Tuesday, 2010-05-04

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akila87Hello paroneayea,15:09
paroneayeaheya akila8715:21
akila87paroneayea, I added the RDF support for the ccooo addon15:22
paroneayeaawesome :D15:22
akila87but there is a problem with the namesapces15:22
akila87i have asked about that in the ooo dev irc15:23
paroneayeawhat's the problem?15:23
akila87and they said it may be a bug in the SDK15:23
akila87the same thing in this mail http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=2684015:24
akila87i tried the solution also and still its the same15:24
paroneayeaah I see... so it's printing out ns1 and ns2 and etc instead of the namespace prefixes it should be?15:25
akila87then I tried to use inbuilt URIs and they worked fine15:25
akila87and it seems like sdk doesn't let us to add metadata to meta.xml15:27
akila87except the user defined ones15:27
akila87like <meta:user-defined meta:name="License Name">Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 Australia</meta:user-defined>15:28
akila87seems like adding a meta data as nathan specified here: http://yergler.net/projects/cc-oasis/ccoasis.html is not possible.15:30
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akila87but we can create a file like meta.rdf and OOO automatically link it to manifest.rdf15:32
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akila87this manifest.rdf will contain links to meta.xml and all the other data therefore this won't be a problem.15:34
akila87and currently this is only supported for writer. the developer wiki says "As of OOo version 3.2, RDF metadata is only supported in writer  documents. The generic RDF parts of the API are all implemented. The document integration parts are not yet completely implemented: most elements do not support the xml:id that is required  for use with RDF."15:37
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paroneayeaakila87: hm.  Well, I'd encourage you to keep looking at it and do what you can considering.. I don't have answers for you ATM15:59
paroneayeaI'm going to try to do some more reading up and etc next week so I can do a better job of mentoring this :)15:59
paroneayeathis week is a bit difficult since I'm trying to land the "sanity overhaul" stuff16:00
paroneayeaand take it from staging to live16:00
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akila87paroneayea sure, I just wanted to inform you what I'm dong16:01
paroneayeaI appreciate it :)16:01
paroneayeayou seem to be doing a great job so far from what I can tell16:02
akila87paroneayea, thanks!! currently the things are not that hard I think I can manage them. Don't worry I'll survive for next couple of weeks with out the help of you and nathany :)16:05
akila87ill update the SVN so both of u can check that when you become free16:06
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akozaknyergler, how do you feel about UML? I came across it reading about software use-cases.18:39
nyerglerakozak, I feel ambivalent :)18:40
nyerglerit's a powerful way to describe models independent of the code, when such description is needed :)18:40
nyergler(and it's a way to think about modeling before you code)18:40
nyerglermy experience has been that many people use it because their tool supports code generation, and they think that saves them time18:41
nyerglerit may, but I don't think it's a given18:41
akozakoh, interesting.18:41
akozakit reminds me of patching in max/msp or pd where you've abstracted a level or two above the actual code.18:42
nyergleri don't know what that is, but it sounds about right :)18:47
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JED3akozak: http://code.creativecommons.org/~john/commoner.png19:20
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nkinkadeJED3: Can bounce something off of you?19:55
JED3nkinkade: sure19:55
nkinkadeJED3: So  I've got an issue with PayPal IPN for subscriptions payments (recurring).  The issue is that PayPal sends 2 distinct IPN when a subscr. is first started ... one with subscr. info and the other with info on the first payment.19:56
nkinkadeYou can never know which will arrive first, and they usually arrive nearly simultaneously.19:56
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nkinkadeThe problem is that each has info we need, but neither has all the info.19:57
nkinkadeIf I let it run normally, then we run into database and timing issues.19:57
nkinkadeThey come in so close to one another that sometimes the code that checks to see if the contribution has already been recorded doesn't see it, but a little later in the code it does ... this causes problem and errors.19:58
nkinkadeI'm just not sure what the best way to handle this is.19:58
nkinkadeI was wondering if anything immediately occurs to you.19:58
nkinkadeJED3: ^^19:58
JED3nkinkade: the one containing subscr info, does it contain an id that ties it to a contribution?20:00
nkinkadeOne thing that occurred to me was to reject the subscr_signup IPN until the code can see that the subscr_payment IPN has already recorded the transaction.20:00
nkinkadeJED3: Yes, it has an invoice number.20:00
nkinkade(that is common to both).20:00
JED3what are the "problems and errors" this causes?20:01
nkinkadeThe problem with my proposed method is that verifying that the IPN actually came from PayPal is one and the same process of accepting it, so it can never be sent again.20:02
nkinkadeJED3: Yes, duplicates.20:02
nkinkadeThe code will look to see if the contr. exists, and if so it just does an update.20:02
JED3ah okay, and these come in so close to one another that the exists logic occurs in the midst of a database write?20:03
nkinkadeelse it adds a new record.  But when it checks for an existing contr. it doesn't find it, but by the time it tries to add it does exists and throws a duplicate error.20:03
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JED3hmm, you might want to store it memory as soon as you receive the IPN then, if the latency in mysql is large enough to allow this to happen20:04
JED3or... hold a lock whenever the IPN processing code is running20:05
nkinkadeJED3: Part of the problem is that you can never know which will arrive first.  Ideally the payment would arrive first, as it has the most complete set of info.20:05
nkinkadeJED3: Do you mean that the code would sit in a holding pattern waiting for the lock to clear?20:06
JED3well thats fine, because you could support that by only filling in the columns with that available data in the first ipn and then update the rest of the columns with whatever is available in the 2nd IPN20:06
JED3nkinkade: yes20:07
nkinkadethat is what it currently does.20:07
nkinkadeIt records what it can, then fills in the rest later with the next IPN.20:07
nkinkadeI guess a lock is the only real solution.20:07
nkinkadeThanks.  I think CiviCRM already has an API for easily adding locks.20:08
JED3cool, yeah a simple file lock is also very straightforward in php20:08
nkinkadeJED3:  The lock worked great.20:30
JED3nkinkade: awesome20:30
JED3btw, staging.cc.net isn't running the branch containing the invite POST view20:31
JED3so if you get any errors for any reason. that'd be the reason why20:31
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