Thursday, 2010-03-18

karptoniteah, thianks--I did see these larger icons.  I was hoping there were also some available that were shrunk down, for better use on web pages.  see, for example, the additional information section of this page: .  While I can shrink them myself,  I suspect I might end up with images that are blurry or not as readable if I were to shrink such large images to such a small size myself.00:00
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MarkDudepeace is cool.15:51
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paroneayeanathany: hey, now that we're on planet python, we are getting a lot of comments on labs16:37
nathanyparoneayea, yay?16:37
nathany(looking now)16:37
paroneayea5 comments16:38
paroneayea"lot of comments" kinda relative I guess, but that's a lot more than most posts16:38
nathanyparoneayea, cool; why don't you reply if you think any of them need acknowledgment, etc...16:38
nathanyglad to see that's increasing our traffic16:38
paroneayeaesp since that post was from a couple of days ago, and they are all up from just today16:38
nathany(and I know you're off today)16:39
paroneayeakk, will do16:39
nathany(ie, next week is fine by me)16:39
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greg-gwow, those comments look helpful (to my not trained eye)17:14
greg-gre planet python17:14
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nathanynkinkade, ping17:52
JED3paroneayea: great post on labs18:30
paroneayeaJED3: thx18:50
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nkinkademralex: Do you see any Google Checkout options in the store?21:43
nkinkadeWe had an order come in through Google Checkout, but it doesn't appear to be enabled, and I can't see any GC option, but Allison says she does.  I'm confused.21:43
mralexnkinkade: weird.. i didn't know we had the store set up for GC21:44
nkinkademralex: I didn't either. :-)21:44
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mralexnkinkade: wacky. i see it on the cart page.21:45
mralexnkinkade: it's working as one would expect it to.....21:45
nkinkademralex: Where on the cart page?  I don't see anything??21:46
mralexnkinkade: except it circumvents the civicrm customer and delivery information21:46
nkinkadeOn the checkout page or the cart page?21:46
mralexthe cart page21:46
mralexit's a huge GC button21:47
mralexyou can't miss it21:47
mralexi'm not even logged in21:47
nkinkadeOh now I see it.21:47
nkinkadeWeird.  I had to try it in a different browser.21:47
nkinkadeI deleted my cookies for and now it show.21:48
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nkinkademralex: I think I may try to remove that.21:49
nkinkadeI don't see the order anywhere in Ubercart.  I suppose Ubercart relies on IPN to enter order information.21:50
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mralexnkinkade: wordpress 3.0 is getting wordpress MU merged into it.23:40
nkinkademralex: Nice!23:40
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mralexnkinkade: in theory we'll only need a single instance of WP :)23:40
nkinkadeI'm all for that, for sure.23:41
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