Friday, 2010-05-07

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nyerglerparoneayea, just replied to your email16:13
paroneayeacool, thx16:14
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paroneayeanyergler: is this considered release-critical?  ie, should getting this implemented delay bringing sanity live?16:21
paroneayeamy guess from reading that is "no, but if we can't get it done before monday, it should be done ASAP after release"16:22
nyerglerparoneayea, i suppose it depends on how long post release we think it'll take16:23
nyerglerit's probably not critical, i'd rather not be without it for more than 24 hours (it's not well known, but some people are, uh, "enthusiastic")16:24
paroneayeamakes sense16:26
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nyerglerparoneayea, if you have time today it'd be great to do some evaluation of how long it'll take16:28
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paroneayeanyergler: yeah I'm working on it now16:30
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paulproteusJust you wait until we have a wiki page!18:30
paroneayeaI can't seem to post a new issue18:30
paroneayeato roundup18:30
paroneayeaProxy Error18:31
paroneayeaThe proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.18:31
paroneayeaThe proxy server could not handle the request POST /issues/issue.18:31
paroneayeaReason: Error reading from remote server18:31
paroneayeaApache Server at Port 8018:31
paroneayeankinkade: ^^ ?18:32
paroneayeaJED3: could this be related to you debugging roundup stuff?18:32
JED3paroneayea: yep, it sure would18:33
JED3paroneayea: so you can't create a new issue?18:34
JED3paroneayea: k working on it18:40
JED3fixed user registration but in the process broke everything else ha18:40
paroneayeaah :)18:41
paroneayeawhat was it?18:41
JED3paroneayea: no idea haha18:43
paroneayeamust have been wizards18:43
JED3i made a seperate install of roundup (a more recent version) & and it just worked18:43
JED3and am now trying to migrate the old schema to the new installation18:43
JED3which is where i broke the current roundup deployment18:44
JED3paroneayea: try now18:48
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dithyrambleJED3, hey this is raffi. If you have a free moment, would you be willing to be a guinea pig for the DiscoverEd quickstart?19:04
dithyrambleJust follow the instructions here:
JED3dithyramble: sure thing19:04
dithyramblesweet, thanks19:04
starPauseanyone in san francisco? i know the cc office is around the corner from mine19:04
starPauseand i'm doing a party tonight at fivepoints which is by 2nd & howard ... 72 tehama
paroneayeaJED3: Error 503 Service Unavailable19:07
JED3dithyramble: still chugging along on the clone19:17
nkinkademralex: Does rabbitmq mean anything to you?19:21
paulproteusnkinkade: It's a "message queue" for applications to send messages to each other (fwiw)19:21
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Right, it's somehow installed on a9, and it seems strange to me.19:22
mralexnkinkade: no19:22
nkinkadeJED3: paroneayea: rabbitmq on a9?19:22
JED3nkinkade: me19:22
nkinkadeJED3: That's a relief.19:22
JED3it was being used to render screenshots for webpages on a prototyped feature of cc.net19:23
JED3is it causing issues?19:23
JED3nkinkade ^^19:24
nkinkadeJED3: I don't think so, but it shocked me to see it there, and I suddenly was worried about how it got there.19:24
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JED3nkinkade: heh, yeah, i'm pretty sure I used apt for the install?19:26
nkinkadeYou did.19:26
JED3nkinkade: ok good19:26
JED3nkinkade: you have a second?19:26
JED3is apache generally running as www-data on a7?19:28
dithyrambleJED3, Any script joy?19:28
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JED3dithyramble: well, i think it might have stalled19:28
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, it runs as www-data on all the machines.19:28
dithyrambleJED3, During which phase - the git clone?19:29
JED3it opened a browser to a search for crime, but its blank, should i close the browser window for the script to continue?19:29
paulproteusOh, I see.19:29
* paulproteus lets dithyramble talk19:29
