayea: Hurry up with those i18n changes because I'm missing sanity badly.18:13
paroneayeankinkade: heh18:15
nkinkadeI forgot how crazy it is to launch jurisdictions the old way.18:15
nkinkadeI've been going at it for over 2 hours now.18:16
nkinkadeYou forget one small thing in one small place and then you find yourself going back and having to redo practically everything, jumping from one repo to the next and regenerating everything under the sun ... wondering where some data comes from, etc.18:16
greg-gsounds like a hell of a way to spend a friday18:19
JED3nkinkade: nyergler working on metadata_scraper for a bit, plz excuse the inevitable nagios alerts as a result18:20
JED3paroneayea: dont you have the day off?18:30
mattlparoneayea never sleeps.18:31
paroneayeaI have the day off?18:36
paroneayeaJED3: I have off the 2nd-8th of next month18:39
paroneayeawhich is maybe what you are thinking of18:39
paroneayeamy spouse and I's 1st year anniversary :D18:39
JED3paroneayea: ahh okay, well early congrats18:40
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JED3paroneayea: ping19:04
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greg-glots o' committing going on for a friday (yeah, I'm still subscribed to get all commit messages)19:31
paroneayeaJED3: pong19:53
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JED3paroneayea: hey20:17
paroneayeaJED3: yo20:17
JED3have you specified rdfadict=0.7.2 in the latest cc.license egg?20:17
paroneayeaI did specify 'rdflib<3.0' though I think20:19
paroneayeaah, that's in cc.licenserdf20:19
paroneayeait was rdflib that was creating those problems we were talking about a bit back20:20
JED3yeah, for some reason this buildout is fetching rdfadict which grabs rdflib 3.020:21
JED3but I've just registered a 2.7.3 version of rdfadict on pypi20:21
JED3oh well, i have a workaround20:24
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JED3paulproteus: ping21:00
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nkinkadeJED3: paroneayea: Do either of you know how to get git-log to show detail for a specific commit?21:21
paroneayeankinkade: I just use tig21:22
JED3nkinkade: detail as in the file diffs?21:22
paroneayeathat's "git show" iird21:22
paroneayeaer iirc21:22
JED3git show -R revid21:22
paroneayea(tig is awesome though)21:23
nkinkadegit show is exactly what I've been looking for.21:23
JED3nkinkade: how fluent is your spanish?21:24
nkinkadeJED3: advanced conversational, perhaps.21:24
JED3nkinkade: i'm itching to get a string translated in one of our catalogs so we can show off a new feature in the deeds21:25
nkinkadeJED3: Send it to me.21:25
nkinkadeOr tell me where I can translate.21:26
JED3nkinkade: i'll need to merge the messages into the catalog.. one sec21:26
JED3we're still using i18n.svn for our catalogs right?21:27
nkinkadeJED3: Which ones?21:27
nkinkadei18n is pretty much only Deeds and the chooser.21:27
JED3okay then yeah21:27
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nkinkadeJED3: Are you presently working on the scraper stuff?21:35
nkinkadeOr should I disable alerts for the weekend?21:35
JED3no actually, will you put them up21:36
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nkinkadeJED3: Put which up?21:36
JED3nkinkade: actually... we need to remove the nagios check for /apps/scrape21:36
JED3nyergler: iirc we decided that we could put /scrape out of it's misery?21:38
nyerglerJED3, is this on staging or production?21:38
JED3well the nagios are for production21:39
JED3only for scrape though21:39
nyerglerbut we aren't using triples in the new world, are we?21:40
nyergleror did we add a third method?21:40
nyerglerjust trying to remember what's been killed, what hasn't :)21:41
JED3triples is there but as of about 20 minutes, no longer being used21:42
JED3scrape is gone entirely21:42
nyerglerok, great21:42
