Tuesday, 2010-03-23

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* paroneayea back!02:45
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MarkDudeHello tw211303:15
tw2113whats up03:16
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ea4xgrnkinkade: do you know who is likely to be the mentor of the "attribution helper" gsoc project?13:59
nkinkadeea4xgr: I'm not sure yet.  Nathan Yergler will me managing who does what, but he's at a conference in Kenya right now ... will be back tomorrow or Thursday, I believe.14:00
ea4xgrnkinkade: thank you; I was wondering where he is14:00
nkinkadeea4xgr: Check back here in the next day or two.  Sorry that I can't give you a better idea of who's doing what.14:01
ea4xgrok, regardless: who is in charge of wiki, labs (blog), and git? (in terms of setting up an account)14:01
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ea4xgrI have registered an account on the wiki and can create and edit articles, so no assistance is needed here, sorry14:39
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ea4xgrnkinkade: with regard to the Labs blog, I have registered and activated an account - who could authorize it, so that I would be able to post?14:57
ea4xgrnkinkade: with regard to git, I have a public key; who could authorize it so that I could commit to the git repository? who could create a new project in this repository?15:00
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nkinkadeea4xgr: I manage the labs blog and also our git repository, but I can't give you access until I have some verification from Nathan Yergler that you will need access.15:13
ea4xgrnkinkade: thank you15:13
ea4xgrnkinkade: would you mind if I talk to you in private about the account?15:14
nkinkadeea4xgr: Sure.15:16
ea4xgrnkinkade: but is it okay to create pages at wiki for the time being?15:24
nkinkadeea4xgr: Of course!15:24
nkinkadePlease do, in fact.15:24
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nkinkadeHey JED3, do you happen to know anything about the disc and external enclosure Nathan has at his desk?17:01
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akozakJED3, started experimenting with processing.js last night: http://massthink.net/17:21
JED3akozak: kewl, did you make this?17:23
akozakyea, the sketch itself is modified from some other code that drew the horiz line17:24
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akozakbut im gonna get back into processing and try to make a cool design17:24
mralexhmm, nifty, akozak17:24
akozakcanvas ftw17:25
akozaki wish it had better performance though17:25
akozakcc needs a futuristic license chooser where you have to zoom around and zap the license conditions you want17:27
akozaklike tron or something17:27
mralexwe tried that once17:27
JED3akozak: make it a GSOC proposal17:27
mralexit looked pretty neat, but was functionally useless, of course.17:28
akozakmralex, wait really?17:28
mralexexcept for the zooming around par17:28
mralexthe tron part17:28
akozakwow, is it still around somewhere?17:29
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mralexhopefully not17:29
akozakmralex, is this it: http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/725217:30
mralexthat's a version of it17:32
* mralex cries17:32
mralexi had a neater, more tron, looking version that was declined.17:32
akozakyea it does need more tron17:33
ea4xgrwould you like to see the front page of Google powered by WebGL one day? :)17:37
akozakall i know is i wont be satisfied until the web looks like it did in hackers17:39
mralexor jurassic park.17:40
JED3thatd be a great "top 10" blog post, the 10 best retro internet futurisms17:41
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mralexakozak: of course, the internet in Hackers was riddled wiht poor security ;)17:48
akozakonly for the 1337 h4ck3rz17:48
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mralexwith passwords like "god", you don't have to be Acid Burn to hax0r the gibson17:51
greg-gThey made such a sexy and awesome named team: Crash 'n Burn17:54
jedmralex: lol17:54
mralexgreg-g: with those handles, it was meant to be :D17:54
jedmralex: looks like someone watched the dvd recently17:54
mralexhaha, haven't watched it in ages :P17:55
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akozakhey nathany!18:21
akozakhow's it going over there?18:21
nathanyhi akozak, i'm at the airport in the "lounge", ready to be home18:23
ea4xgrhi nathany18:26
ea4xgrwould you mind if I talk to you in private for a minute (I got redirected to you by nkink\ade)?18:27
nathanyea4xgr, sure18:28
ea4xgrnkinkade: since nathany "okay-ed", I'll send you the SSH key18:37
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greg-gakozak: isn't there a 'why CC:BY for OER' document some place? i can't seem to find it18:50
greg-gakozak: nevermind, foudn it18:51
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mralexJED3: oh nice, i was going to ask if we could test the /join rediect on zpport. but it's already there. :D19:03
ea4xgrnkinkade: e-mail sent19:06
JED3mralex: yup, added those changes yesterday19:11
JED3albeit hackishly19:11
JED3works for me if it works for you, question though, will GA track any utm_source value or do you have to configure that in GA?19:13
mralexany value19:13
JED3ahh okay, should it be something more verbose than just "join" or will that suffice?19:13
mralexalthough i kinda want to see if they can be pushed over javascript, so we don't keep having ugly urls19:13
mralexjoin is fine with me19:14
JED3yeah that would be optimal in this case19:14
mralexas long as we're doing it this way to track how many people tried ot access /join :)19:15
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nkinkademralex: The new /donate page on zupport looks nice.20:32
mralexnkinkade: thanks!20:32
nkinkadeIt's a big improvement to spread the options horizontally, I think.20:32
mralexthe "choose your own" is getting a bit lost though, not sure how to fix that.20:33
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nkinkademralex: It would be nice if 'choose your own' could be added as another horizontal block, but it sort of looks like you wouldn't be able to squeeze another in there.21:59
mralexnkinkade: nope, no space, without removing one.22:00
ea4xgrnkinkade: thank you (re: letter)22:01
nkinkadeea4xgr: No problem.  I think the git stuff should work, but you never know. :-)22:01
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ea4xgrnkinkade: I am going to test it soon (i.e. monaco.git)22:03