dithyrambleah, excellent19:29
dithyrambleThat's pretty much expected behavior, and it's the last step19:29
JED3ahh great then :)19:29
dithyrambleDoes it says > 0 results found?19:29
dithyramble*Does it sayzeh19:30
paulproteusAs for the blank page... do you have something non-discovered listening on localhost:8080?19:30
paulproteus(how  blank is the page?)19:30
paulproteusMaybe we should put up a screenshot of what you should see.19:30
JED3dithyramble: it sayzeth nothing :/19:30
paulproteusWell, that's more busted than would be good.19:31
dithyrambleJED3, If you don't need Tomcat running at the moment, try sudo service tomcat<TAB> stop19:31
paulproteus(that's assuming a global system tomcat is running.)19:32
JED3nkinkade: if i set the mask for the roundup directory for www-data to rwx, roundup still fails when it attempts to make any edit to the issues, which are stored as files in the issues/db/files directory19:32
nkinkadeJED3: Doesn't roundup run as the roundup user?19:32
JED3nkinkade: i didn't see anything in the apache config that would indicate that?19:33
nkinkadepaulproteus: dithyramble: Apache runs on 8080 on a6.19:33
paulproteusJED3: You're running this on your laptop, or a6, or what?19:33
nkinkadeVarnish listens on 80.19:33
paulproteusWe're assuming you're running this on your laptop or something, JED3!19:34
nkinkadeJED3: I'm pretty sure roundup runs as the roundup user.19:34
JED3nkinkade: thanks, you're right19:34
JED3that fixed it19:34
JED3paroneayea: you should be able to create an issue now19:34
* JED3 now to figure out how to fix the issue editting on the newer version of roundup19:35
paroneayeaJED3: jawesome19:35
JED3paulproteus: locally19:35
paulproteusJED3: Okay, great (-:19:35
JED3paulproteus: dithyramble yeah so right now the script has tomcat process running and spawned a browser instance to the search interface, but there is just an empty response19:36
paulproteusThat's pretty sad. Checking it out here...19:37
paulproteusI mean, it's "great" that it started up at least.19:37
JED3paulproteus: it might be because i dont have a java_home env set19:38
paulproteusHuh, I wonder if that relates.19:38
JED3We expect to see at least one hit for the string 'crime'19:39
JED3Error: JAVA_HOME is not set.19:39
JED3dithyramble: paulproteus ^^19:40
paulproteusOoh, that's a good one.19:41
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dithyrambleJED3, Could you try again from the beginning (with the wget)?19:52
dithyramble(This time the script will tell you to set JAVA_HOME, fingers crossed.)19:53
paulproteusalso it'll grab a code branch that probably works!19:53
JED3dithyramble: well i set my JAVA_HOME since the last attempt19:54
paulproteusJED3: Good, that's what you should do (the script just now nags you; feel free to unset if you want to be nagged)19:54
JED3ohh okay19:54
paulproteusJED3: Oh, also, please kill the old tomcat.19:56
paulproteusLook for it with ps and make it end.19:56
paulproteusThat way, the new tomcat running the code from our new branch stands a fighting chance at showing you a non-blank page.19:57
JED3still an empty result19:58
dithyrambleJED3, is it a literally blank page, or a search engine returning no results?20:01
JED3however this time i also got a jvm traceback20:02
JED3a blank page20:02
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dithyrambleJED3, Sorry this is becoming a slightly larger request than promised :-)21:08
dithyrambleCould you pastebin the traceback?21:09
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paulproteusJED3: Yo, retry the wget and see now? (-:21:32
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JED3paulproteus: ping22:10
paulproteusJED3: pong22:10
JED3search interface works for me now, but 0 search results22:10
JED3and the page's media resources aren't loading (not sure if they're supposed to)22:11
JED3i'd paste the shell output but it overflowed my terminal's history buffer :/22:12
paroneayeanyergler: yo22:18
paroneayeanever mind :)22:19
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paroneayeanyergler: XMP support done and added back22:55
nyerglerparoneayea, awesome!22:55
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