Thursday, 2010-05-20

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nyerglerparoneayea, nkinkade -- either of you around?04:11
nkinkadeI'm here.04:11
nkinkadeUnwillingly. :-)04:11
nyerglernkinkade, thoughts on a5?04:11
nyergleryeah, i understand that04:12
nkinkadeI have no idea.04:12
nkinkadeI'm only here cause the msg woke me up.  I'm trying to log in now.04:12
nyerglerlooks like mysqld and paster are eating resources04:12
nyerglerdid chris roll back to the old license engine today?04:14
nkinkadenyergler: I think it may still be with the old one.04:18
nkinkadenyergler: This is probably part of the problem04:19
nkinkadeI had removed the memory checks for cc.engine so that the script wouldn't throw errors, since it's not around any more, but it is, again.04:19
nyerglernkinkade, i'm going to restart the license engine04:20
nyerglernkinkade, do you still have that watchdog script around that we can re-enable it?04:20
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, I think that should do i.04:20
nkinkadeI just re-enabled the memory checks.04:21
nyerglernkinkade, things seem to be calming down04:22
nyerglerthanks for getting out of bed04:22
nkinkadenyergler: Looks like that handled it pretty quickly.04:23
nyerglercan you email chris tomorrow AM and tell him how to disable/enable the watchdog?04:24
nyerglerin case he has to roll back to the old version again?04:24
nkinkadeThis is probably why a5 had a problem earlier, too.04:24
nyergler(don't worry about it now)04:24
nkinkadeThen, I just logged in and it suddenly calmed down by itself.04:24
nyergleryou have a calming presence04:24
nkinkadeI hadn't noticed the memory issue at that time.04:24
nkinkadeCool.  I'll send Chris an email.04:25
nkinkadeIt was my fault.04:25
nyerglereh, no worries04:25
nyerglerwe've been back and forth on versions04:25
nyerglereasy to miss04:25
nkinkadeI didn't remember to re-enable the checks when he re-enabled the old cc.engine.04:25
nkinkadeHave a nice evening.04:25
nkinkadeIN good?04:25
nyergleryeah, IN is ok :)04:25
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nyerglersorry, connection dropped04:29
nyerglerIN is ok except for dad's wonky wifi04:29
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paroneayeankinkade: yo15:31
paroneayeaI'm gonna bring sanity live again in a few15:31
nkinkadeparoneayea: That sounds good.  So I assume that BR was the only other jurisdiction to have a problem.15:32
paroneayeanope!  Turns out TW had one too15:32
paroneayeathe unit test caught it15:32
paroneayeawe didn't have TW 3.0 RDF either15:32
paroneayeabut that's fixed now15:32
nkinkadeparoneayea: How is that?15:35
nkinkadeAnd for Brazil:15:35
nkinkadeI committed the RDF to branches/production for both of the jurisdictions just within the past 6 months.15:36
nkinkadeHow did they go missing in the transition?15:36
paroneayeaHm, I don't know how.  But when I looked in the RDF directory they were gone15:36
paroneayeaI'll check to see if that commit is there15:36
paroneayeathat commit is in git as 859a02314225aaf383ad2100ca95db3cd447dd5615:37
paroneayeaoh hey15:40
paroneayeaduring the "merge from hell" apparently the only files to somehow not get moved over are br and tw15:40
paroneayeaif you look in the license_rdf directory in git15:41
paroneayeathose are the only files still tehre15:41
paroneayeaI wonder how that happened15:41
paroneayeaoh.  Now I think I know how it happened.15:44
paroneayeaI did a cherry-pick on the move before mergehell branch where I originally did a git mv of everything from license_rdf into cc/licenserdf/licenses15:45
paroneayeahowever that cherry-pick didn't act to move the directory but the original files15:45
paroneayeaso any *new* files were missed15:46
paroneayeaI should have noticed that :\15:46
paroneayeaoh well, easily fixed.15:46
nkinkadeYeah.  I mentioned it just because I was pretty certain that the RDF files were there on the subversion side, and I wondered whether this was something wrong with the tooling, but if it was just a slightly faulty merge, then no biggie.15:47
nkinkadeWTF is up with Facebook reproducing Wikipedia content?  It sucks.15:49
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greg-gnkinkade: it is so they can link any word in your profile to an "interest page" where you can see who else listed that word in their profile, neat right! Commuity! Involvement! Free! </sarcasm>15:51
nkinkadegreg-g: How do they link works in your profile to a given "interest" page.  Is this done automatically?15:52
nkinkadeworks = words.15:52
nkinkadeSo they are basically sucking in Wikipedia content for the sole purpose of using it to link people who would otherwise never become Friends.15:52
greg-gso, I know someone who had "best seen outside" as their religion, which got automatically linked to some random as wikipedia page that made no sense15:52
greg-gnkinkade: you got it15:52
paroneayeankinkade: ^^15:53
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nkinkadeI don't give a damn about Facebook, but their pulling in Wikipedia content is now causing us to receive all sorts of info@ emails from people wondering why we put their content on Facebook.15:53
