Tuesday, 2010-03-09

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codefest_10We invite you to be a  part of the Largest Online Coding festival in the Indian Subcontinent.[ http://itbhu.ac.in/codefest ]05:57
codefest_10Sit right in front of your systems and take part in challenging and mind boggling competitions on application development, algorithm design etc.05:57
codefest_10PS:Attractive Prizes.Adobe & BT certificates05:57
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ub3rst4rdoes anyone know if your allowed to use the CC licenses with software?06:31
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stevecamwhats the main difference between GPL and CC?12:27
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qpdbi'm looking for the name of this song: http://qpdb.lowl.de/foobox/lied.mp3 .. i think its creative commons.. any ideas?13:12
MikeChelenstevecam: there are several different CC licenses, which vary from GPL in different ways13:16
MikeChelenqpdb: try some of these searches? http://search.creativecommons.org/13:18
qpdbtried every part of the lyric.. no results =/13:27
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JED3mralex: http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/docs/rendering.html#UseEfficientCSSSelectors18:15
JED3i never knew the DOM tree was traversed up like that...18:15
mralexJED3: they say things "improve performance" but where are the numbers to back it up…18:18
paroneayeaJED3: very cool18:18
JED3mralex: http://www.stevesouders.com/blog/2009/03/10/performance-impact-of-css-selectors/18:19
JED3personally i think the performance increases would be negligible18:19
JED3but its certainly something to keep in mind in the future writing of selectors18:20
mralexthe rule of thumb is don't write shitty css :)18:22
JED3mralex: yeah i wonder how much the incompatible selectors came into play in IE8's awesome benchmarks http://www.quirksmode.org/css/contents.html there certainly are quite a few heh18:24
mralexi love that IE8 has a bunch of "almost"s18:26
JED3paroneayea: ping18:33
paroneayeaJED3: pong18:35
JED3hi, i had a question about cc.license.selectors.classes.LicenseSelector.by_answers()18:36
JED3currently there isn't a method for CC0, which would be trivial to add, but i wanted to see if you had any ideas about the answers' current implementation18:38
JED3there are some comments there that express some doubt over its design18:39
paroneayeaheh, I don't know much about its design :)18:41
paroneayeait seems you've worked with the new cc.license selectors' questions/answers stuff a lot more than I have at this point (that is to say, you have worked with it at all)18:42
paroneayeaso I am actually kind of curious as to what *your* impressions are18:42
JED3paroneayea: ehh, well there are a lot of edge cases in need of supporting here18:49
JED3my current attitude is to just add CC0 to the current approach and be done with it, but i was curious if you had any ideas18:50
paroneayeasounds good to me18:51
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JED3paroneayea: ping19:24
JED3does this look sane to you? http://dpaste.com/170085/19:24
JED3whoops ignore the bottom of the diff19:25
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paroneayea+        self._by_answers  = {19:27
paroneayea+            'standard' : self._by_answers_standard,19:27
paroneayea+            'recombo'  : self._by_answers_recombo,19:27
paroneayea+            }.get(self.id, lambda answers_dict: self.id)19:27
paroneayeathat's a bit confusing19:27
JED3paroneayea: ...19:31
JED3+        self._by_answers  = {19:31
JED3+            'standard' : self._by_answers_standard,19:31
JED3+            'recombo'  : self._by_answers_recombo,19:31
JED3+            }.get(self.id) or self._by_answers_generic(self.id)19:31
JED3+    def _by_answers_generic(self, license_code):19:31
JED3+        def returns_license_code(answers_dict):19:31
JED3+            return license_code19:31
JED3+        return returns_license_code19:32
JED3more straightforward?19:32
paroneayeayes that's a bit more straightforward19:33
paroneayealooks good19:33
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paroneayeaJED3: #  Porting a pubsubhubbub sandbox project to CC.net as a prototype experiment (lowest priority)19:50
paroneayeathat's a pretty neat sounding update19:50
paroneayealowest priority I guess, but I am curious to know more19:50
JED3:) yeah well the idea was to allow people to register a feed of works on CC Network and we would run a service that polled that feed for updates. as new items are published to the feed they would be registered as a work on the CC Network19:51
JED3but obviously that doesn't really scale, and the feature as a whole was kind of put on hold19:52
