Thursday, 2010-04-01

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JED3paroneayea: ping18:56
paroneayeaJED3: pong18:57
paroneayeaJED3: just got your email18:57
JED3cool, I have an unrelated question...
JED3i'm trying to avoid trailing whitespaces and newlines, but for some reason there is still a newline after the div on line 319:00
JED3...this is jinja2 btw19:00
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paroneayeaI haven't used the whitespace control stuff actually19:05
paroneayeabut maybe it's because19:05
paroneayea  {%- elif attributionName %}19:05
paroneayeais missing one dash?19:05
paroneayeanot sure19:05
JED3hah, no i need that missing dash, because i need a space between the link and the license information19:05
paroneayeaoh wait19:06
paroneayeaare you intending to compile this all as one line?19:06
paroneayeaI have a utility for this! :D19:06
JED3oh sweet, do share19:06
paroneayearequires you parse the rendered output into lxml first19:07
paroneayeabut then it'll format it human-like19:07
paroneayeasee the docstring19:07
paulproteusd00ds on Slashdot's front page, there's my Cosmetic Carbon Copy RFC!19:08
paroneayeapaulproteus: nice!19:08
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paroneayeaJED3: that's what I use in the html formatters19:12
paroneayeaso I can let the whitespace be messy but translate it into a perfekt lookin string19:13
JED3wait so it just returns an xml string without any whitespace whatsoever?19:14
paroneayeanot without any whitespace19:14
paroneayeawith human-style whitespace19:14
paroneayeaoriginally I was just stripping out all whitespace but that doesn't look like how humans format it19:15
paroneayealook at the docstring, it has a good example:19:16
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JED3ohh okay, this could be problematic for me, since most of my strings won't be valid xhtml19:24
paroneayeaJED3: probably not a problem actually19:25
paroneayeahm, though not sure if lxml.html preserves metadata19:26
paroneayeathough actually19:28
paroneayeait doesn't need to be valid does it?19:28
paroneayeait just needs to be wrapped in an element for lxml.etree.parse to parse it19:28
paroneayeaand by default lxml.etree.parse won't really care what's in there if you don't give it a DTD19:28
paroneayeaJED3: I have a problem for you also actually19:29
JED3paroneayea: xslt might be able to handle what you are doing here19:30
JED3paroneayea: using <xsl:strip-space elements="*"/>19:37
JED3paroneayea: spoke too soon, doesn't really work based on your docstrings ha19:37
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JED3paroneayea: whats the problem?19:38
paroneayeaso I added those strings to the master .po file19:38
paroneayeabut for some reason they are not being pushed to all the other .po files!19:38
paroneayeaI really don't know how I am supposed to do this19:38
* paroneayea n00b19:38
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JED3paroneayea: brb19:42
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nkinkadeThat may explain a7.20:20
nkinkadeLooks like the fixed the problem, and now a7 is back up.20:23
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JED3paroneayea: figure out the po problem?20:31
paroneayeaJED3: nope20:32
JED3:/ so you have the msg in master po but it's not being added to the others?20:32
paroneayeaseems so20:34
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JED3you've ran po2cc afterwards?20:36
paroneayeaI thought I did20:36
paroneayeamaybe I didn't20:37
paroneayeait doesn't show up in my bash history20:37
paroneayeaI will try again20:37
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paroneayeankinkade: looks down again21:06
paroneayeaI can't connect21:06
nathanynkinkade, do we know what's up with a7?21:09
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nkinkadenathany: Look back in #cc21:09
mlinksvankinkade, wiki is down?21:09
nkinkadeIf it's down again, then it's likely the same problem in the data center.21:09
nkinkademlinksva: That doesn't surprise me.21:09
nathanynkinkade, sorry, i didn't have that in my history (and it doesn't seem to have hit the log yet)21:09
nkinkadenathany: Are we still logging? :-)21:10
nathanynkinkade, i didn't turn it off21:10
nkinkadenathany: I never heard back from you on that thread.  I'll shut it down if you want.21:10
nathanynkinkade, i didn't hear any consensus, so i put it on the back burner21:11
akozakyea wiki has been finicky today21:11
nkinkadeHas the wiki been finicky or has a7 been finicky?21:11
akozaknkinkade, I don't know...21:12
nkinkadeIt's an important distinction.21:12
akozaknkinkade, my main interaction with a7 is through the wiki.21:12
mlinksvai've used it off and on all day and it hasn't been finicky21:12
mlinksvathat wiki that is21:12
akozakjane IMed me during lunch and said she couldn't get to the wiki, and I just now had issues21:13
nkinkadeI can try to reboot a7, but I suspect that it's still some fallout from the Virginia data center issues.21:13
nathanynkinkade, based on it sounds like we should open a ticket?21:13
nathanysince we're still experiencing issues?21:14
nkinkadeakozak:  If Jane can't access the wiki, then she needs to be contacting me, not IMing you. :-)21:14
nkinkadeSure.  I can open a ticket.21:14
nkinkadeBut I just tried a reboot, so let's give it a minute or two.  I can't get any more down that it already is.21:14
