Wednesday, 2010-03-10

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LeuoHi, after studying the FAQ I am still puzzled and would need some advice on the following question: I am writing a by-nc-sa document (a PDF). Everything in there so far is 100% my work. Now I would like to add some illustration images. If I grab a picture from wikimedia that is by-sa and embed it as-is (no modifications) and of course attribute the creator of the image, do I then create a "combined work", and would have to put everthing unde14:20
Leuor the less-restricting by-sa of the image? Or could I declare only my text to be the work under by-nc-sa and have the images just next to them in their own, original licence?14:20
LeuoAny pointers to (qualified) websites or mailinglist posts that discuss this?14:21
Leuoi found some discussion about related issues, but no exact match so far14:23
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greg-gno one from science commosn here, eh?14:54
greg-gLeuo: most people just include the image and consider that a "collection" under the terms of the license.14:56
greg-gsee the first two definitions here:
greg-gnot the most cut-and-dry, but that is the standard practice, I believe.14:56
Leuoi've read about the collections too, and they confuse me even more ;)14:56
greg-gHOWEVER, the author of the work might think differently and I would encourage the use of the by-sa license over by-nc-sa for personal reasons, but that is just me14:57
Leuothing is, they sould collect "multiple" things. but what if i only have one source, am i still a collection? I guess collections are aimed for magazines, newspapers and such14:57
greg-gand, it just has to be said, IANAL and this is not legal advice14:57
Leuoof course, i do not consider this legal council ;) i am just looking for pointers14:57
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greg-g:) cool14:57
Leuoin my case (rules for a game) i might also use open licences more crafted for this (e.g. OGL), but i'd really understand that part in the CC, too.14:59
Leuodo "science commons" people have this issue, too?14:59
Leuoe.g. in scientific papers?15:00
greg-gLeuo: no, I was just looking for someone to talk to about one of their blog posts :)15:03
greg-gand then saw your question15:03
Leuoah, understood15:05
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jed_paroneayea: google "ascii art"19:01
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paroneayeaJED3: niiiiiice19:02
JED3ha i stumbled on that easter egg while looking for the netcat ascii cat19:02
akozakhaha thats cool19:02
JED3paroneayea: may i ask a quick question?19:08
paroneayeaJED3: sure19:09
paroneayeaalso, unrelated, but…
paroneayeathat's a pretty awesome lookin pastebin.19:12
JED3ahh well i believe i just answered mostly of what i was about to ask, but i'll ask anyway. are the key names of the work_dicts in the formatters derived from the old cc.engine?19:12
paroneayeayes :)19:12
JED3ahh okay19:13
JED3title, worktitle, and work_title are all valid arguments for the same variable in the new REST API19:14
JED3kind of silly :/19:14
paroneayeaI think at some point nathany said "all these work_info arguemnts may look complex and silly to support, but we need to support them"19:15
paroneayeaso I just did what was necessary to port it over mostly as-is :)19:15
JED3hmm okay, cool with me19:15
JED3i'll just choose to accept "title" and build a liberal dict with all the keys before calling the formatter19:16
JED3paroneayea: also, just so i'm clear, what is the selector string for CC0?19:16
paroneayeaI don't know, I haven't used the selectors :)19:17
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JED3paroneayea: okay do you know what the "code" is for CC0?19:23
JED3as in the license code?19:23
paroneayeathat's determined by the     <dc:identifier>CC0</dc:identifier> field19:23
paroneayeaso if you're looking for such things you can always scrape the RDF files19:24
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nathanynkinkade, JED3, paroneayea: would we be able to push our call back 1 hour (230 pacific), or would that make it too late for you guys?20:20
paroneayeanathany: fine by me20:20
nkinkadenathany: That works for me.20:20
JED3nathany: aye20:21
nathanygreat, thanks20:21
nathanypaulproteus, ping20:41
paulproteusnathany: pong!20:41
paulproteusMy computer (and my life) have somewhat high load average.20:41
nathanygot it; just wanted to make sure you saw jen yip's email re: W920:41
paulproteusYup. I'll send that to you by tomorrow morning.20:42
nathanyawesome, thanks20:42
JED3nathany: you once sent me a link to a chart of SPARQL completeness of various libraries, will you send me that link again plz?21:03
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mralexnkinkade: so is the google checkout enabled OneClickDonate.php live on Support?21:41
nkinkademralex: Not yet.21:41
nkinkademralex: I guess we can launch it.  A week or so ago (before the new buttons) I ran a few test in the GC sandbox and everything seemed fine.21:43
nkinkadeAre you ready to push your changes to the popup live?21:43
nkinkademralex: I'll go ahead and get the updates for GC support  to the live site.  I'll let you know when they are ready.21:45
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nkinkademralex: The new GC-enabled one-click scripts are in place on the live site.22:24
mralexnkinkade: great, and I just got all my changes wrapped up in git.22:25
nkinkadeOutside of the visual differences to the popup you'll just need to make sure that it passes along &pp=22:25
nkinkadeFor the moment if it doesn't see &pp= it will just send the user to PayPal.22:26
paroneayeameeting time rite?22:32
paroneayeawhat conference room?22:32
paroneayeankinkade, JED3, nathany: ^^22:33
JED3paroneayea: #422:33
JED3nkinkade: ^^^22:33
nkinkadeRight now?22:33
JED3dialing in now22:33
paroneayeaok, cool22:34
paroneayeankinkade: seems so!22:34
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mralexnathany: another "status board" concept from last year,
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