Tuesday, 2010-04-27

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paroneayeankinkade: ping14:35
nkinkadeparoneayea: Hi.14:35
paroneayeaassuming you know about a7 being down by now?14:35
nkinkadeparoneayea: Have you seen all the messages to webmaster@14:36
nkinkadeApparently there is a problem with the switch our server is attached to.14:37
paroneayeahold on, fetching my mail14:37
paroneayeaok, so apparently I am not getting webmaster@ messages14:38
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'll add you to the alias.14:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: You'll now get all the lovely webmaster@ emails.  There aren't that many, but since you're on the tech team you should be getting them.14:57
nkinkadeI thought you were.14:57
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nkinkadeparoneayea: what's the current way to push new translations live, or even to staging for that matter?15:23
paroneayeatheoretically it *should* be happening to staging automatically.  I set up a git hook that hould be running, and it seemed that it was for a bit, but now it isn't :\15:32
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paroneayeabasically if you look in:15:34
paroneayeathere's a cc.i18npkg directory and an update_i18n script15:34
paroneayeathe update_i18n script *should* be being run by15:34
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paroneayeaas for pushing to live, a new cc.i18npkg release needs to be made, since theoretically cc.engine is running that out of the egg rather than out of a checkout... I should probably document how to do that.15:37
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nkinkadeparoneayea: But our i18n repo is in subversion, not git. ????16:34
nkinkadeHow could a git hook work?16:34
paroneayeaI guess it runs when the svn->git hook runs16:36
paroneayeaalthough now that you've mentioned it16:37
paroneayea(er, crontab)16:37
paroneayeanot sure why I don't use a hook in svn (does svn have hooks?)16:37
paroneayeathat's probably why it wasn't always updating..16:37
nkinkadeparoneayea: yeah, subversion has hooks, and we were using a post-commit hook before to rebuild i18n for cc.engine on staging whenever someone committed to the i18n svn repo.16:41
paroneayeawhere would I put that?16:41
nkinkadeI wasn't even aware that we were pushing i18n to a git repo via git-svn.16:41
nkinkadeLet's clear this up first ... are we using git now for i18n?16:42
paroneayeaI guess the answer is "no"16:42
paroneayeabecause pootle uses SVN16:42
paroneayeawe do have a mirror16:42
nkinkadeI see that it's being pushed to git, probably once a day, but I think all our tools are still directly using the svn repo.16:42
paroneayeagot it16:42
nkinkadeSo, I think it's just a matter of editing the existing hook.16:43
nkinkadeparoneayea: ^^16:44
paroneayeaok thx nkinkade16:44
paroneayeaI'll work on this16:44
nkinkadeparoneayea: Question.  I can see the Deeds in Russian on staging, but not the chooser.  Why would that be?16:45
paroneayeaHm.  I don't know... will look.16:46
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Sorry to bombard you with questions and issues, but are we still building Deeds the way we used to?16:51
paroneayeapretty much16:52
paroneayeawell I mean16:52
nkinkadeCC NL updated some of their translations for some important meetings they are having.16:52
nkinkadeThey asked me to push their changes live.16:52
paroneayeaokay, working on updating them16:52
nkinkadeSo it's still mkdeeds?16:52
paroneayeano :)16:52
paroneayeadeeds are rendered dynamically16:52
paroneayeaand then cached as plaintext files16:52
nkinkadeTell me more.16:52
nkinkadeI didn't know we had implemented all that yet.16:53
paroneayeayup.  So on staging16:53
nkinkadeI thought just license.rdf, but apparently that encompasses a lot more.16:53
nkinkadeSo the caching shim that you and NRY were putting together is in place?16:53
paroneayeayeah it's in place16:53
paroneayeaso on a716:53
nkinkadeAwesome ... on the live site, right?16:53
paroneayeait's not live, on staging16:54
paroneayeaoh wait16:54
nkinkadeOh, only on staging, but still.16:54
paroneayeaokay I got confused16:54
nkinkadeIt's moving forward.16:54