JED3paroneayea: its nothing of serious consideration, just something i wanted to toy with19:57
paroneayeayeah, sounds cool19:57
paroneayeaI really want to play with pubsubhubbub sometime soon19:58
JED3paroneayea: just pushed the changes, let me know if you have any objections20:26
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ub3rst4ranyone here?20:37
ub3rst4rdoes anyone know what license is like the cc sharealike license?20:37
paroneayeawell the sharealike license is like it20:38
paroneayeado you mean "compatible with"?20:38
ub3rst4rim using the GPL for my program20:38
ub3rst4rbut i want a license that forbids people from selling the program20:38
ub3rst4ras far as i can see the cc sharealike is the only license that does this but its not for software20:39
paroneayeathe GPL doesn't forbid selling, though it does forbid proprietizing without giving back to the community20:40
paroneayeasharealike doesn't forbid selling either20:40
paroneayeanoncommercial does20:40
paroneayeabut it's not recommended for software20:40
paroneayea(and is not considered "free as in freedom" or "open source" anyway if that matters to you)20:40
ub3rst4rbut u see i had someone come and take my software and rename it and sell it. now they can make money from it and do whatever they want with it20:42
ub3rst4rand "they say" they would give the source code to someone that asks for it but they have a protection scheme so people need a product key to use it20:43
ub3rst4rim sort of stuck in the deep end cause i cant have my software set to properitary cause my code hoster doesnt allwo it20:45
ub3rst4rany ideas?20:45
paroneayeawell they can't add features and lock it down without breaking the GPL (they at least have to give those features back), and your free software / open source version still exists, yes?20:46
paroneayeayou could let the people they "sold" it to know that your GPL'ed copy exists20:47
paroneayeaand likely they would prefer that anyhow20:47
ub3rst4rwell i reported them to GNU but they wont do anything20:47
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paroneayeaif you're the copyright owner, the GNU project can't do GPL enforcement I'm afraid20:47
ub3rst4rwell i g2g20:48
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paroneayeaJED3: have you used gettext's gnutranslations class directly before?21:53
luisvub3rst4r: you might try softwarefreedom.org; they sometimes are able to help with GPL enforcement problems21:56
JED3paroneayea: yes i have, whats up?21:56
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paroneayeaJED3: ah, well... I was struggling a bit to figure out how to "input" the locale into a gettext translations object when calling gettext or the like22:01
paroneayeabut apparently the answer is that you have a separate gnutranslations (or nulltranslations derivative) object for every locale?22:01
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JED3paroneayea: are you able to pass a locale to GNUTransaltions?22:08
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paroneayeawell the way I'm getting the GNUTranslations object is via the gettext.translation method22:09
paroneayeawhich allows you to pass in a locale22:09
paroneayeacurrently I'm just calling it like:22:09
paroneayeaCCORG_GETTEXT = gettext.translation(I18N_DOMAIN, MO_PATH)22:09
paroneayea(so it is probably defaulting to 'en' or something(?))22:10
JED3i18n_domain in this case being 'cc_org' ?22:10
JED3so yeah it would default to sys locale then i think22:10
paroneayeaMO_PATH = pkg_resources.resource_filename(22:10
paroneayea    'cc.i18npkg', 'mo')22:10
paroneayeaI18N_DOMAIN = 'cc_org'22:10
paroneayeaI have a feeling I am going to revise that :)22:10
JED3are you trying to only extract translated strings?22:11
paroneayeathis isn't for extraction22:11
paroneayeait's for translation22:11
paroneayeabasically I'm looking to call .gettext()22:12
JED3ahh sorry, thats what i meant22:12
JED3i always forget that extraction has its own meaning22:12
JED3but yeah, are you using Babel at all?22:13
paroneayeanot presently... though I can :)22:14
paroneayeawould using babel make this easier?22:14
JED3:) i find that Babel is easier to use for this sort of thing22:14
JED3catalog = babel.messages.mofile.read_mo('path/to/the/mo/file/with/locale/directory/appended.mo')22:15
JED3catalog['message_id'].string == 'Translated string'22:16
JED3in the past, i've just walked an mo directory and added each catalog so that they could be accessed via something like catalogs['es']['license.pretty_standard']22:17
paroneayeaok, thx JED322:18
JED3paroneayea: as an example http://code.creativecommons.org/viewgit/commoner.git/tree/src/commoner/works/license.py?h=zzz/chained-license-selctor22:18
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