Monday, 2010-04-26

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ea4xgrany Python coder here willing to review some code? :)14:35
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stasea4xgr: dunno if i'm that good, but I would love to see it :)14:59
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ea4xgrstas: thanks15:24
ea4xgrstas: it's basically an entry point for non-Web application - it should then transform to a CLI-based application or a GUI-based application (this code is left for separate files)15:25
* stas checking the link15:26
ea4xgrnathany: hi. do you know that it's impossible to register at issues (for a non-admin)?15:26
nathanyea4xgr, no, i did not know that -- you mean you can't create an account on the issue tracker?15:27
ea4xgrnathany: yes, I'm gonna show you a screenshot, hold on15:27
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ea4xgrI'm opening
ea4xgrI put: "login name" - my full name; 2x password; and my e-mail at gmail15:29
ea4xgr(= all mandatory fields)15:29
ea4xgrnathany: result: (notice the message on a red background at the top)15:31
ea4xgrnathany: I do not know who "gameguy43" is; some validator issues have been assigned to him/her; do you know what the progress is?15:33
ea4xgrnathany: could I get an account on issues? would it be possible to remove my old account there, too?15:33
stasea4xgr: looks ok for me :)15:34
ea4xgrstas: thank you!15:34
ea4xgrstas: I think the ordering of resources should be preserved, a list of tuples maybe15:35
ea4xgrbut that's a minor thing15:36
nathanyea4xgr, he was an intern last summer, i don't think he made any progress on the issues15:36
ea4xgrnathany: I see :(15:36
stasea4xgr: didn't check how optimised it is, just read the code/comments to see what's all about :)15:37
ea4xgrstas: that's fine15:37
ea4xgrnathany: when it comes to my account at issues, I think that changing the login and e-mail of the old account to the new data would do15:38
ea4xgris it legal to release the software (you hold all the copyright to) in one package, where one file is licensed under GNU LGPLv3+ (parser), another file under GNU GPLv3+ (CLI/GUI), and another file under GNU AGPLv3+ (Web interface)?15:41
ea4xgror you have to release a package under one license?15:41
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* ea4xgr is aware that you are not lawyers and replies will not constitute a legal advice15:43
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ea4xgrparker-fcnyu: hi :)15:52
ea4xgrparker-fcnyu: are you gameguy43?15:52
parker-fcnyuno, different parker15:52
ea4xgrparker-fcnyu: ok, sorry about that15:52
parker-fcnyuno prob15:52
parker-fcnyuhe's pyrak15:52
ea4xgrI see, thanks15:52
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nathanyparoneay`, morning16:03
nathanyparoneay`, can you look at ?16:04
paroneay`sure, looking16:04
nathanyi'm not sure what's going on16:04
nathanyi thought it was related to but we're only on 1.4.916:05
nathanyparoneay`, (that gmane link is also related to
nathanyparoneay`, our installation/configuration lives at /var/www/ on a716:07
paroneay`ok, thx... investigating16:08
nathanyea4xgr, i created an issue for user registration, paroneay` is looking into it16:08
ea4xgrnathany: I've noticed, thank you16:10
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ea4xgris there any cc project written in Python that handles IRIs?16:23
ea4xgrI'm currently looking for a method to convert IRI to URI, found a few16:23
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ea4xgrJED3: hi. I've notified nath\any about the issues registration. thanks for help though17:00
JED3ea4xgr: no prob17:00
JED3nkinkade: thanks for the lagunitas!17:00
nkinkadeJED3: :-)17:00
JED3nkinkade: you left SF right as it was getting nice (although you were headed to much nicer weather surely)17:01
nkinkadeThe weather was pretty nice while I was there, at least during the days.17:02
JED3nkinkade: so i'm adding the recurring_id to the POST invite view, was there another piece of information that we said would be required?17:04
nkinkadeJED3: I think contribution_recur_id is all you'll need as a flag, and the amount*1217:05
JED3ahh that's right, I need to actually check the amounts of the incoming contributions17:06
JED3the first iteration i built was thinking that that logic would be on civi's on, but it makes much more sense for it to be in CC.net17:07
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JED3nkinkade: just pushed a milestone to, ready for testing whenever:
JED3replace as .net of course :P17:58
greg-gman, this looks like a great resource, but the implementation hurts me so much. Links to an ".mp4" which is actually a realvideo server (oxymoron). And I have to watch it in this weird ajaxy in page popup?