paroneayeaas to what was meant by "done yet" :)16:54
paroneayeait's not live no16:54
paroneayeaso I guess you still need to mkdeeds16:54
nkinkadeSo pushing translations live is something that I should ask you to do for now?16:55
nkinkadeUsually mkdeeds writes to license.rdf/trunk/licenses.  Has that changed for now?16:55
paroneayeaah, pushing them live.  I don't think I've ever mkdeeds'ed it up before16:55
paroneayeabut yes16:55
paroneayeafor now it is the old process16:55
paroneayeaI don't know how to do the old process since I haven't done it16:55
nkinkadeSo writing to license.rdf/trunk is not a problem?16:55
nkinkadeI just remember the freeze on license.rdf.16:55
paroneayeaohnoes.  This *may* be a problem.16:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: I don't *have* to write there, but that is where the Deeds are pulled from on the live site.16:56
paroneayeaif you could temporarily not check them in I guess16:56
paroneayeathat would be the way to go16:57
nkinkadeBasically /licenses/ is a checkout of license.rdf/trunk/licenses/16:57
paroneayeaoh wait16:57
paroneayeanow that I think about it16:57
paroneayeaif all that is done is commit the deeds to license.rdf16:57
paroneayeathat's okay.16:57
nkinkadeparoneayea: That's all.  I set the out of mkdeeds to license.rdf/trunk/licenses, commit, then svn up the live site.16:58
paroneayeasounds good16:58
nkinkadeAre you sure? :-)16:58
paroneayeayes.  Just don't commit any RDF files in license.rdf :)16:58
nkinkadeAh, I won't do that.  This is just Deeds, not RDF.   And it's somewhat confusing that the Deeds should be in license.rdf anyway, I think.16:59
paroneayeawell they won't be soon!16:59
paroneayeahere's how easy it is to clear the cache to regenerate the deeds now:16:59
nkinkadeSoon they won't exists anywhere in a permanent form!16:59
paroneayearm -rf /var/www/staging.creativecommons.org/cc.engine_stage/cache/licenses/16:59
nkinkaderm -rf /cache/licenses/by/3.0/nl/16:59
nkinkadeThis is music to my ears, because mkdeeds will finally be gone.  Someone sends in new translations?  Fine, just update i18n, then rm -rf those Deeds in the cache.17:00
paroneayeayup :)17:01
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nkinkademralex: Any info on this issue: http://code.creativecommons.org/issues/issue57117:27
mralexfor some reason i thought we were waiting on something before going ahead with that17:28
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nkinkademralex: Nope.  Go ahead and make that change.  We were set to go a week or so ago, but Diane just gave me further confirmation.17:37
mralexahh, great17:37
mralexwill do17:37
nkinkadeparoneayea: How does one go about updating the CC0 Deeds?  Do you know?17:47
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JED3nkinkade: ping17:55
nkinkadeJED3: Hey.17:55
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JED3nkinkade: currently we're associating civi transaction id's to the generated codes, but that column wasn't included in your email17:56
JED3we can still trace back to the transaction via the contrib id though right?17:56
nkinkadeJED3: Transaction ID should be there.18:00
nkinkadeAlso, how do you plan to keep recurring contributions straight?  Do you already have a database field for that, or something similar?18:01
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JED3yes i have a field for the recur id's already18:02
nkinkadeJED3: Do you see trxn_id now?18:04
JED3nkinkade: oh i haven't looked in your script yet, it was your email that confused me because it didn't mention it18:04
nkinkadeSorry about that.  Your definitive reference should be this:  https://support.creativecommons.org/~nkinkade/contribution_object.html, JED318:05
JED3awesome, thanks18:05
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nkinkadeJED3: Just let me know when you'd like to test /a/invite/ and I can generate some traffic to that URL.18:30
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Any info on how to update CC0 Deeds.18:31
nkinkadeI feel like NRY may have done this in the past?18:31
nkinkade... and that it requires some special handling.18:31
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Desert69hi there... anyone who could help me with a nc-related doubt?19:26
