Thursday, 2010-04-08

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JED3nkinkade: I'm working on the scraper on staging00:38
nkinkadeI see that. :-)00:38
nkinkadeAnd so does Nagios.00:38
JED3ah damn! it beat me00:38
JED3yeah i knew one or two would go off, this buildout is taking longer than I expected00:39
JED3nkinkade: actually this raises a good point, we've removed support for with the version i am building right now00:41
JED3could you turn off the nagios alert for that url?00:41
JED3sorry, i know its late over there00:42
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nkinkadeJED3: Sure, I'll disable it.  Just make sure to let me know if we need to create some new alert/check.00:46
JED3nkinkade: thanks, yeah we'll need a different alert i'll email you about it00:47
nkinkadeJED3: Do you want me to disable the staging and labs only?00:48
JED3nkinkade: yes plz00:49
nkinkadeBut not a5, right?  <- JED300:49
JED3nkinkade: no, just the a7 instances00:49
nkinkadeJED3: done00:53
JED3nkinkade: thanks!00:53
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larslHello, is there a best practice for tagging a JPEG file with licensing information? Some standardised EXIF field? Something else?11:25
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paroneayeacwebber@grumps:~/devel/license.rdf-git$ git branch -r20:39
paroneayea  octavian/master20:39
paroneayea  octavian/packageify20:39
paroneayea  origin/HEAD20:39
paroneayea  origin/master20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/master20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/master.old20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/master20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/master20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/master20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/master20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/master20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/production20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/trunk20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/production20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/origin/trunk20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/production20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/origin/trunk20:39
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/production20:40
paroneayea  origin/origin/origin/trunk20:40
paroneayea  origin/origin/production20:40
paroneayea  origin/origin/trunk20:40
paroneayea  origin/packageify20:40
paroneayea  origin/production20:40
paroneayea  origin/trunk20:40
paroneayeathat branch pyramid almost looks like an art piece.20:40
akozaki like it20:40
paroneayeaI wonder what happened?  I think this might have been discussed at some time but I'm not sure.20:41
paroneayeaI like it too.  Maybe we should keep it.20:41
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greg-ghah, nice paroneayea20:47
greg-gorigins out the wazoo20:48
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staswow :)21:12
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JED3paroneayea: ping21:50
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paroneayeaJED3: proingdangle21:55
JED3paroneayea: not much, trying to extract messages from some jinja templates21:55
JED3were you able to use z3c.recipe.i18n for the jinja templates in cc.license?21:56
paroneayeaI don't think I did extraction yet, I just tested that the translations worked if they were there :)21:57
paroneayeaI think I would use Babel:
paroneayeaI might have tested it... I think I gave it a test, but don't remember for sure21:57
JED3ahh, yes, but I just wanted to make sure you hadn't got the current setup in cc.license to extract from those formatter templates21:58
JED3because if you did, I would have liked to learn your jedi21:58
paroneayeano jedi :)21:58
paroneayeaI'm pretty sure it's straightforward though21:59
paroneayeaif you use babel21:59
paroneayeayou pretty much just point at the files like it shows in that link and run it22:00
JED3yeah, I've done it from a shell, looking for a recipe solution22:00
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mario_hi there23:34
mario_if there is cc-by-nc js libary and i want to write a python libary, which would you let use the js libary to create js (or html) code... the python code may be gpl’ed then, mayn’t it?23:36
mario_s/you let/let you/23:37
mario_may i "gpl" the whole project then (while writing $foobar has written that js libary?)23:38
mario_or would there be problems with the "nc" part then?23:39
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wolterDoes the attribution share-alike license give me permission to ask softpedia to remove my software from their website?23:47
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mario_wolter: no one will forbid you to /ask/ ;)23:56
wolteroh of course mario_, the think is, am I entitled to select where and where not can my work be published23:57
mario_i don’t know, but i assume "good" sites as softpedia will remove your project, if you want to ;)23:58

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