Monday, 2010-03-22

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climatewarriorIs there a cc channel for cc developers?15:04
greg-gclimatewarrior: this one is it :)15:04
greg-gmost of the team lives in California, so they are only now starting to roll into work...15:05
climatewarrioroh ok, thanks :)15:05
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ea4xgrhello! congratulations on getting accepted for this year's GSoC! would it be possible to discuss a project here (Shared Names)?18:13
JED3ea4xgr: hello18:14
JED3ea4xgr: i'm not sure if anyone currently in the channel would be able to speak about the Shared Names proposal with a high level of expertise, your best bet is to send an email to the cc-devel mailing list18:17
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JED3mralex: ping21:38
mralexJED3: hola21:38
JED3hi, talking with Allison about
JED3and we think itd be best to merge the purpose of that page into /donate, thinking that /join could redirect to donate with google utm args and we could add a paragraph on donate to help better explain for the CC Network case21:40
JED3so, 2 questions, are we sending utm to donate from anywhere and when do you think your updates to donate will move from zupport to production?21:41
mralexhave you both figured out a target date to do this?21:42
mralexwe may as well roll this into the /donate revamp that's on zupport21:42
JED3mralex: yeah, thats what I am doing now on zupport21:51
JED3mralex: any objections to
JED3minus the typo21:55
mralexyep, that's fine21:56
akozakJED3, are the 6 explanation boxes meant to be on the same line?22:01
mralexakozak: yes. a small bug in webkit browsers. zupport is unstable. ;)22:02
JED3mralex: nice css gradients by the way :)22:03
JED3even though i am unable to enjoy them in my browser22:03
mralexJED3: thanks :D22:03
akozakdidn't know that was css22:03
mralexyou're on IE? :P22:03
mralexor still rocking an older version of firefox22:03
JED3mralex: nope Linux FF 3.6, not sure why they arent rendering22:03
akozakJED3 is on lynx22:03
mralexthat's odd22:04
JED3mralex: whoops i'm ff 3.5.822:04
mralexoh :)22:04
mralexyeah, -moz gradients arrived in 3.622:04
JED3yeah guess i should get widdit and upgrade already22:04
akozakyou could also wait until 10.04 right?22:05
JED3akozak: yep, april 29th looked this morning :P22:06
JED3gwibber updates are dope in 10.0422:06
akozakhmm, hadn't even heard of it22:07
akozakwow, looks pretty cool. i'm starting to get sick of adobe air clients22:08
JED3its nice, i had a the nightly build running for a while on my machine until something got screwed, have been too lazy since to mess with it22:09
JED3mralex: when do you think the new donate could be rolled out?22:13
mralexJED3: i've asked melissa and allison to review the text on the page. soon.22:14
JED3okay thanks mralex22:15
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