greg-gDesert69: go ahead and ask the question, if someone has time/input, they'll give it19:29
Desert69mmm... oks... =)19:29
paroneayeankinkade: not sure how to update those...19:29
paroneayeanathany: <nkinkade> paroneayea: Any info on how to update CC0 Deeds.19:29
paroneayea<nkinkade> I feel like NRY may have done this in the past?19:29
paroneayea<nkinkade> ... and that it requires some special handling.19:29
Desert69can i use a cc by-sa-nc photo in a website for a company?19:31
greg-gDesert69: most likely not. I assume that company strives to make a profit?19:31
JED3I've just added a feature request to the google api, would you all mind starring the issue to help raise the awareness of it? http://code.google.com/p/google-ajax-apis/issues/detail?id=43919:31
greg-gDesert69: and that website is a part of that effort19:32
Desert69greg-g: yes. it's a company who tries to make profit... bussiness...19:32
greg-gDesert69: the answer is probably no (but I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice). You are of course welcome to contact the author of the photo to ask for permission19:33
Desert69mmm.. yeah, i know...19:33
Desert69well... thanks for your help!19:34
greg-gDesert69: you're welcome19:35
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paulproteusMornin, y'all.19:36
* greg-g looks at his clock19:38
greg-geven in SF that is not true :)19:38
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paulproteusHowdy dithyramble!19:44
dithyramblenkinkade, Hey there, it's Raphael K-L. paulproteus tells me that you can help me get a shell on a7.19:44
nathanyparoneayea, nkinkade, they should be exactly the same to update as "normal" deeds19:45
nkinkadenathany: Is it mkdeeds in cc.engine?  I ran that and no change was made to the CC0 Deeds ... maybe no CC0 strings were changed, but CC NL said they did.19:46
nkinkadedithyramble: What is it you need a shell on a7 for?19:46
nathanynkinkade, he's doing discovered/agshare work19:46
nkinkadeI didn't recognize the name at first.19:46
nathanynkinkade, yes, should be mkdeeds, what command did you use?19:47
nkinkadenathany: mkdeeds -l nl -o ~/license.rdf/trunk/licenses/19:47
nkinkadeI'll check what strings were changed.  I remember seeing a string with a cc id like "publicdomain" something or other.19:47
paroneayeathe docs for roundup-admin are confusing me.19:50
greg-ghuh, just got a "what you need to know about IRS form 990" spam message to my cc address. They made it through google's filters but they are a tad late, no?19:50
nkinkadeExcept for the Viagra add in the attachment. :-)19:51
greg-gnkinkade: :P19:52
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nkinkadeBut paulproteus, nathany: Isn't discovered on a8?  Why a7 for dithyramble?19:55
nkinkadeMaybe it's moving to a7?19:56
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nathanynkinkade, discovered is on a620:00
paulproteusnkinkade: then shell there, oops20:00
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paulproteusdithyramble: You'll likely need to run "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/"20:02
dithyrambledanke paulproteus20:02
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nkinkadedithyramble: I'll transfer your account to a6.20:03
dithyramblenkinkade, Thanks20:04
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nkinkadedithyramble: Your account on a6 is ready.20:06
dithyramblenkinkade, thansk20:06
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greg-gah yes, time to start learning new irc nicks20:24
mralexoh boy20:24
mralexis it that time again?20:24
greg-gstill a little ways away from people actually crowding your office, though, mralex ;)20:24
mralexi doubt there'll be much crowding this year20:25
greg-gjust doing 3, right?20:25
mralexi think so20:25
akozakgreg-g, how are you more in the loop than i am20:25
greg-gakozak: you are young, my padawan20:26
greg-gbut really, you aren't my padawan, and it is just because I actually keep up on my greader20:26
mralexfor all i know you were just throwing out a number for me to respond to20:26
greg-ggood point20:26
greg-gso, they'll all be on a9, right?20:27
akozakyea they're e-interns20:27
akozakhosted in the cloud20:27
