Wednesday, 2010-03-17

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FalseMessiahhi is nathaniel here?09:40
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maxigasI recorded a lecture and obtained permission to publish it under CC. What is the "Attribute work to name" then?  Me or the lecturer?  I recorded her words.14:04
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nkinkadeHey paroneayea: You're the one to ask about cc.engine on staging, right?16:51
nkinkadeShould URLs like this work at the moment:
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paroneayeathey should work, yes16:58
nkinkadezdaemon.log has some errors.16:59
paroneayeadid staging get rebooted?16:59
paroneayealooks like it16:59
paroneayeayeah hold on sec second16:59
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah, it got rebooted yesterday.16:59
paroneayeashould work now :)17:00
nkinkadeparoneayea: Was the problem something you can have start by itself on boot?17:03
paroneayeayeah.  Currently the init scripts aren't set up for the new wsgi application17:04
paroneayeaso it starts the zope application17:04
paroneayeabut the other conf files have changed17:04
paroneayeapresumably before deployment we'll need to figure out a real way of starting this thing on reboot17:04
nkinkadeparoneayea: Where does paroneayea come from and how is it pronounced?17:07
akozakits an anagram for "area ya open"17:11
akozakor "a, are ya open"?17:11
paroneayeaold MUD username17:13
akozaki used to love muds17:13
paroneayeait's a play on the term "paranoia", I had some shitty gothy backstory for the character17:13
paroneayeabut it's pronounced "pair-oh-naye-ah"17:14
nkinkadenaye as in nay?17:15
nkinkadeAs in rhymes with hay.17:15
paroneayeano, as in "bill nye the science guy"17:15
nkinkadeGot it.  Thanks.17:16
paroneayeanow you know how to pronounce my shitty username!17:16
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akozakdo screen sessions time out eventually?17:19
paroneayeanot afaik17:20
akozaki had a discovered merge running before i left for the weekend and now theres no screen to resume...17:20
akozakim sure its fine17:20
akozaklooks like it worked ok17:20
paroneayeamaybe it's attached17:21
paroneayeascreen -list17:21
paroneayeaif it's already "attached" you may need to screen -x the session to get into it17:21
paroneayeainstead of screen -r17:21
paroneayeathen it's gone!17:21
paroneayeawhat server?17:21
paroneayeais it a7? ;)17:22
akozakmaybe i stopped it17:22
akozakand forgot17:22
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paroneayeaJED3: pong18:39
JED3sorry one sec, paroneayea, i pinged a bit prematurely18:41
JED3heh, thought i had a bug to report in cc.license, but appears that you fixed it sometime after 0.11.1018:41
paroneayeawhat was it?18:42
JED3incorrect rdfa output, the jurisdiction was included twice18:42
paroneayearight :)18:43
paroneayeayes I remember that18:43
paroneayeafixed during the jinja refactor18:43
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JED3ahh, that explains this then
JED3so how is the license.rdf merge going, in your email you mentioned that its best not to make any commits to packagify while you work on merging18:44
JED3problem is I have an imminent change to push :/18:45
paroneayeaoh, don't worry about it for now.18:48
paroneayeathe rdf merge hasn't started yet18:49
paroneayeaI'm working on unit tests.18:49
paroneayeafor the tooling18:49
paroneayeaafter I finish these I'm gonna do the merge of hell18:49
paroneayeabtw, we're doing tech meeting today in 1.5 hours right?18:54
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akozaknathany just left for lunch with a bunch of people, im guessing wont be back by 1:3019:23
akozakbut well see19:23
akozakJED3 is with them19:23
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paroneayeathx akozak :)19:24
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nkinkadeparoneayea: JED3: are we having a meeting today?20:25
akozaknathany isnt back yet20:25
nkinkadeSorry akozak ... I keep forgetting that you are now a part of those as well.20:25
nkinkadeWhere did Nathan go?  Lunch?20:26
akozakheh np, I probably won't join today.20:26
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nathanyparoneayea, nkinkade, JED3 tech call?20:31
nkinkadeAre we going to use FCC?20:31
nathanyare you dialed in yet?20:31
nathanyline #2?20:31
nathanyakozak, tech call?20:31
akozaknathany, I think I'll pass today, working on this SJ report20:32
nathanyakozak, no worries20:32
paroneayeanathany: yeah, ok20:32
nathanyno problem20:33
nathanyparoneayea, FCC line #2
paroneayeaoh, fcc20:34
* paroneayea called astersik20:34
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JED3paroneayea: hope you don't mind me putting eggs in your home :P22:01
akozakwtf JED3 are you calling me22:06
akozakthis is weird22:06
JED3haha, sorry i was accidently clicked the phone22:06
akozaki didnt know what it was22:06
akozakand when i moused over it it disappeared22:06
paroneayeaJED3: putting eggs in there is fine22:06
JED3akozak: sorry bout that22:07
akozakJED3, i thought you hax0red my boxen22:07
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JED3akozak: sorry to disappoint :)22:19
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karptoniteI'm in the process of allowing users of our website to assign creative commons licenses to their uploaded images.23:48
karptoniteI noticed that some sites, such as flicker, have these unobtrusive gray cc icons for nc, share-alike, etc.  Does anyone know if free versions of those smaller gray icons are available on the cc site?23:49
mralexkarptonite: you can download our icons from

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