Tuesday, 2010-03-16

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jgayquestion, in CC SA licenses, is there a clause that says you can *not* say that there can be no fee associated with redistribution?02:49
Samus_Aranjgay: that's a lot of reverals in that sentence.  *head explodes*02:52
jgayis it "royalty-free" -- is that equivalent?02:53
jgayyeah, i think that is royalty02:54
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HvDHi there, short question, I made an image of my girlfriend, and like all newer pictures I would also like to put it under a CC-license. However since my gf is on the image, I don't know what rights I would still have if somebody would use the picture in an context I or she would not be happy with (say extremists, or pornorpahic)09:52
HvDSo the question is, could I still enforce that the image is not beinung used in certain contexts or is it free for *everything* as soon as i put it under the CC licence09:53
HvDor does anybody know, where I should ask the question instead?10:26
Samus_Aranyou could use the license that doesn't allow derivative works10:55
Samus_Aranor I suppose modify the other one with further limitations.  it's your copyright, you can release it as little or as much as you like.  :)10:56
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HvDyes, but the question is, can I put it under CC and yet keep control only over these issues11:23
HvDit's on flickr and flickr offers some sort of cc licences11:24
HvDnot an easy question i know, but what exactly is considered as derived work in the context of images?11:24
HvDlet's say somebody does not modify the image, but include it in something bigger, e.g. an calendar, would the calendar be considered a derived work?11:25
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nkinkadeparoneayea: You don't by chance know anything about the API on a8, do you?17:29
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greg-gis there a difinitive listing of valid CC license URLs?17:44
greg-gnkinkade: ^17:45
paroneayeankinkade: nope...17:50
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nkinkadegreg-g: What sort of listing?18:01
nkinkadeThere is an RDF file.18:01
greg-gooo, linky?18:02
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greg-gI just want to give a developer a list of URLs (or correct regex) he can use to test for valid CC urls18:02
nkinkadegreg-g: ^^18:02
greg-g.... loading....18:02
nkinkadeThat should contain all the license URLs, and a raft of other stuff.18:03
greg-gyeah, no kidding :)18:05
greg-gwhat the heck, there is a 2.1 license? http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.1/es/18:11
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luisvgreg-g: only for some of the internationals; IIRC it had something to do with performing rights societies, maybe?18:19
* luisv ran into jp 2.1 the other day too18:19
greg-gluisv: weird,18:19
greg-gmakes checking for license URLS a bit tricky18:20
paroneayea2.1 RC 7 Alpha 018:20
luisvdon't laugh18:25
luisvthere will be a MPL 2 alpha 1 soon ;)18:25
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paroneayeaif the legalsystem is a codebase, who writes the unit tests?18:26
luisvwhat are these 'unit tests' you speak of?18:26
greg-gparoneayea: nice18:26
greg-gparoneayea: I sense a blog post coming out of that comment18:26
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paroneayeagreg-g: do it18:28
* greg-g adds it to his list of things to do at night, that never gets done :(18:28
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JED3nathany: ping18:43
JED3do you have any objections to moving api-dev to a 1.6 version and replacing dev with the latest work?18:44
JED3or just get rid of the current dev version altogether?18:45
nathanyJED3, hrm...18:46
nathanyi'd say just back-up what's there now and replace if we think it's compatible, right?18:47
JED3actually replacing dev probably isn't wise right now18:47
JED3well there are some incompatibilities i think18:47
nathanyJED3, fair enough; i'd say that doing something like "staging" is probably the place to run semi-stable/complete18:47
nathanyi don't think calling dev 1.6 is going to buy us anything -- no client software is going to re-target 1.6 immediately, so we'll still be breaking things for them18:48
JED3yeah i agree, is there a better name than 'staging'?18:49
JED3nkinkade: http://packages.python.org/NagAconda/ this could be useful at some point18:52
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nkinkadeJED3: I'm not sure I understand exactly what that module aims to do.19:12
nkinkade... just to abstract some of the weird and cryptic configurations of Nagios and it's plugins?19:12
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JED3paroneayea: ping21:13
paroneayeaJED3: pong21:14
JED3hi, excuse me if i've asked this before but is the CC0 selector's title supposed to be "zero"21:15
paroneayeait was CC0 then nathany asked that I change it21:15
JED3i thought the selector's id was suppoed to be "zero" and it's title to be "CC0"21:15
JED3oh okay21:15
paroneayeawait, that may be a good point :)21:16
JED3>>> cc.license.selectors.choose('zero').title()21:16
JED3to me CC0 makes more sense, plus it has no need for i18n'ing if its an acronym21:17
paroneayeaokay, hm, I don't remember :)21:17
paroneayeaappears I changed them in the same commit though.21:18
paroneayeayes that probably makes sense to have it be CC021:18
paroneayeanathany: ?21:18
nathanywhat is cc.license.selectors.choose('standard').title() ?21:18
nathany(yes, CC0 does seem more reasonable to me, just not sure where the chooser title gets used right now)21:19
nathanyparoneayea, JED3 ^^21:19
paroneayea  <cc:LicenseSelector rdf:about="http://creativecommons.org/choose/zero/">21:19
paroneayea    <dc:title xml:lang="en">zero</dc:title>21:19
paroneayea    <cc:licenseCode>zero</cc:licenseCode>21:19
paroneayea  </cc:LicenseSelector>21:19
paroneayeaso presumably we'd move dc:title to be CC021:19