* greg-g realizes he has never seen an a9 mentioned, and doubts it existance20:27
mralexa9 exists20:27
greg-gah, nevermind then20:27
akozakgreg-g, oh you're talking about gsoc20:27
greg-gmralex: yeah, mostly, and then I remembered about the physical interns20:28
nkinkadeparoneayea: Did you ever discover anything as to why this URL isn't translated:20:29
nkinkadeYet, this one is?20:30
nkinkadenathany: It looks like CC NL did in fact change some CC0 text:20:32
nkinkadeBut committing those changes, updating cc.engine, reinstalling i18n, and using mkdeeds apparently didn't alter any CC0 Deeds.  Or maybe I'm just overlooking something simple.20:32
nathanynkinkade,  i think you may need to regenerate it by url explicitly20:37
nathanymkdeeds --help will show an option to regenerate a specific license/legal tool20:38
nathany(can't remember why i think that, just what comes to mind)20:38
nkinkadenathany: I'll try that and let you know.20:38
nkinkadenathany: What part of the URI does it take?  The --help says to ask nathany if you have questions.20:40
nkinkade-u /publicdomain/zero/20:40
nathanynkinkade, should be the canonical URI --20:46
nkinkadeOkay, the entire thing, protocol, slashes, domain and all20:46
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nkinkadenathany: It would appear that on production CC0 Deeds are generated on the fly by cc.engine.21:04
nkinkadeIs there some caching going on to get it to release a cached copy.21:04
nathanynkinkade, nothing that i know of, probably just varnish21:05
nkinkadenathany: I tried restarting cc.engine, but that didn't seem to do anything, and Varnish doesn't seem to have the file cached.21:05
nkinkadeBut that aside, this also means that mkdeeds is useless for CC0.21:05
nkinkadeIt would appear that anything /publicdomain/ goes directly to cc.engine.21:06
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paroneayeankinkade: I did figure that out now21:15
nkinkadeparoneayea: Something easily fixable?21:15
paroneayeayeah easily fixable21:15
nkinkadeparoneayea: Can you let me know when you've got it working on staging?  I've got an email in the queue to CC Russia and others about it.21:16
nkinkadeparoneayea: Do you happen to know anything about the old cc.engine and caching?21:16
nkinkadeI figured out a few minutes ago that all CC0 requests on the live site go directly to cc.engine.21:17
nkinkadeSo all the mkdeeds fiddling was a waste of time.21:17
paroneayeaI don't think there's any caching built into the old cc.engine but I could be wrong21:17
nkinkadePerhaps getting cc.engine to compile the CC0 strings is a separate process???21:18
paroneayeawhat are they translating?21:18
nkinkadeReally I shouldn't be doing this.  I've wasted a lot of time today.  There is no documentation and I'm completely in the dark.21:18
paroneayeaa lot of things on the old cc0 deed wasn't set up for translation I think :\21:19
nkinkadeI'm going to shoot you and nathany and email and call it as off-my-plate.21:19
paroneayeaah okay21:19
paroneayeasorry mang21:19
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Any word on this ticket: http://code.creativecommons.org/issues/issue57221:23
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paroneayeankinkade: http://staging.creativecommons.org/choose/?lang=ru21:36
paroneayeaand no word on that ticket yet... I'll schedule to work on it tomorrow though21:36
nkinkadeparoneayea: Thanks.21:36
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nkinkadecd() { builtin cd "$@" && ls -tr }21:48
nkinkadeMany moons ago paulproteus linked to an article suggesting that in one's .bashrc file.  It's the best piece of advice I have received in a long time.21:48
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paulproteusnathany: Just an FYI: I'm breaking up some of the stories into smaller ones, and once I've done that, I'll ask you to review them with me.22:51
nathanypaulproteus, great22:52
JED3nkinkade: staging.cc.org is ready btw22:53
nkinkadeJED3: Let's test this tomorrow when you get it.22:53
nkinkadeI think it'll be best if we are both looking at our respective ends for the first tests.22:53
JED3sure, fine with me nkinkade22:53
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