JED3the deed's are requesting apps/deed?... right now21:42
nyerglergreat, so let's have nagios check that21:43
nyergler(does this mean we're rollign out the new scraper code?)21:43
JED3if you'd like to.. yes heh21:43
JED3it was broken before this due a mismatch btwn the javascript and the web service21:44
JED3so i figured just pull an svn switch on the scraper on it while i was debugging, which fixed our immediate problem21:45
nyerglerJED3, i'm not sure how long it was broken; i had rolled back to an explicit version of the javascript a week or two ago21:45
nyergleryeah, let's roll that sucker out :)21:45
JED3the logs are pumping right now, and i'm getting popup info boxes on the deeds21:45
JED3working on adding the strings to the cc_org catalog so this rollout would be of actual interest to other people hah21:46
JED3so we're good to remove the scrape nagios check right>?21:47
nkinkadeJED3: So what needs to be done re: scraper monitoring?21:47
nkinkadehow about apps/triples?21:48
nyerglernkinkade, i think we just need apps/deed, right JED3?21:48
JED3nkinkade: needs to be changed to apps/deed21:48
JED3you can remove the triples one too if you'd like21:48
JED3since nothings using it anymore21:48
nkinkadeJED3: What a good sample URL for the apps/deed test?21:49
JED3actually thats overkill21:51
nkinkadeJED3: Is there another URL?21:51
JED3nkinkade: something else we could use?21:51
nkinkadeSomehow it doesn't seem ideal for the check to be using a URL on the same machine as the app.21:51
nkinkadeMaybe it doesn't matter.21:52
nkinkadeJED3: So can go away too?21:57
JED3nkinkade: yes21:57
JED3nkinkade: if you want a sperate machine url,
nkinkadeJED3: Where is the log the apps/deed.22:09
nkinkadeIt's returning a 127 (??) error to Nagios, but I'm not sure where it's fucked up.22:09
nkinkadeJED3: Will errors be logged there?22:12
nkinkadeJED3: Or ... better yet, can you help me figure out why the request from Nagios is failing?22:13
JED3nkinkade: sorry22:28
JED3back now, was eating celebratory cupcakes for jen's bday ;)22:29
JED3can you send me the response nagios is getting?22:29
nkinkadeJED3: All I see is this: (Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing) 22:29
nkinkadeI'm not sure where that code is coming from.22:30
JED3hmm, are you using check_ping?22:30
nkinkadeJED3: I'm using check_http22:34
nkinkadeI can run it manually and get the right response, but for some reason it's not working when Nagios runs it.22:35
nkinkade/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_http -t 30 -H -u "/apps/deed?url=" -e "200 OK"22:35
JED3nkinkade: hmm it must be a config error then, it doesn't deal with user-agent or anything of the sort22:36
nkinkadeJED3: Can you see any errors of any sort?22:37
JED3nkinkade: maybe uri encode those parameters?22:37
JED3nkinkade: ^^22:39
nkinkadeJED3: I would think that could be it, but there is a similar check for another service and it's not URL encoded.22:39
JED3nkinkade: hmm, thats my only guess22:40
nkinkadeJED3: Check
nkinkadein a7_services.cfg22:40
JED3nkinkade: so it's failing for the a7 checks?22:41
nkinkadeIt's failing for a5.  I was just showing you the a7 config for the sake of an example of a non-urleconded check.22:41
JED3ohh ok22:43
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nkinkadeFuck it.  It's Friday.  I'm just going to forget it for today.22:43
JED3i'll mess with it for a little bit22:44
JED3nkinkade: 80 degrees there right now isnt it?22:45
nkinkadeJED3: I'm in Asheville, NC.  It's about 68.22:47
JED3nkinkade: oh even better22:47
nkinkadeAnd raining at the moment.22:47
nkinkadeBut it's been nice weather.22:47
JED3nkinkade: nevermind22:47
nkinkadeNo, 68 is not better. :-)22:47
JED3hah, what are you doing in asheville?22:48
JED3no, but asheville in spring is22:48
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