nathanythat seems sane to me; licenseCode is what we use to actually select the selector, right?21:19
JED3nathany: selectors.choose returns a Selectors for the passed license code21:20
nathanyJED3, does that imply that the standard selector has half a dozen licenseCodes defined?21:20
nathany(by, by-nc, etc?)21:20
JED3err sorry, not a license code, a license class21:20
nathanyjust making sure I'm thinking of the right thing21:20
nathanyright, but we call it licenseCode :)21:21
nathany(in the RDF)21:21
paroneayeacode for by, by-nc and etc are "standard"21:21
paroneayeabut I think JED3 isn't talking about modifying the license code amirite?21:21
nathanyso yes, title as CC0 makes sense to me21:21
paroneayeajust the dc:title21:21
JED3paroneayea: correct, just the dc:title21:21
nathanybut now I'm curious, when did we start using cc:licenseCode?21:22
nathanyseems... a litle weird (sorry, i'm not trying to nitpick, just want us to plausibly be able to claim knowledge and leadership on these sorts of things ;) )21:22
paroneayea     63:15ab4aef rdf/selectors.rdf               (nyergler                 2008-07-09 18:29:13 +0000  63)     <cc:licenseCode>standard</cc:licenseCode>21:22
paroneayea2008-07-09 by nyergler!21:22
nathanywow, i'm dumb21:23
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paroneayeanathany: you should yell at that nyergler guy maybe21:23
nathanyparoneayea, i hear nyergler is a real dick -- impossible to work with21:23
paroneayeaI'll send him a PM21:23
paroneayea /msg nyergler nathany is mad at your RDF decisions21:24
paroneayea /msg nyergler you're in trouuuuuubleeeee21:24
nathanyok, quick question:21:24
nathanyer, nevermind21:24
nathanyok, i'll ask (sorry) -- how hard would it be to do dc:identifier instead of cc:licenseCode?21:25
nathany(super lower priorirty, but it'd be one less CC-ism, which is good, I think)21:25
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nathanyparoneayea, JED3 ^^21:27
paroneayeaI don't think it would be too hard21:27
paroneayeaconsidering the only thing I know of that queries that file directly is the rdf_helper.py module in cc.license21:27
paroneayeaand the license.rdf tools21:27
nathanynot too hard ~= 2 hrs? 4?21:28
paroneayeayeah, not hard21:29
paroneayeashould wait till after I finish writing these unit tests probably :)21:29
nathanyyes, please; thank you!21:30
nathanyI'll note this in nyergler's annual review21:30
paroneayeawhile writing the tests for the ./bin/jurisdiction info subcommand, I came to realize that it could be more helpful21:31
paroneayeahttp://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/title Estados Unidos21:31
paroneayeahttp://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/title Etats-Unis21:31
paroneayeahttp://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/title Estados Unidos21:31
paroneayeadoesn't give the xml:lang there21:31
paroneayeamaybe might be nice to additionally print the xml:lang if it exists?21:32
nathanyprobably, yes21:32
paroneayeaso: http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/title fr-ca Etats-Unis21:32
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paroneayeaI can do that pretty quickly I think21:32
JED3paroneayea: i have another question ;)21:35
paroneayeaJED3: I have another listening slot21:36
JED3how often is cc.license.locales() used throughout cc.license and engine?21:36
paroneayeaI'm not sure.  I don't think I've used it.21:37
JED3okay, it would be nice to have labels for the locales21:37
JED3so i guess my question is, would it make more sense to add the labels to the list returned by locales() or to write another function in lib/functions to be something like localelabels()?21:40
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paroneayeaI don't know :\21:43
paroneayeaJED3: I can say at least that cc.engine doesn't use .locales() directly21:45
paroneayeamay do so indirectly though, I'm not sure21:46
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JED3http://creativecommons.org/choose/publicdomain is the partner interface supposed to open for that url?22:31
paroneayeaoh whoa22:31
paroneayeaI don't think so22:31
paroneayeaoh wait maybe yes.22:32
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paroneayeanever mind I am going to say yes :)22:32
paroneayeabecause it works the same way in the current zope version and in the staging version22:32
paroneayeaso if it wasn't supposed to, it has been for a long while without anyone noticing at least...22:32
paroneayealong enough for me to reimplement it that way!22:32
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nkinkademralex: What's up with Helvetica?22:48
mralexnkinkade: what about it?22:49
nkinkadeYou seem to like it very much, or at least be fascinated by it.22:49
nkinkadeYou linked to some Helvetica film a while back.22:49
nkinkadeI'm just curious about why the interest in it?22:49
nkinkadeOr you could have been poking fun at it.22:50
nkinkademralex: ^^22:51
mralexnkinkade: it's tough to explain Helvetica.22:51
mralexit's biblical in stature22:51
mralexand also the very defintion of generic and commonplace22:51
mralexthe film is very interesting not only in how the font was developed and designed, but how it has changed society and culture22:54
JED3mralex: did you see the Arial bashing video?22:55
mralexJED3: im not sure ;)22:56
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JED3mralex: ehh i can't find it now22:59
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JED3i did stumble upon a blog claiming arial was the best font for programming which made me chuckle22:59
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JED3mralex: found it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwuFCBwVYFw has profanity23:00
mralexthat kid's kinda irritating23:02
mralexbut it's all true :/23:02
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JED3mralex: he's *very* irritating23:10
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