Friday, 2010-03-19

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dragonDoes CC work for code?07:17
dragonI see that it's not recommended.07:17
dragonMy actual question: can I post my GPL code to a wiki that automatically makes all the material CC?07:18
dragonI take that as a yes.07:37
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chamI'm part of a project writing a book which we're releasing under creative commons. Right now we're using by-nc-sa, with the idea that anyone can use it as long as they give us attribution, share alike, and are not a commercial project. But, does the non-commercial bit stop us from selling the book on Amazon? We arent commercial because we are non-profit as I see it.12:15
greg-gcham: you (who ever created the book) hold the rights to the book, so you can do whatever the heck you want to do with it13:18
greg-gregardless of the license you choose to release the book to the public under13:19
chamoh, thats good.13:24
chamso the non-commercial part related to everyone else, not ourselves.13:24
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greg-gakozak: "personal jurisdiction over my heart"? wow man17:28
greg-gsounds like someone meant to buy some roses :P17:28
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akozaki hope he gets it, law joke17:34
akozaknot even a good one17:35
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Saginet55Ich möchte ein Bild hochladen und weiß nicht genau welche Lizenz ist verwenden soll. Gild die == {{int:license}} ==18:57
Saginet55Ich habe eine Frage zur Lizenz : {{PD-USGov-NASA}} Gilt das auch für Fotos von der ESA -Seite, oder was schreibe ich da ?18:57
nkinkadeJED3: Got a second?19:03
akozak(tut meir leid für mein Desutsch) Ich weiß nicht, wenn die ESA ist die gleiche wie in den USA.19:03
JED3nkinkade: hey19:04
nkinkadeJED3: See URL above.19:04
nkinkadeJust wanting to see how it works.19:04
Saginet55Thanks a lot !19:04
akozakich glaube, cc0 ist funktional in den ESA19:04
Saginet55Ich mache lade es jetzt einfach mal hoch mit der Angabe dieser Nasa-Lizenz und warte ab, was passiert.19:05
Saginet55I go first to the url.19:06
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akozakman my german is terrible19:09
JED3nkinkade: brb, lunch19:15
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nkinkademralex: Do you think you might be able to do some small things to make this page look okay.20:16
mralexwhich page?20:17
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