greg-gserious? wow15:54
greg-gforward that shit to facebook with a "you all handle this"15:54
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paroneayeankinkade: argh :X16:39
nkinkadeWhat's up?16:39
paroneayeaswitched things over to the new system... it was being very slow at responding.  Switched it back to the old, was still being slow for a bit.  Now it's okay again16:41
paroneayeaI wonder if the requests pile up during the switch-over16:41
paroneayeaand if that's why things get slow16:41
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nkinkadeparoneayea: That could be.  I've noticed that when we have problems with something that Apache will get very busy and we'll have 10's of thousands of connections, then after a while it dies down.16:43
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nkinkadeIt wouldn't surprise me if it's just that Varnish queues them all up waiting for the backend to come back.16:43
paroneayeawell anyway switched it back over to the new system again and after about a minute things are speedy again16:44
paroneayeaI should have probably just waited the first time16:44
paroneayeait just makes me nervous that that first minute is so unresponsive from what's probably the backlog and a bunch of threads initiating (the actual server doesn't take more than 10 seconds to start)16:45
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paroneayeankinkade: shut down the zope ccengine16:49
paroneayeaso if you want to shut down the monitor script..16:49
nkinkadeparoneayea: The monitor scripts is at /root/bin/check_webservices.sh16:50
nkinkadeYou'll see a few variables and a small if/then block that need to be commented.16:50
paroneayeais it on a cronjob?16:50
nkinkadeYes.  It runs every 2 minutes.16:50
paroneayeaok, will do16:50
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alexanderkwanna read soundfiles in c++18:13
alexanderkmp3, oog, wav18:14
alexanderkand decompress it to pcm18:14
alexanderkhow to do this18:14
greg-galexanderk: sorry, wrong channel, this is for discussion of Creative Commons (see the /topic )18:15
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greg-galexanderk: you probably want ##c18:16
greg-gor ##c++18:16
alexanderkwhats the right channel18:16
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greg-gyou're welcome18:17
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mattl"Open Office" > "OpenOffice" | "OpenOffice" > ""18:43
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paroneayeankinkade: you asked me to keep this open till sanity launches
paroneayeacan I close it now?19:17
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah.  How about the link opening in a new window, or was that decided against?19:18
paroneayeanobody else commented on it19:19
paroneayeaI'll send out an email asking about it19:19
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paroneayeaand make a separate ticket if mlinksva/nathany think it's a good idea19:20
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nkinkadeparoneayea: I recall Nathan commenting on it.19:22
nkinkadeI'm pretty sure in favor, but it can't hurt to check again with everyone.19:23
nkinkadeparoneayea: Check 22:16 of this log:
nkinkadeThat's what I was referring to, but you should still send a confirmation email to Mike and Nathan and Alex, etc.19:28
paroneayeankinkade: cool19:35
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mralexquiet day in here23:12
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kshepherdwas there a brief period around 2.15am Thursday (GMT) where was returning "503 Service Unavailable"? one of my repository admins reported problems selecting CC licenses around that time and i can't seem to replicate the problem23:30
kshepherd(sorry if this isn't the appropriate place for questions like this)23:30
mralextotally appropriate23:33
mralexnot sure if anyone's around who can confirm23:33
nkinkadekshepherd: That could have been.23:36
nkinkadeAre you referring to the main page or something related to the licenses.23:36
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nkinkadeIt's possible there was an issue with licenses on Thursday.  I don't know of any reason there should have been an issue around 2AM UTC on Thursday, but around 2AM (and again at around 4AM) UTC *today* (Friday) we had some transitory issues with in general.23:44
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kshepherdnkinkade: a license selection page23:48
kshepherdError 503 Service Unavailable23:48
kshepherdGuru Meditation: XID: 131803564923:48
kshepherdsorry, it was 2am Friday, i'm getting my timezones all mixed up23:50
kshepherdthanks for the clarification :)23:50
kshepherdno, wait, it *was* thursday23:51
kshepherdisn't it still Thursday in GMT now?23:52
mralexno, it's friday23:53
kshepherdhrm. google tells me Friday doesn't start for another 5min in GMT/UTC23:54
kshepherdit's 11.54am Friday in NZ, and we're GMT+1223:54
kshepherdbut i'm also sick and confused today, so i will defer to common wisdom23:55

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