nathanygot it21:14
akozaknkinkade, yea I think it was temporary? don't have many details.21:14
akozaknkinkade, ill let her know to IM you in the future.21:15
nkinkadeSeems to be back up <- nathany, mlinksva21:15
nkinkadeakozak: Basically if any web property we have is inaccessible then I should be notified as soon as possible.  I may already know from Nagios, but it's good to have feedback from others.21:16
akozaknkinkade, roger21:16
paroneayeaI can ssh in again21:17
akozakyea wiki appears fine now21:17
mlinksvathank you21:18
paroneayeamlinksva: welcome back to #cc! ;)21:18
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paroneayeaoh, and like that gone :)21:18
paroneayea[Sat Jan 23 2010] <- mlinksva's last previous login to #cc21:19
akozakthat was classic21:20
akozakesp given that he didn't even bother with a quit message :P21:21
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paroneayeaokay, wow.  I figured out what I did wrong21:35
paroneayeait's actually kind of like21:35
paroneayeauber embarassing.21:35
paroneayea... I forgot to svn commit after running po2cc ._.21:35
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paroneayeankinkade: so are the git repositories synced with git on a crontab or something?22:01
nkinkadeparoneayea: Which git repos?22:01
paroneayeastuff like i18n.git22:01
nkinkadeThe git repositories are git.22:01
nkinkadeI'm not sure I understand.22:01
nkinkadeThey all live on
paroneayeano I mean22:02
paroneayea the git repositories that are mirrors of svn repositories22:02
nkinkadeAh, yes, they are.22:02
nkinkadeThey are handled by the user sheeshcron on a7.22:03
paroneayeaah okay22:03
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akozakhmm, wiki-saving problems again22:38
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akozaknkinkade, can you get to the CC wiki?22:38
paroneayealooks like someone restarted / shut down a722:38
paroneayeapresumably nkinkade22:39
paroneayeaoh hey22:39
paroneayeaBroadcast message from (Thu Apr  1 22:36:52 2010)Power button pressed22:39
paroneayeapower button pressed22:39
paroneayeawho pressed the power button22:39
paroneayeaI wonder22:39
akozakdamn kids22:39
paroneayeasomeone at the datacenter22:39
akozakwasn't there an instance of a large-ish datacenter being taken offline because someone tripped on a cable or something?22:40
paroneayeathere was an instance of a large-ish datacenter being taken down by being hit by a truck22:42
nkinkadeYeah, it shows an uptime of 3min22:42
nkinkadeI certainly didn't reboot the machine 3 or 4 minutes ago.22:42
paroneayeawell it said someone hit a power button22:42
paroneayeait's not unlikely that they sent a tech around to hit the reboot button on a bunch of machines22:42
nkinkadeThat sucks.22:43
paroneayeadid you guys file a ticket22:43
paroneayeabecause they might have taken the "press the reboot switch" solution route22:43
nkinkadeNo, I didn't file a ticket.22:45
nkinkadeBut I did request a reboot about an hour ago.22:45
paroneayeathat would be it!22:45
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nkinkadeIt used to be that clicking the reboot button did something electronically.22:45
nkinkadeNo, I'm not sure that would be it.22:45
nkinkadeIf that were it, it would mean that the RapidReboot function now does nothing more than send an email to a tech to have them go by your machine and hit the reboot key.22:46
paroneayeaor, that that's what happens when RapidReboot fails.22:46
nkinkadeBesides, and hour is unacceptable turn-around time for a reboot request.22:46
paroneayeathat much is true22:46
nkinkadeI may send then a ticket on this anyway, just to inquire.22:46
nkinkadeThanks for the note on the power button thing, paroneayea22:47
paroneayealet me know when you find out22:47
paroneayeaI'm curious22:47
paroneayeaI have the answer I think.22:49
paroneayeaThe datacenter is controlled by robots.22:50
paroneayeaAnd the robots were malfunctioning!22:50
nkinkadeSlow, inefficient ones.22:50
paroneayeaWhich is why all these problems are happening22:50
paroneayea|o_o|    REBOOT REBOOT22:50
paroneayea:---+-c  BEEP BEEP BEEP22:50
paroneayea       T22:51
paroneayea     .-'-22:51
paroneayea    | O_O|   INCOMING TRANSMISSION22:51
paroneayea    '----'   ---------------------22:51
paroneayea   // ooo|\  REBOOTREBOOTREBOOTREB22:51
paroneayea  //| |XX|\\ OOTREBOOTREBOOTREBOOT22:51
paroneayea  C | ---| C REBOOTREBOOTREBOOTREB22:51
paroneayeaI bet it's some kind of robot uprising.22:51
paroneayeaI've been waiting for this day22:51
* paroneayea suits up22:51
akozakwould be cooler if that was the robot from the show reboot22:51
paroneayeaohhhh snap22:51
paroneayeayou mean Phong?22:51
paroneayeado you know why that robot was named phong22:52
paroneayeabecause it was a reflective, shiny robot, and it was using a phong specular rendering technique22:52
paroneayeaIf you open blender and go to the material settings, phong is one of the specular options22:52
akozakinteresting factoid22:53
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JED3paroneayea: nathany: i am about to commit some code and would like go ahead and include the URL of where the fixtures will live23:15
nathanyi was thinking that it'd be nice to put those under the existing but I'm not sure that actually save any time/effort/etc23:16
nathanySo or is fine with me23:17
JED3okay, thx23:17
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