Thursday, 2010-05-06

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nkinkadeparoneayea: The launch of the Vietnam 3.0 licenses was deferred, so we probably won't have to think about that, and it means that we can still go forward the cc.engine launch on Monday and not have to worry about syncing svn and git.16:26
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paroneayeaah ok16:26
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nkinkadeJED3: Regarding your /a/invite/ code, you'll probably need to add one small check for $data->contribution_status_id, and only create/send the invite if it's == 1.16:33
nkinkadeYour endpoint *may* get notified if the user or the payment processor cancels the order at some point.16:35
JED3okay, i'll add that today16:35
nkinkadeCome to think of it, you may not need that.16:35
nkinkadeYou should never get a cancel notification until you've already added the code and sent the invite.16:36
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nkinkadeYou can implement that if you want, but on second though it may not be necessary.16:36
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JED3nkinkade: have a sec?16:59
JED3i just mucked up the privieleges for the mysql roundup user on a716:59
nkinkadeJED3: What's up?16:59
nkinkadeJED3: What do they need to be?16:59
JED3user roundup needs all priv.s on the issues and roundup db's17:00
JED3nkinkade: ran "grant all privileges on roundup.* to 'roundup'@'localhost' with grant option;"17:00
JED3now I'm not even able to connect to mysql for that user17:01
nkinkadeJED3: Roundup needs grant permissions?17:02
JED3no it doesn't, but i was going to go back and remove that later17:03
nkinkadeJED3: There is no password set for the user roundup@localhost17:07
nkinkadeJED3: I set the password for roundup and now can login as roundup17:09
nkinkadeWhen using GRANT you may need to use the "IDENTIFIED BY '<pass>'" part???17:09
JED3otherwise it'll clear the password for that user?17:10
nkinkadeI'm not 100% sure.  It seems to have done that in your case.17:11
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nkinkadeI always use the 'indentified by' part and haven't had a problem.17:11
JED3hmm okay, thanks nkinkade17:11
nkinkadeAre you also familiar with "show grants for roundup@localhost" to see what's going on?17:12
JED3nkinkade: will the prior grant priv's i issued conflict with anything?17:13
nkinkadeJED3: Not that I know of, but I can't see any reason that roundup should have any permission to anything in the mysql.* database.  I'd remove that grant.17:18
nkinkadeI have to run to a court hearing at City Hall regarding my building ... be back in a few hours (hopefully!) <sigh>17:20
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paulproteusnyergler: Sanity check: There should be only one database for DiscoverEd -- Jena and everything else (is there anything else?) uses the same MySQL db. Yes/no?17:22
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nyerglerpaulproteus, there is nothing else17:23
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paroneayeanyergler: nkinkade: so we're doing the go-live on monday... is it fine for me to get cc.engine running on a separate port and directory on there now without changing the config files over?18:03
paroneayeathat way on monday all we have left to do is to get the config files ported and flip the /etc/init.d restart switches18:05
nyerglerparoneayea, yes18:10
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Are the post-commit hooks still not working for i18n?21:34
nkinkadeHow do we update translations on staging?21:34
paroneayealooks like they are not working :(21:38
paroneayeacwebber@a7:~$ cd /var/www/$ sudo su git21:39
paroneayeash-3.2$ ./update_i18n.sh21:39
paroneayeash-3.2$ exit21:39
paroneayeacwebber@a7:/var/www/$ rm -rf cache/licenses/21:39
paroneayeaare the steps21:39
paroneayeajust did it21:39
paroneayeagit can't clear the cache because of permission errors21:39
paroneayeanot sure how to resolve that21:40
paroneayeaalthough that's not what's at fault because it doesn't look like was run at all21:40
nkinkadeparoneayea: Something doesn't seem right.  There were a lot of changes committed, but I don't see any of them on staging still:
paroneayeaand I forgot to restart the server21:43
paroneayeahow about now?21:44
paroneayeathose were comitted today21:44
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paroneayeadid they propagate to git yet?21:44
nkinkadeYeah, they were committed 10 minutes ago.21:44
nkinkadeAh, probably not.  How often does that script run?21:44
paroneayeaI think daily :)21:44
paroneayeaI'm going to work on this now21:45
paroneayeaand if I don't manage to get it done before the sanity stuff launches it's at least the thing I want to do immediately afterward21:45
paroneayeaI was trying to figure out21:54
paroneayeahow would I deal with these permission errors?21:54
paroneayeaconsidering that the webserver writes the cache files as one user and doesn't set the group permission as g+w21:55
paroneayeaand the git/svn user removes the cache files with another21:55
paroneayeaand then I realized21:55
paroneayeamaybe we just shouldn't cache things on staging :P21:55
paroneayeathat's like, the really easy solution.21:55
paroneayeanow that we know that wsgit_cache works21:55
paroneayeaI can keep a config file there that can *optionally* use caching and we can turn it on manually if we want.21:56
nkinkadeparoneayea:  Yeah, I can't see a need to cache on staging.  In fact, we I can think of at least one good reason not to cache.22:17
nkinkadeI mean, the post-commit code could perhaps remove cached items, but we just obviate that step.22:17
nkinkadeCaching could be turned on when we want to test caching.22:18
nkinkadeBut for staging, we mostly want everything as fresh as possible, and there will be very little traffic to it so caching isn't really going to help anything.22:19
nkinkadeHowever, I don't know if turning off the cache might affect your unit tests in any way.22:19
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paulproteusnkinkade: I think the issues-admin alias goes to me.23:01
paulproteusTo: issues-admin@creativecommons.org23:01
nkinkadepaulproteus: It seems to me that I've received stuff from that address too.23:01
nkinkadeWait, who set that alias up?23:01
nkinkadeLet me check.23:01
mattlpaulproteus: are you back at CC?23:01
paulproteusHalf time, I'm doing some contracting on a CC gig.23:02
paulproteusBut right now I'm going to cook dinner.23:02
paroneayeankinkade: it doesn't affect the unit tests, they're cleanly separated... caching is implemented as middleware that cc.engine is agnostic to23:02
nkinkadepaulproteus: I removed you from the alias.23:02
paulproteusnkinkade: Thanks!23:05
nkinkadeAnd I just added you to info@23:05
paulproteusNormally I like receiving CC diagnostic mail, but lately there was a lot of it.23:05
paulproteushah! (-:23:06
nkinkadeI filter issue-admin mail to a separate folder and automatically mark it as read. :-)23:06
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