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jasonbutzHello. I am someone interested in doing Google Summer of Code. I was wondering if there was anyone who might be able to give me any tips or suggestions.23:16
nkinkadejasonbutz: Have you seen this page: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Developer_challenges23:17
nkinkadeTake a look there, or add something ... if you want to follow up then you should write an email to the cc-devel list about your idea for feedback.23:18
jasonbutzYes I have. I have looked at some of the projects look interesting. I am particularly interested in the "Attribution Helper Browser Extension" idea.23:18
ea4xgrjasonbutz: I have completed a GSoC project for CC; I can answer from the student's perspective23:19
nkinkadejasonbutz: Shoot a message to the above list to present your idea or area of interest and get feedback.23:19
ea4xgrea4xgr: you're more than welcome to ask; I'll be happy to share my experience with you23:19
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ea4xgrjasonbutz: are you interested in the attribution as a GSoC project (short term) or as a creative commons project (long term)?23:20
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jasonbutzea4xgr: I would say a bit of both. Though right now I looking at GSoC.23:21
ea4xgrjasonbutz: there are a lot of wonderful projects to be completed at this year's GSoC; I am working on the attribution extension at the moment; we could either share the work or I could handle the project to you and focus on other things23:23
ea4xgrjasonbutz: I'll be very happy to discuss this project with you23:25
jasonbutzea4xgr: I see. I wouldn't want to steal a project from anyone if they were really getting into it. Right now I am just looking to see what all is available and if there are things that people might be an exceptionally good idea for GSoC.23:25
ea4xgrjasonbutz: please note that I'm not a creative commons staff member or a possible mentor for this project; I am in no position to  represent Creative Commons with regard to GSoC23:26
ea4xgrjasonbutz: this is the world of free software and I do not view taking over a project as stealing23:27
JED3jasonbutz: have you taken a look at the Developer Challenges page yet? our most desirable ideas are documented there, is there any particular project you looking for information on?23:27
ea4xgrjasonbutz: there is no monetary income and there are a lot of projects to focus on, so the more developers, the better; it is a win-win situation23:28
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jasonbutzea4xgr: I understand. I just don't want to interfere with anything somebody else is already working on, especially if they are enjoying it.23:28
nkinkadejasonbutz: I think a few people have written to cc-devel with interest in the same project you mentioned.  Check the archives.  But I'm pretty sure nothing has been assigned yet.23:29
nkinkadeYou should just write to cc-devel to express some interest and perhaps get your name  on the list of possible people for that project.23:29
ea4xgrthat's nice of you; when it comes to my preferences, there are a lot of as interesting ideas/projects as the attribution extension; so it's no problem23:29
ea4xgrjasonbutz: have you decided on which browser would the extension target, should you develop it?23:30
jasonbutzea4xgr: I would prefer Firefox as it is my primary browser. However I am also open to Chrome. I have not done any extension programming in either browser so I would have to learn the process either way.23:31
ea4xgrjasonbutz: do you have any experience with git, wordpress, mediawiki?23:33
jasonbutzea4xgr: I don't have any git experience, but I have used svn. I have both used and coded a little for wordpress. I have also made a small website on top of mediawiki.23:34
ea4xgrthat's great. these are the tools that creative commons expects the student to use during gsoc23:35
ea4xgryou write a wiki page like http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Content_Attributor; you blog at http://labs.creativecommons.org/; and you commit to http://code.creativecommons.org/viewgit23:36
jasonbutzAlright, that sounds good. I guess I will work on writing an email to the cc-devel list as nkinkade has suggested and see if they have any good ideas. I suppose I can include my experience and interests and see if they have any recommendations23:37
ea4xgrjasonbutz: that is a great idea; I'm just trying to recall the git commands to upload the attribution extension code that I have here23:43
ea4xgrnkinkade: ping. git still asks for a password23:49
ea4xgrnkinkade: I do not know whether I'm doing something wrong23:49
ea4xgrnkinkade: could you have a look at this, please, when you are not busy?23:49
ea4xgrnkinkade: moreover, I cannot see the monaco.git repo at http://code.creativecommons.org/viewgit23:50
jasonbutzI just had an idea and I wonder if anyone might know this. Is there a Creative Commons extension for Google Wave?23:50
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ea4xgrjasonbutz: I have not heard about such an extension23:51
mralexdo people use google wave?23:51
ea4xgrmralex: I do not know. It's invitation-only.23:52
jasonbutzmralex: Right now it is mostly more computer savvy people. I know that at my school a large group of us that are CS majors use it to take notes in class.23:52
mralexi have an account, don't use it. probably got a stack of invites though...23:53
JED3ea4xgr: still can't push or have you figured it out?23:53
ea4xgrit went like this:23:54
ea4xgr1. cd monaco ; 2. git add . ; 3. git commit ; 4. git remote add origin git@code.creativecommons.org:monaco ; 5. git push origin master23:55
ea4xgrand the reply was: "git@code.creativecommons.org's password:"23:55
nkinkadeea4xgr: I had a small error in your key file.  I just updated it.23:55
ea4xgrJED3: when I do "git clone git@code.creativecommons.org:cc.license" it still does not work23:56
nkinkadeYou won't see the repositories until you push something to them.  They only exist in the gitosis configs right now.23:56
nkinkadeea4xgr: You don't have write permission for cc.license and that is a read/write URL.23:56
nkinkadeSee http://code.creativecommons.org23:57
ea4xgrnkinkade: nevertheless, it still asks for a password (monaco.git push)23:57
ea4xgrnkinkade: I've tried $ git clone git@code.creativecommons.org:libvalidator23:57
ea4xgrnkinkade: in a different directory; it still asks for a password23:57
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