Monday, 2010-03-08

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paroneayea             +===========+17:33
paroneayea             || o  o _o ||17:33
paroneayea             || Y  M  | ||17:33
paroneayea             || ^  ^  ^ ||17:33
paroneayea             |+------,--------------------17:33
paroneayea             | TEAMWO|      _____17:33
paroneayea             +-------|     | MAY |17:33
paroneayea                     |     |#####|17:34
paroneayea                     |     |#####|17:34
paroneayea                     |  ,-,'-----'   ||17:34
paroneayea                     |  | |          ||\17:34
paroneayea \|/   ,,,           |  |_|          ||\|17:34
paroneayea \|/ c/u_u\          |  ||____  _===__===_17:34
paroneayea ===  |\  |=u        |  |_____) | --------17:34
paroneayea-\_/--'b b'----------|____||____| |______|17:34
paroneayea                        O    O  '-'      '17:34
paroneayeagrab ur tea and coffee because it's mondayyyyyyyyyyyy17:34
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SnadderAnyone here?17:53
SnadderI'm wondring about the Attribution + ShareAlike (by-sa) licence..17:54
greg-gSnadder: what is your question?17:55
SnadderIf someone adds a some php code (as an module) to my work.. will that code also need to be published with the same lisence?17:56
greg-gwaht is your work?17:56
SnadderIs it some python or php code (not compiled).17:56
greg-gIt is not recommended (in fact, it is recommended against) using a CC license for soruce code17:57
greg-gbecause the licenses were not written with source code in mind, and source code is such a different type of content.17:57
greg-gif you want BY-SA like terms, I would suggest using the GPL17:58
Snaddergreg-g, But as I understand.. when I distribute php code, its not possible to "link" php code with other php code.. so derivative work wont be affected by GPL.18:00
SnadderMaybe i'm wrong.. but linking dosnt happend when someone use my php api to greate extentions..18:01
greg-gif someone uses your API they aren't creating a derivative of your under the GPL or CC licenses18:01
greg-gs/of your/of your work/18:02
SnadderAh, ok.18:02
greg-gI am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, of course18:02
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SnadderBut when someone changes functionality inside the api.. when its considered derivative work?18:02
greg-gif someone takes your work and changes that work, ie: edits your code18:03
Snaddereven if its php code or possible compiled code?18:03
SnadderOk.. cool.. didnt know that.18:03
greg-gor, incorporates your work into a larger work, not just using your API, but using a piece of your code within their code18:04
greg-geven if they didn't change your code, they have created a derivative18:04
greg-gthe distinction is the use of your API (not a derivative) or the use of your code itself (a derivative, probably)18:05
greg-gagain, I *strongly* recommend using the GPL instead of CC:BY-SA18:05
greg-gjust like I wouldn't use a license that had similar goals to BY-SA but was written for automobiles for my photographs18:06
SnadderBut my code will be in 3 diffrent layers.. so its an api's between layer 1 and 2.. and layer 2 and 3..18:08
SnadderIf someone replaces one layer.. or use layer 3.. or whatever.. then I want to force them to use GPL.. or simular lisence..18:09
Snaddergreg-g, is that possible?18:09
greg-gI'm not a GPL expert18:10
Snaddergreg-g, to put it simple, I want use of api to be considered derivative work.18:10
SnadderI'll probably find a gpl channel..18:10
Snaddergreg-g, but I dont think gpl cover this.. and i'm looking for a licence which does.18:11
greg-gwell, the CC licenses don't say the use of an API is a derivative18:11
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Snaddergreg-g, so everyone is free to use my api as much as they like... with properitary code?.. I dont want that.18:12
greg-gthen you need to indicate that by a separate license that you write, unfortunately.18:13
Snaddergreg-g, do you know about an gpl channel?18:13
Snaddergreg-g, ok.. what about an licence which forces people who create an website with your code to publish it?18:14
SnadderAfter what I understand.. gpl only require you to publish source code when you give it away.. and not when you put up an website with that code.18:15
Snadder..I think I need an GPL channel.18:15
greg-gSnadder: sorry, was talking to my boss (this isn't my work ;) )18:27
greg-gyou're thinking of the AGPL18:27
Snaddergreg-g, thanks!18:31
greg-gno problem! good luck18:31
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akozakmralex, did you get this album?
