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wolteryeah, they even notified me they were doing it by email, and told me if I had a problem with it I could talk to the webmaster00:01
wolterso I guess I will ask politely.00:01
wolterI'm going to save law force for the moment i guess00:01
mario_ah ok :)00:02
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mario_noone an idea whether a gpl project would conflict with  a cc-by-nc libary?00:45
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ea4xgris there a wiki page about describing work registrations <>?15:40
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sudiptamondalinstead of integrating the cc search into beagle cant a adobe air applicaion be developed using adobe flex for that18:41
paroneayeasudiptamondal: adobe air is proprietary, and since beagle targets the gnu/linux desktop, I suspect that would not go over well with many people who are interested in free and open source software18:49
sudiptamondalbut adobe air would only be a deploymetn tool18:51
sudiptamondaldeployment tool18:51
mralexthat's a really bad idea18:51
sudiptamondalthere can be a custom search made using php that would search the meta-data information using liblicense18:52
sudiptamondaland use adobe air which is open source too create a Ui18:52
sudiptamondalAdobe air can be used beacuse it is becoming very popular and there is no platform issues.18:53
ea4xgrsudiptamondal: hello. how is adobe air really open source?18:54
sudiptamondalno no adobe air is not. i am talking about flex18:54
sudiptamondalFlex can be used to create a web like UI for fri=ontend18:55
sudiptamondalfront-end and the ccsearch can be customized for backend18:55
ea4xgrlike OpenLaszlo?18:56
ea4xgrwhy not using GWT?18:57
ea4xgrwhat if the user has the ECMAScript interpreter turned off? (how) does adobe air perform graceful degradation (I am not saying that GWT or OpenLaszlo do)?18:58
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* ea4xgr is not trying to bash your idea, I just want to learn more18:59
sudiptamondalea4xgr : not GWT beacause i cannot create front end epplicaation using java19:00
mralexwhy not using native platform tools? GTK/QT/Mono/etc?19:00
ea4xgr-- gsoc application deadline has just passed --19:00
sudiptamondalbut I didnt know about openlaszlo it can be used19:01
paroneayeasudiptamondal: the goal of the beagle plugin is to integrate with the system's indexing/search system, which is very platform-specific anyway.  AFAIK there is no abstraction layer that exists for those systems anyway19:01
ea4xgrah, front-end = desktop?19:01
ea4xgrI thought that we're discussing a Web application all the time19:01
sudiptamondalnot use native platform like gtk+ that is what i thought at first but then wouldnt it limit the user to only linux19:02
sudiptamondalI am talking about a dektop app19:02
ea4xgrmralex: what's the difference (from the Free Software perspective) between using Adobe Air/Flex and Mono?19:02
sudiptamondalthat is why use adobe air for deployment19:02
mralexea4xgr: Mono is far more FOSS than Air/Flex; and has greater traction.19:03
mralexnot htat i support either, really19:03
ea4xgrsudiptamondal: GTK power GIMP which is cross-platform19:03
sudiptamondalea4xgr but flex is easy to apply19:03
ea4xgrmralex: I second the question of mralex - why not GTK or QT?19:03
erlehmanni have submitted my gsoc proposal :) you can read it at
mralexalso if you're targeting Beagleā€¦ well, that's linux only.19:04
ea4xgrerlehmann: congratulations, I hope that it will be a successful one :)19:04
erlehmanni will see on april 26th, right ?19:05
sudiptamondalI am not targeting beagle I was just saying that a complete search utility can be made19:06
ea4xgrerlehmann: right19:06
sudiptamondalintegrating search and creation of cc content to different softwares is i guess necessary19:06
ea4xgrerlehmann: I had a quick look and it looks like a great, interesting proposal19:06
ea4xgrerlehmann: I am positive that your chances to participate in GSoC 2010 are very high19:07
erlehmannwell, if you say so.19:07
erlehmannoh noes, i made a spelling error19:08
ea4xgrerlehmann: I say, a nice portfolio you've got there, too19:08
ea4xgrerlehmann: if the proposals are to be rejected due to spelling errors, then the whole GSoC is not worth a dime19:09
erlehmannthanks. took some time to order that. i should really make a public portfolio web page.19:09
erlehmanni would have liked to do proper HTML5 media support in elinks as a gsoc project for the sheer absurdity of it, but then elinks seems to be dead.19:10
ea4xgrerlehmann: I see you live in the EU, therefore if you have not stumbled upon the Europass CV template, you can check it out in your free time19:11
ea4xgrerlehmann: how come? the latest Ubuntu package comes from October 200919:11
ea4xgrerlehmann: eLinks is by far the best terminal browser; it even supports ECMAScript to some extent19:12
erlehmannea4xgr, thx. also, at least elinks IRC channel and mailing list are dead.19:12
erlehmannyou know, when i sent something to the mailing list, it didn't come through.19:13
erlehmanni then went after the issue and the mailing list admin found out that the spam filter ate all mails from the last few months (!)19:13
erlehmannbut no one ever noticed because the volume on elinks-dev is so low19:13
erlehmanni do believe that qualifies as a dead project19:14
ea4xgrerlehmann: I am very sorry to hear that19:14
erlehmannthere are still people. maybe they have another mailing list i do not know about.19:14
erlehmannthe elinks IRC channel has 18 users. idling, :(19:14
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ea4xgrI can see your post ( - you are right19:16
erlehmannyeah. no replies.19:17
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paroneayeafinished the code-related cherry-picking in the license.rdf "merge from hell"22:54
paroneayeaI'm applying the rdf changes *after* the cherry-picking of code because those changes need to be determined manually22:54
paroneayeathere's a period where I kept making rdf changes and then making releases with those rdf changes22:55
paroneayeaso there's a good amount of commits in the mergehell branch that are just me changing the version number in with out any clear reason why22:55
paroneayeabecause there were rdf commits happening in-between :)22:55
paroneayeamaybe some day some code archaeologist will be confused.22:56
JED3paroneayea: :P23:08
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