Monday, 2010-05-03

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akila87Hi paroneayea00:22
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akila87Hi nyergler15:53
nyerglerhello akila8715:56
akila87im trying to add RDF for writer15:56
akila87i have got the .rdf file created15:57
akila87do we have to add the rdf data to the meta.xml or can we create a seperate .rdf like meta.rdf15:58
nyerglerakila87, you mean within the ODF file?15:58
akila87now i can create a separate rdf file within the .odt archive15:59
nyerglerI think it's fine either way, IIRC when I last tried this I wasn't able to get a separate file working quite right15:59
nyerglerah, that's great!15:59
akila87its working but have liitle problem with ns16:00
nyerglerakila87, IIRC meta.xml can include information like "see also this other file"; that might be good to include if we're going to put it in a different file16:00
nyerglerakila87, ok16:00
akila87ya the manifest.rdf already add a link like this <ns1:hasPart rdf:resource="gam3/dbinfo.rdf"/>16:01
akila87if we want we can add a user define field also16:01
nyerglerakila87, great16:03
akila87but still there s a problem with the namespace its the same thing happen in here : i tried the solution given but still it is not working. Ill try to figureout that.16:04
nyerglerakila87, got it; it actually doesn't look like either the generated or expected RDF is valid in that message16:06
nyerglerboth are missing xmlns declarations for either ns1/ns2 or gam316:06
nyergleri wonder if there's a call you need to make to explicitly register a namespace?16:06
akila87yes there may be16:07
akila87i'll check that.16:08
akila87in the meantime can you tell me the meta data that we should put in the rdf can i still use the metadata mentioned here
nyerglerakila87, oh wow, haven't looked at that doc in a long time16:11
nyerglerakila87, that's a start -- dcterms:license for the license URI and dcterms:rightsHolder for the creator16:12
nyerglerwe may also want to add explicit attribution information (how the user wants to be attributed), but I'd say let's defer that for the moment16:12
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akila87nyergler, sure then i'll start trying to implement rdf support based on that.16:13
nyerglerakila87, sounds good16:15
akila87nyergler, and as mentioned on OOO this is only supported for writer currently im not sure weather they are talking about the document fields or adding rdf16:15
nyerglerakila87, ok, it'd be good to figure out what's supported and what's not16:16
akila87ill add this code to the parent class and check (all the classes writer draw etc are extended from that)16:17
akila87nyergler, hope ill get the things done in the next few days, ill add the code to svn after the namesapace problem solved.16:19
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nyerglerakila87, ok, take your time16:22
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paroneayeankinkade: ignore the nagios errors for the chooser; I'm testing things :)16:35
paroneayeaon staging.16:35
nkinkadeparoneayea: Cool.  I figured.16:35
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paroneayeapaulproteus: you there?16:54
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nyerglerparoneayea, he's still in SF, so possible he's not awake yet ;)16:59
paroneayeaah :)16:59
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paroneayeaJED3: I think that after staging lands this week it'd be a good idea if we could figure out some way to preserve ordering when saving the RDF XML serialization after some transformation20:18
JED3paroneayea: for the sake of simpler diff.s?20:19
paroneayeacurrently I have to run all these files through the translator whenever translations change, and it isn't clear if all of the files need update... certainly not as many need updating as are being updated20:19
paroneayeathat's ~ 500 RDF files being pretty much completely recomitted after every run through the translation machinery20:19
paroneayeamaybe it doesn't matter, but all that commit bloat really bothers me20:20
paroneayeaI mean that's 5 MB of diff every time it's run through the translations20:22
paroneayeathat's going to add up to something terrible20:22
JED3paroneayea: yeah, do you have any ideas to prevent the reconstructions?20:22
paroneayeaNot sure.  It would require separate implementations for both librdf and rdflib20:23
paroneayeait's an idea nathany originally suggeste20:23
paroneayeasomehow tracking it20:23
paroneayeaI'm not sure how exactly :)20:23
JED3heh, yikes20:23
paroneayeamaybe it *isn't* worth it.  But it's still bothering me.20:24
paroneayeamaybe we could define a custom printer for the translation machine that actually alphabetically sorts things.  It doesn't even have to do real rdf serialization; it could just fill in a template20:25
paroneayeaI don't think anything else does as much "huge commit" madness as the translations so20:25
paroneayeamaybe that's all it would need to be done for.20:25
paroneayeathat would be the laziest route, but also a little gross20:26
JED3paroneayea: you might want to hop into #redfoot - helpful and friendly people20:31
JED3pretty empty right now though20:32
nkinkadeparoneayea: Could you do anything with an Openmoko Freerunner, or know of someone would could?20:35
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paroneayeankinkade: Hm.. tempting, though I'm afraid I wouldn't have time to justify spending on it with other priority projects I want to work on :(20:37
nkinkadeparoneayea: Do you know of anyone who might want one.20:37
nkinkadeI'm happy to just give it to anyone.  I don't want money for it.20:37
nkinkadeIt's just collecting dust now, and if some dev or other hacker could make use of it, then great.20:37
paroneayeanot atm but I'll let you know20:38
nkinkadeHeavens ... one can't even give a Freerunner away!20:38
JED3paroneayea: this roundup registration bug is a brain wreck20:47
paroneayeaI'm not sure if my comments in the thread made it any clearer20:49
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* paulproteus waves.21:27
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* JED3 waves back21:28
paulproteusI'm still in SF, leaving Wed night.21:28
paulproteusCurrently at "home" (friend's place).21:28
JED3paulproteus: will you be at the salon this evening?21:28
paulproteusRight now, looks like probably not, but depends how things go.21:29
paulproteusChance is now 40%, which is an increase. Looks like a cool event. (-:21:35
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nyerglerJED3, I assume you're working on un-breaking promo code redemption right now? :)22:27
JED3nyergler: yes22:27
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