Wednesday, 2010-05-19

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mralexakozak: JED3: y'all want a marquee?
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akila87Hi paroneayea,17:18
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paroneayeaheya akila8717:29
paroneayeawhat's up17:29
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akila87I wrote the blog post can I send it to you in .odt format17:30
paroneayeasure thing17:31
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JED3paroneayea: listening to joi talk about that very topic right now ;)17:35
JED3i'm interested in how this will carry over to the ogg/theora discussions17:35
paroneayeaGoogle will give it a big push by making YouTube videos support it as well17:36
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paroneayeaJED3: did the meeting keep going or did he discuss it post-meeting?17:39
paroneayeait seemed like suddenly everyone disconnected17:39
JED3paroneayea: post mtg17:40
JED3ahh it was adjourned17:40
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JED3paroneayea: hey have a sec?17:48
JED3mralex: in the shadow of WebM announcement there was this, did you catch it?
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mralexJED3: yeah, haven't read typekit's post yet tho17:52
paroneayeaJED3: sure17:54
mralexgood times,
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paroneayeamralex: hm17:57
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paroneayealooking at the actual spec, it does have code embedded in it18:25
paroneayeabut it doesn't look haphazardly pasted and etc18:25
paroneayeait could just be that it's easier to describe things with code, and that's the advantage of having an actually free software spec18:26
paroneayeafree software reference18:26
akozakany word on the quality of the codec itself?18:26
mralexbetter than theora, not as good as h.264, is the unverified word18:27
akozakpoor theora18:27
paroneayeamralex: is the word of a h.264 developer it looked like :)18:27
mralexindeed, but he knows more about video codecs than either of us, so i'll take his word18:28
akozakdunno, people who know a lot about it have their own biases18:29
paroneayeathe xiph guys at libre planet were noting that the settings at which h.264 compression is compared isn't really accurate because h.264 and theora both aren't generally used with all the bells and whistles turned on, because they're not usable generally in all such circumstances18:29
paroneayeaand were noting that for example, with the same settings that youtube compresses at and most flash-based streaming plays at, theora does as good or better18:29
paroneayeathat's again someone with a bias talking, but :)18:29
akozakim wary of the whole quality debate anyways. id gladly go for a slightly less initially optimal solution if it meant moving to an open standard18:30
akozakno one should control video online, even if that means it's slightly higher quality18:31
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paroneayeaand truth be told theora is even more than good enough for most people18:50
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JED3nkinkade: ping19:41
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.19:41
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JED3hi, how have you been managing upgrades to civicrm? are you using a checkout? if so, which tag?19:42
nkinkadeJED3: I do git rebase, then push the new code to a new remote branch like cc_production_3.1.3, then rename the local branch.19:43
JED3nkinkade: using git-svn merge initially or something?19:44
nkinkadeJED3: git-svn is already done in the background somewhere else.  Our civicrm.git repo is fully git.19:44
nkinkadeFirst you'd do a git-pull.  Then the git-rebase.19:45
nkinkadeBut there are  a few step extras since we run from source code and not a tarball distribution of CiviCRM.19:45
nkinkadeWhat's the problem?  Do you want to upgrade from 3.1.3. to 3.1.4 for some reason?19:46
JED3nkinkade: no problem, was just curious how i should add civicrm as a dependency in a project of mine19:46
nkinkadeJED3: I'll write up a teamspace doc about the process for upgrading CiviCRM.19:47
JED3our civicrm repo will work just fine19:47
JED3and pull from that since you're handling updates there19:47
erlehmannnkinkade, just for the protocol: i have not forgotten. i'll write my introductory post in the next few days.20:02
nkinkadeerlehmann: Good.  Thanks.20:12
JED3paroneayea: nkinkade: no mtg today right?20:22
nkinkadeI suspect not with NRY in Indiana.20:22
paroneayeayou beat me to asking20:27
paroneayeaand yes I suppose that means no meeting20:28
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mralexJED3: fyi, my ssh problem last night was because i was already logged into a9, and didn't realise it ;)22:08
JED3mralex: ahh thats yer problem right dare22:12
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