Wednesday, 2010-03-31

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JED3nathany: ping18:15
nathanyJED3, pong18:15
JED3hi, do we still need to support /scrape in metadata_scraper?18:15
nathanyJED3, probably not; i've been leaving it in because it seemed "cheap" (and because I wasn't 100% certain that no deeds were using the old javascript).18:16
nathanyI'm 99% certain that the deeds all just point to the same javascript file, so they should all be hitting triples these days18:16
JED3okay, its certainly cheap to keep it in, but it sure does muck up the design of the app now :)18:17
nathanyyou mean the way things are abstracted out?18:17
nathanywhy don't you just do a grep of the apache logs for that method18:17
nathanysay, for the last week or so, make sure no one'18:17
nathanys hitting it18:17
nathanyJED3 ^^18:17
JED3well yeah, i've abstracted out all of the metadata extraction and scrape requires the "#Advertising" triple to be scraped, which I did not want to add unless we still needed to support scrape18:18
nathanyJED3, why don't you just double check with an ionice'd grep, and then kill it18:19
nathany(if nothing turns up)18:19
JED3will do18:19
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paroneayeanathany: JED3: nkinkade: tech call?20:29
nathanyparoneayea, yes20:29
nathanyline #3?20:30
JED3nathany: paroneayea nkinkade on my way, looking for number20:33
nkinkade(ooops.  I guess you weren't asking that :-)20:33
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