mralexakozak: i saw you twittered about it. i haven't yet.19:36
akozakmralex, its definitely more similar to quaristice than any of their older stuff.19:36
mralexakozak: possibly also relevant to your interests: The Knife released a new album recently, an opera based on Darwin's Origin of the species19:36
akozakheh sounds awesome19:37
mralexakozak: dang, this track is rad19:38
akozakthey're usually a bit dancy for me but ill check this out19:38
akozakyea that album is nuts with good speakers19:39
akozakbut so is all of autechre :)19:39
mralexyeah, it's less dance, more deep operatic - something to get lost in19:39
mralexrigth ;)19:39
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JED3paroneayea: ping20:05
paroneayeaJED3: poing20:05
JED3hi, cc.license.jurisdictions.list()...20:06
paroneayeathat's not my name, but hello also to you20:06
paroneayeajk jk20:06
JED3haha, well 'hello.'20:07
JED3sorry i had more to say there but my buffer got effed up some how20:07
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JED3so i had 2 questions, why do some of the jurisdictions not have a local_url attribute?20:08
JED3and I am getting an exception with locale_dict_fetch_with_fallbacks when it tries to fallback on 'en' but there is no english translation for that string20:09
JED3namely, the Ecuador juri fails on returning a local title for 'en'20:11
paroneayeacould you give me some example python code20:11
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paroneayeaok, looking20:17
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paroneayeaJED3-curry: so, if you open license.rdf-git/cc/licenserdf/rdf/jurisdictions.rdf20:31
paroneayea  <cc:Jurisdiction rdf:about="">20:31
paroneayea    <cc:launched rdf:datatype="">true</cc:launched>20:31
paroneayea  </cc:Jurisdiction>20:31
paroneayeathere are simply no titles for that jurisdiction20:31
paroneayeain *any* language20:31
paroneayeahence why it died20:31
paulproteusOh, Ecuador.20:31
* paulproteus looks for nkinkade but he is nowhere to be found.20:31
paroneayeahe knew this was happen, he is on the run20:32
paroneayeahe is probably on a helicopter to Ecuador as we type20:32
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JED3paroneayea: ahh20:54
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JED3paroneayea: might be of interest to you:
paroneayeaJED3: hm, interesting, thanks21:48
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mralexnathany: in the new CC Network vision, people will get directed to to donate & join, yes? or will there be a Join+OneClick on CC Network somewhere?23:03
nathanymralex, i believe it'll all go through support; the "join" messaging is being deprecated -- the way you "join" is by "donating"23:04
mralexnathany: right. wasn't sure if that idea had changed, you brought up oneclick implementation details a week or so ago. :)23:05
nathanymralex, hrm, i may have :)23:05
nathanyi see this as primarily a messaging question -- doesn't really matter where the tx originates23:06
mralexwith regards to credit cards?23:06
nathanymralex, i don't know what you mean by "with regards to cc"23:07
nathanyreferring to your most recent email?23:07
mralexjust now, yes23:08
nathanyright, i see your point, but i'm not sure that cuts it -- i suspect it'd be clearer to include it in the dialog if we think there's going to be confusion (as opposed to "hey, in 10 seconds you'll see a new form, and here are the instructions for that")23:08
mralexi was thinking of it more as being up front and saying "these are the options available to you", without cluttering the dialog23:10
paroneayea<mralex> with regards to credit cards?23:10
paroneayea<nathany> mralex, i don't know what you mean by "with regards to cc"23:10
paroneayeaSorry nathany and mralex, I have to let you know that #cc doesn't mean "credit cards", please read the topic23:11
paroneayeajk jk23:11
nathanyparoneayea, this will be noted in your annual review ;)23:11
nathanyjk jk ;)23:11
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