mralexgreg-g: oh man. full HTML5 support can't come soon enough! :(18:12
greg-gmralex: yeah :/ I so want to like that site so much, but I just can't. I almost want to help them fix it.18:14
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mralexJED3: turns out nexus one isn't going to verizon, since the Incredible is already on its way.18:28
mralexandroid hardware development is… fast.18:29
JED3mralex: yeah i figured that much :/ oh well the Incredible appears to be just as swell for my purposes18:29
JED3lamer name however18:29
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ea4xgrcongratulations to students accepted to GSoC 2010!19:03
erlehmannoh hello there19:04
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erlehmannhow do i get my mentor ?19:13
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ea4xgrerlehmann: it's nkink\ade19:24
erlehmannnkinkade, hello19:25
nkinkadeerlehmann: Hi.19:28
erlehmannnkinkade, quick question. i am enrolled right now, but want to suspend my studies this semester. does this compute with gsoc ? all i see there is that if one is enrolled as of today, it is okay.19:29
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nkinkadeerlehmann: I'm not sure about that.  Maybe you could ask Google.  I'm not familiar with all of their rules and regulations.19:31
erlehmanni'll get back to you when i have this question covered.19:32
erlehmannhmm, shouting it into #gsoc doesn't help much. replying to an address that has „noreply“ in it also seems a bad idea. nkinkade, do you know where to ask ?19:34
nkinkadeerlehmann:  Let me see ...19:35
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nkinkadeerlehmann: Here??
nkinkadeIt's the student gsoc 2010 list.19:37
paroneayeanathany: so if these schema changes are made in, when is evaluated?  Every time roundup is run?  Or is there some "schema upgrade" command19:38
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erlehmannMembership is invite only. Seems a dead end there.19:40
erlehmanni got help. fine :)19:44
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nkinkadeJED3: How will you be parsing the POSTed the data to /a/invite/?19:52
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nkinkadeI'll need to send you the hash outside of the JSON data, and I guess I'll need to structure it all in some way that you can parse it.19:52
nkinkadeSomething like: data=$json_data&hash=$hash19:53
akozakgreg-g, gmail has never gotten your email markup right19:53
JED3nkinkade: yes exactly like that19:53
akozakgreg-g, what client do you use?19:53
nathanyparoneayea, i think it happens when you start roundup19:55
nathanyno idea why it's not making a pyc19:55
greg-gakozak: mutt19:56
greg-gand the <name="" subject="" date=""> is me19:56
akozakgreg-g, no it's the quoting19:56
greg-gwell, me telling mutt how to do the "On Whatever date, So and so said.."19:56
greg-gakozak: which mailing list? freeculture?19:58
akozakactually maybe it's supposed to do that19:59
greg-gakozak: yeah, that looks fine to me :)20:00
akozakhonestly I don't know why I thought to tell you about it20:00
greg-gheh, because I'm holding on to some weird paradigm of email communication through verbosity?20:00
akozakmaybe it's because I admire a man who communicates within brackets20:03
nkinkadeJED3: PHP's sha1() function doesn't accept a salt argument.  Do you know how the one you'll be using utilizes the salt?  By pre-pending or appending, for example?20:06
JED3nkinkade: sha1("secret" . "data json string"); will work20:06
nkinkadeJED3: Got it.  Thanks.20:06
nkinkadeJED3: By the way, did we ever decide on the secret?  I'm thinking to use Civi's site-key variable.20:07
JED3that's fine with me nkinkade20:07
nkinkadeIt should probably be something from the Civi side since Civi may post to multiple unrelated URLs.20:07
JED3where's that key located, i'll update to use it20:07
JED3sounds sane to me20:07
nkinkadeJED3: /var/www/
nkinkadeIt's the CIVICRM_SITE_KEY constant defined in that file.20:09
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nkinkadeWhat sucks is that this way you'll have to open the file and scrape it basically.20:10
nkinkadeOr I guess you could just store it somewhere else.20:10
nkinkadeIt's not likely to change.20:10
JED3nkinkade: yeah i mean thats okay, i'm just storing it for simplicity's sake20:10
nkinkadeThat's best.20:11
JED3if it ever changes you all of sudden start getting "cannot verify authenticity of data" 500 responses on your end20:11
JED3nkinkade: are you using curl to send the post?20:23
nkinkadeJED3: Yes, I'll be using curl.20:23
nkinkadeJED3: I'm going to configure it to send webmaster@ an email if your app returns anything but a 200 response code.20:23
JED3nkinkade: how in the hell do you get the response from a curl_exec?20:24
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nkinkade$status_code = curl_info($ch, CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE);20:24
