Wednesday, 2010-04-07

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nathanynkinkade, in case you're not on the SMS list, probably need to disable nagios for learn.cc15:17
nkinkadenathany: I'm on all the SMS alerts. :-)15:17
nathanygreat :)15:18
nkinkadeI just got that one, and will disable it in Nagios.15:18
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JED3nkinkade: ping17:33
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.17:33
JED3nkinkade: hey, just as an FYI, for the users that were added to civi just for browsing contacts, when they try to browse other parts of support while logged in, they'll get "Access Denied" error pages17:36
nkinkadeJED3: Is that a question or a statement?17:36
JED3nkinkade: actually its just the store17:37
JED3nkinkade: heh, no more of just an FYI, so if someone complains to you about it you'll know why they are getting those errors17:37
JED3if they log out, they can access other parts of support (Aurelia and Allison were asking about after the call)17:38
nkinkadeRight.  That was done on purpose.  Most people don't really need to see all the contribution stuff, CiviMail stuff, or anything else.  They just need to add/edit/view contacts.  I gave that group an intentionally spartan set of default permission.  We can add more incrementally as we come across them.17:39
nkinkadeIt's less that people shouldn't see all that other stuff and more the idea: the less people with write permission the less chance of someone inadvertently screwing something up.17:40
JED3nkinkade: sorry I should have clarified that the errors are in the frontend17:41
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nkinkadeI'll take a look into that.  That doesn't seem right.17:43
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paroneayeankinkade: JED3: are we having a devcall today?20:20
paroneayeanathany went offline20:20
nkinkadeparoneayea: Not sure.  NRY is on vacation, right?20:20
nkinkadeAt least ostensibly he is.20:20
nkinkadeBut he seems to have been online and answering emails quite a bit.20:21
nkinkadeI think we should assume no, unless he comes online and requests it.20:21
paroneayeasounds good20:25
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MatsonI saw the recent tweet about and the open label list.  We (ClearBits) host content for several of those labels.  Is there a person to talk to about being listed on the communities page?   We would love to put out a blog about the lists too.21:42
Matsondespite being open to all kinds of content music and netlabel music are by far our largest and most active content sources
paroneayeaMatson: thanks for letting us know.. sending an email to relevant people about that21:58
Matsonparoneayea: thank you22:05
MatsonI met a developer at the recent Parisoma CC salon that mentioned there is a javascript tool for CC license selection22:06
paroneayeaMatson: yes there is:
mralexMatson: hi, send an email to cameron AT creativecommons dot org with your info :)22:07
Matsoncurrently, while we promote CC to all our content creators, we don't have a web-based tool on our content page for making CC license selection simple.  we'd love to include one22:07
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Su37where's nathan?23:48
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