Wednesday, 2010-05-05

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nkinkadenyergler: Can I take it that you are okay with the idea of sending out good-faith receipts and invites, and in the rare case that one should later get rejected or cancelled that we simply update the CiviCRM db and re: notify all callback URLs with some relevant data?15:35
nyerglernkinkade, yes, i'm ok with that15:36
nkinkadeGood.  I'll work out the details with John.15:36
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paroneayeaJED3: nkinkade: nyergler: we doing the devcall today?20:25
nkinkadeI'm here.20:25
nyerglerparoneayea, yes, five min20:25
nyerglerremind me which line we use :)20:25
paroneayeawe used 2 last week I think20:26
nyerglergreat, calling momentarily20:31
nyergler nkinkade we're dialed into line 220:33
nkinkadenyergler: I'm here.  One sec.20:39
nkinkadeMy audio went out.20:39
nyerglernkinkade, i'll send an email to you and paroneayea re: the landing of sanity20:42
nkinkadenyergler: Do you want me to dial back in.20:42
nkinkadeSomething with Karmic and the sound prefs and alsamixer.20:42
nkinkade... and Skype.20:42
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JED3nkinkade: ping21:08
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.21:16
JED3nkinkade: sorry i figured it out21:25
nkinkadeJED3: How do you want to handle failed payments and disabling an auth code or cancelling a account.21:27
nkinkadeI'm going to code it so that CiviCRM will notify /a/invite again and pass some data.21:27
JED3sigh, so we send before contrib_status_id is set to 1?21:27
nkinkadeJED3: We weren't before, but this new way has some benefits, especially with Google Checkout.21:29
nkinkadeThe main stumbling block was receipts.  I suppose I could only ping an endpoint when the status is final.21:29
nkinkadeHowever, that still doesn't handle the case where someone make a subscription payment for, say, $10/mo for 12 months, then cancels it after just 1 month.21:30
nkinkadeI don't know if we care about that, but technically that would mean anyone could have a membership for as little as $7.21:31
nkinkadeNot that anyone would take advantage of that, but it seems like as a general purpose thing, it would be best for this to handle that, even if the endpoint ignores it.21:31
JED3too bad we can't apply a "reshelfing" fee if one decides to cancel after a month heh21:34
nkinkadeJED3: In a sense we would be already ... whatever they paid before they cancelled.21:35
JED3and pay off the balance for their awesome profile first :)21:35
mralexdo you get notified when each monthly payment is made?21:35
nkinkademralex: Yeah.21:35
mralexyou could have a rolling timeout for the account, that'll expire if they don't keep up payments :)21:36
JED3nkinkade: i would say we just ignore this case, since it's pretty rare, when we see someone cancel we'll manually deactivate on cc.net21:36
nkinkadeJED3: Most likely nobody would see it happen.  It would all happen silently via the IPN.21:37
JED3ohh okay, well i think it would be useful outside of the use case to have notifications for cancellations wouldn't it?21:38
nkinkadeJED3: The other thing is that by sending a receipt and invite as soon as Google sends us the order notification (but before it's charged) is that users will get the receipt and invite nearly immediately, as opposed to having to wait 5 or 10 minutes.21:38
nkinkadeBut there is that small chance that the charge could fail.21:39
nkinkadeLike I say, mostly this was an issue for the receipt, not ping the endpoint.21:39
JED3ohh ok21:39
JED3well if you feel that a fail case is rare enough to afford the confusion of sending a receipt and an email saying "oops that actually didn't work" then i'd say just send the receipt + generate the invite code upon receiving a google order notification21:40
JED3nkinkade: ^^21:41
nkinkadeBut I figured we might as well ping the endpoints too.  I'm open to not doing it that way for your endpoint but for receipts it makes the most sense, I think.21:41
nkinkadeI honestly don't know how likely or frequent a fail might be.  I'm assuming it'll be relatively rare.21:41
nkinkadeIf we were selling car radios then I'd say no way, but in our case I'd say most donors are prepared.21:42
nkinkadeBut JED3 the only thing about doing it that way is that your endpoint needs to be prepared to undo what it had done.21:43
JED3nkinkade: okay, well i can build a view to do this21:44
nkinkadeJED3: Does it have to be a new view?21:45
JED3well you be able to ping when this happens?21:45
nkinkadeIdeally it would be the same one, else I'll have to maintain two arrays of callback URLs.21:45
nkinkadeOne for success and one for failure.21:45
nkinkadeIt would be ideal to just ping the same URL and the app at the end would look at the data and figure out what to do.21:45
nkinkadeThen that may make your view non-generic.21:46
JED3nkinkade: okay, but how would i know what to do based on contrib data?21:46
JED3i honestly think its best to send receipts and codes once 100% sure it went through21:47
JED3once we're*21:47
nkinkadeJED3: You're right, but that still doesn't account for the person who starts a recurring contribution, gets the invite, then cancels.21:47
nkinkadeAs an example.21:48
JED3nkinkade: true21:48
nkinkadeI don't know how important handling that is to anyone ... maybe nyergler has input.21:48
JED3i don't automation is needed there21:48
JED3allison just told me she gets emails when someone cancels a recurring contrib21:49
nkinkadeJED3:  She does?   Ah, if so, then we can just have her notify you.21:49
nkinkadeAnd I'll only ping your view when the contribution is fully charged.21:50
nkinkadeJED3: But I'm still going to send your endpoint a notification, even if it chooses to ignore it ... just to make this more useful to any other user of this functionality ... though I doubt anyone will ever use it. :-)21:51
JED3nkinkade: you mean once they reach 75 bucks in their contributions? what did you mean there?21:51
nkinkadeJED3: No, I mean if someone cancels the contribution at any time.21:51
JED3ohh ok21:51
nkinkadeYour endpoint now would just ignore it because it would recognize that it had already created an auth code for that trxn_id.21:52
JED3ahh, as long as the code wasn't deleted beforehand which i dont see happening21:52
JED3nm, i can disable codes without deleting them21:53
nkinkadenyergler: I just decided to store the custom_custom data from the payment processor in a CiviCRM custom data field.  It could conceivable be useful to us later and will allow me to only send receipts after the payment is secured.  I just can't accept my other solution.  As long as you have no problem with this, no response is necessary.21:57
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