nkinkade... specifically.20:24
JED3yeah, but what about the repsonse's body/content?20:25
JED3oh duh20:27
JED3the output buffer20:27
nkinkadeJED3: You can get it via curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true)20:28
nkinkadeOtherwise you'll just get a boolean response from curl_exec();20:28
JED3ahh thats what i was looking for20:28
JED3nkinkade: that option constant isn't in the documentation i was looking at20:29
JED3nkinkade: wait yeah it was, but that constant isn't used in getinfo()20:29
nkinkadeJED3: What were you trying to find?  The HTTP return code?20:30
JED3no the response's content, i'm sending messages in the 500's20:30
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akila87Hi nathany,20:51
nathanyhi akila8720:53
akila87thanks for selecting me for gsoc20:54
nathanyyou're welcome20:54
akila87i just saw that.20:55
akila87and I'm excited :)20:55
akila87thanks for the all the help you have given.20:56
akila87Thanks nkinkade, for all your help20:57
nkinkadeakila87: Of course.20:57
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erlehmannnkinkade, if i use git, is that okay ?21:00
nkinkadeerlehmann: It's preferred. :-)21:00
nkinkadeThough the older code for wpLicense is in our subversion repository.21:00
nkinkadeHave you seen it?21:00
nkinkadeYou might want to use some of that to help build the new plugin.21:01
erlehmannno. i assume i should.21:01
nkinkade(not all of it, though)21:01
nkinkadeIt could just be a good reference point.  I think nathany wrote it, and a few others have touched it since.21:01
nathanynkinkade, can you make me a cname that points to a6?21:01
nathanyJED3 has poked at it as well21:02
nkinkadenathany: How about
nathanynkinkade, i thought of that, but i like the way discoverzed rolls off the tongue21:03
nathanypaulproteus is laughing, too (if you couldn't guess)21:03
nkinkadeIt's more lolcat than dizcovered, that's for sure.21:03
nkinkadenkinkade@npk-cc:~/tmp$ host discoverzed.creativecommons.org21:04 is an alias for has address
nathanynkinkade, thanks21:04
nkinkadeAnyway, you get the idea, despite the horrific paste.21:05
mralexdiscoverzed? cute21:11
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JED3akozak: are you going to the speaking workshop?21:46
akozaknkinkade, odd, the file mike is looking for is only in odt on learn21:46
akozakJED3, yea still am21:47
JED3k, let me know i'll head out with you21:47
akozaknkinkade, werid, why didn't grep return that file...21:48
nkinkadeI don't know, but find did for me.21:48
nkinkadenkinkade@a6:~$ find /var/www/ -name "*increase-funding*"21:48
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nkinkadeWhat syntax were you using with grep?21:49
nkinkadeOr more precisely, what input did you feed grep.21:49
akozakgrep -R funding ./21:49
akozakin wp-content/uploads21:49
akozakreturned the odt just not the pdf21:50
akozakdoes grep not search filenames?21:50
nkinkadeakozak: grep doesn't search file names, unless you feed it a list of file names.21:51
nkinkadeA recursive grep works on a directory, and searches for a string within files.21:51
nkinkadeWhat you should have done was this:21:52
nkinkade$ find . | grep <something>21:52
nkinkadeOr just use find itself.21:52
nkinkadeNo reason to use grep there.21:52
akozakok thanks nkinkade... another one of those details that I missed.21:52
nkinkadeNo problem.21:53
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nkinkadeJED3: Just sent to test /a/invite/ and got:22:00
nkinkadeInvalid data: 'amount'22:00
nkinkadeYou'll need to be searching for total_amount22:00
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paulproteusnkinkade: BTW22:02
nkinkadeJED3: The variable names you'll be looking for a "id", "total_amount", "email", "contribution_recur_id"22:03
nkinkadepaulproteus: ?22:03
nkinkadeAnd if you want "first_name" and "last_name", or also "full_name"22:03
paulproteusnkinkade: I got an email22:03
paulproteusIOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/www/'22:03
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nkinkadepaulproteus: What address was the email sent to?  A list of some sort?22:04
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paulproteusnkinkade: Forwarding you a copy22:13
nkinkadepaulproteus: Thanks.  I just changed MAILTO to my address for roundup.22:17
paulproteusnkinkade: Aww, so be it. (-;22:17
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ea4xgrnkinkade: hello22:27
nkinkadeea4xgr: Hi.22:28
ea4xgrnkinkade: would it be possible to have an old account on issues transformed into a new account? the registration is broken (ID 573)22:28
ea4xgrnkinkade: I have an old account there, registered on my previous name and a deleted e-mail address22:29
nkinkadeea4xgr: What do you want your new username to be?22:30
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* ea4xgr has received a helpful hand from nkinkade and has the account set up23:02
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